Damian Lewis ROCKED His First Gig at Omeara London!

Well, ladies and gentleman, I am just back from a 36-hour London trip where I was part of a very special evening with Damian Lewis. And while I need to pack now for another trip for tomorrow, I am sitting here, collecting my thoughts, to write every single detail I remember from Damian’s fantastic first gig at Omeara London. And I want to take all fans that could not make it to this show into that intimate music hall with me and have Damian sing for them! ENJOY!

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Fan Fun Movie of the Month: Keane

“I’m proud of all my work. I always turn up and try my hardest to do the best job I can, but I was proud of my Hamlet, playing Soames Forsyte in The Forsyte Saga, and I’m also very proud of a small film called Keane, which not many people saw.” – Damian Lewis

As Damian suggests, Keane is a small, independent film which not many people saw; however, it is a very serious film selected to be screened at both Cannes Film Festival and New York Film Festival in 2005 and LOVED by the critics, too. It is a movie that makes you think, and think hard. Questions pop up in your head as you watch the movie, and you have more questions than answers when you finish… Keane is a puzzle that you cannot solve, but that you cannot forget, either. It just stays with you.

And now that Keane has received a 4K restoration and is opening today at Film Society of Lincoln Center in New York, we cannot name any other movie than Keane the Fan Fun Movie of the Month. See it on big screen if you can!

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Throwback Thursday to Damian Lewis’ Proust Questionnaire

Damian Lewis answered Vanity Fair‘s famous “Proust Questionnaire” in March 2017 after he wrapped Billions Season 2 and before he returned to London stage in Edward Albee’s The Goat, or Who is Sylvia? 

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Helen McCrory: Celebrating A Phenomenal Woman and Her Life

Helen McCrory would have been 54 today. While I am old enough to know that life is unfair, I still cannot wrap my head around her passing and the sadness Damian, their kids and Helen’s parents and siblings had to go through during her illness and her untimely death.

I have always known that Helen was a brilliant actress but now I also know she was such a class act in life and death. The way she chose to live, bravely, focusing on her family, work and charity rather than on her illness and death, is a lesson for us all about how to live and die with dignity. She was such a bright star that I know she will keep on living through her brilliant work and the two wonderful children she raised with her beloved husband. And we want to celebrate this phenomenal woman and her life today.

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How Keane gave us Brody and How Brody gave us Axe *UPDATED*

Lodge Kerrigan’s beautiful film ‘Keane‘ with Damian Lewis has had a 4K restoration  and will be re-opening at the Lincoln Center Film Society on August 19. There will be a Q&A with the director and the actor after the 6:30pm screening on August 20. So… why don’t we get in the mood for Keane by talking about how it caused a chain reaction in Damian’s career?

Join me!


I am sure that, by now, you have got to know me quite well. Yes, I’m a little bit (ok, ok more than a little bit) obsessed with Brody… All roads do not lead to Rome, they all lead to… yes, Bravo, to Brody!

Now, I love William Keane, too. I LOVE him.


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Throwback Thursday to Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory’s Feed NHS

We have just learnt that our favorite guy was made a CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) in Queen Elizabeth’s annual birthday honours. This very well-deserved honor comes for Damian’s services to drama and to charity especially for initiating Feed NHS, a campaign Damian ran with Helen that raised more than 1 million pounds to provide food for NHS workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We send our heartfelt congratulations to Damian! What he and Helen did for Feed NHS is exemplary citizenship. Helen would surely be made a CBE herself if she were with us today. And we know she’ll smile from above as Damian accepts his. We love them and we are so proud of them. So why don’t we go back to March 2020 today and visit Damian and Helen launching and managing  Feed NHS along with their partners?
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