Billions on Sky Atlantic, Episode 8: Boasts and Rails

Hold on to your hats, Billions fans, because this week’s episode airing on SkyAtlantic is the one where the proverbial shit hits the proverbial fan. In this episode, ostensibly named for squash plays, we get the nitty gritty of where Bobby Axelrod was on 9/11 and what he was doing. And we see, here, how Bobby “boasts” of his actions that day and “rails” against the flack generated by them, now, 15 years later.

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Previously on Billions: The Punch

Previously on Billions:

Bobby is swimming hard. Meanwhile Dean and Gordie are with friends and their friends’ dad. We see him clearly drinking alcohol and then driving the kids home. Bobby is clearly frustrated and looking for an out let. When he finds out Mr Layner drove the kids home after drinking, he heads off to confront Mr Layner and Mr Layner gets a good punch for putting Dean and Gordie in danger.

Bobby Swimming
Source: Showtime

I am just going to stop here and highlight this and say thank you to the billions writers for making an issue out of it. I can’t tell you how many TV shows show characters drinking and driving for convenience to get the character somewhere. It infuriates me to see TV programmes being so blasé about it as though this is acceptable. Drink driving is not acceptable and being irresponsible with it on TV isn’t either.

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Billions Season 2: Our hopes, wishes and fantasies


A collective post wherein we share our thoughts re the next season of Billions, which, I’m happy to report, started filming this week! For some strange reason, the Bobby Axelrod of our Billions‘ visions has long hair and a beard, just so you know going in. 😀


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Life with Charlie Crews, Season 1: Episodes Seven and Eight

Episode 7 “A Civil War”, and Episode 8 “Farthingale”

As we follow Charlie Crews’ exploits as detective non grata on the LAPD bizarro homocide beat, with every episode of Life, we get another puzzle piece clicked into place in Charlie’s picture of who framed him and took away so many years of his life. This time the puzzle pieces were more personal than ever. We got a couple of major reveals about Charlie’s partner Reese.


Now, decades and decades of watching police procedural drama have taught me nothing if not the incontrovertible fact that partners have to rely on each other through thick and thin. Partners sharing a car and a beat have to have absolute trust in each other. Without trust they can’t possibly face the bad guys with an united front, without trust they can’t have each other’s back out in the field. Violations of that trust between partners is a breeding ground for some good drama in police stories.

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Happy Birthday, Henry VIII! Let’s re-visit Damian Lewis in Wolf Hall

“Henry VIII is a monster, but he’s our monster. No other nation has a king who had six wives and cut the heads off two. We’re perversely proud of Henry.” – Hilary Mantel

source: BBC
source: BBC

Welcome to year 1535! In the most delightful deleted scene in Wolf Hall,  King Henry declares his age to the women in Thomas Cromwell’s household: “45 in June…”

Well, Henry is 525 years old today and popular as ever — to quote Damian Lewis: “Henry, as a brand, is right up there with Coca Cola!” And, I don’t think anyone can deny the recent contributions of Hilary Mantel’s brilliant work Wolf Hall & Bring up the Bodies — the books, the play and the TV drama to Henry’s as well as Tudors’ popularity in general!

In celebration of the King’s birthday, it is my utmost pleasure to re-visit the most memorable Henry moments in Wolf Hall TV Drama.

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