The Most Famous Spy in the World: Dark Horse’s Dream Role for Damian Lewis

Hello all! Damianista here.

Dark Horse is one of the first, if not the first, fans that followed our Facebook page the day Fan Fun with Damian Lewis came to life almost six years ago. She wrote her brilliant story for our Fan Story Series, followed the footsteps of Milo Shakespeare in Grosmont, Wales, and has become an occasional contributor on Fan Fun! We are thrilled to share her dream role for Damian today. Big thanks go to Dark Horse for taking the time to write about her dream role which I know many in the Damian Lewis fandom share. ENJOY!

Suave. Sophisticated. Smart. Brave. Dashing. Debonair. Quintessential English gent. Words that may spring to mind when describing the fictional 007 himself, James Bond. Words that also spring to my mind when describing the handsome Damian Lewis as well. For me, he would have been the perfect Bond, and here’s why…

Damian, for me, encapsulates what James Bond is meant to be. He is the perfect English gentleman; sexy and sophisticated, with that beautiful, upper-class Received Pronunciation accent, which evokes images of elegance, top hats and canes. (Remember Soames?)

He can also absolutely KILL a suit, or a polo neck jumper (I confess to being distracted during episodes of Spy Wars); he’d have the Bond girls falling at his feet!

As an actor, he can portray a perfect spy or double-agent; who didn’t love Nicholas Brody, even at his darkest moments? Or Hector in ‘Our Kind of Traitor’?

Damian Lewis as Hector Meredith in ‘Our Kind of Traitor’

Damian’s acting prowess has also showcased the more comic moments, such as Boremont in ‘Your Highness’, or scenes in ‘The Baker’ as Milo Shakespeare.

The best Bonds can deliver all three elements; the ladies’ man, the smart spy, and the lighter moments. Damian can.

In 2013, Jaguar employed Damian to portray a Bond-esque character in their short film, ‘Desire’. This proved what I’d been saying for years, and simply ignited my fire further! I rejoiced when the 007 rumours hit their peak a few years ago and was heartbroken it never happened.

Damian himself says he doesn’t want to play Bond anymore and that it has “gone, without regret”. But I am full of regret. Regret that the film producers missed the opportunity to cast a true English gent, the first ginger Bond, and actually entice me to see a Bond film at the cinema for the first time since Pierce Brosnan. (My Mum is a big fan, so his Bond films were a family outing!)

Maybe the same producers will watch his Yassen Gregorovich in ‘Stormbreaker’, or Rizza in ‘The Escapist’ and cast our “ginger prince” as a Bond villain instead… I could be persuaded…

Damian Lewis as Yassen Gregorovich in ‘Stormbreaker’

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