Cast Yourself in Billions!

Greetings from the Trader’s Desk!

Here at FanFun we think there is something you should probably know: we love “Billions”! We are always trying to bring you different points of view and unique opinions on our favorite show. But, what if we were part of the show? Who would we be? What would our role be? We decided we would explore those questions in “Cast Yourself in Billions”. We each wrote up a short character description and a short scene. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we had writing them. Now on with the show!! Continue reading “Cast Yourself in Billions!”

Bobby Axelrod Season Three: Quiet Rage

Oh my goodness, friends. It’s almost Billions Season 3 time!  It’s also finally becoming something resembling spring in Minnesota.  Our snow is melting, the first robins should be spotted any day now, and that’s great and all….but I really can’t wait for March 25th.

So I’ve spent some time, over the last couple years, comparing the way that Damian Lewis plays Bobby Axelrod in season 1 versus 2.  This re-post will refresh your memory, and is also the perfect companion for a marathon re-watch session.  Pop in those DVD’s and follow along!

Make sure you read all the way to the end, where I’ll weigh in on what my impressions and predictions are for season 3’s Bobby!

As always, I’ll be viewing Damian’s work through the lens of a Delsartean. Continue reading “Bobby Axelrod Season Three: Quiet Rage”

Fan Stories Turn into a Book and Land in Damian Lewis’ Hands

It all started with a random conversation on the subway.

I am a part-time New Yorker. Lady Trader, on the other hand, is a true New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn, now living on Long Island. The two of us try to meet almost every time I am in the city over some yummy dessert and tea at Veniero’s and chat for a few hours. Then we take the subway together: Lady Trader gets off at Penn Station to take the LIRR home and I continue uptown.

On one of my spring visits in 2016, on a subway ride home, I asked Lady Trader how she “discovered” Damian. When she told me her story, and it was hilarious, I told her she should really write a blog post about it. And as soon as she drafted her story, a NEW idea was born! Wouldn’t it be FUN if we invited all fans to write their own stories about how they became Damian Lewis fans? Continue reading “Fan Stories Turn into a Book and Land in Damian Lewis’ Hands”

Billions Brings the Drama

Saw a tweet go by a couple days ago: something to the effect of “Let’s not forget literary fiction is also a genre.” It’s a response by writers and readers of genre fiction to the idea that the stuff they read and write isn’t “serious”, and that it’s unfair to ghetto-ize so-called genre fiction.

One part of me, thinks, sure, I get the argument: there are features common to literary fiction that make it just as much a genre as fantasy, mystery, and romance. Literary fiction often adheres to realism and has a certain quality of angst, dramatic tension, with flawed characters who are presented lots of obstacles that may or may not be resolved. These traits, along with the pursuit a universality, the goal of getting at the heart of the human condition, could be the identifiers for the genre ghetto we know as literary fiction.

A bigger part of me, however, says: Nope, literary fiction is not a genre, it is ALL the genres. The best literary fiction has elements of humor, romance, mystery, and even fantasy. Same applies to drama: it is the umbrella under which live comedy, romance, and even the supernatural. Call me a pretentious throwback, but where art is concerned (even visual art!), all other ways of seeing and being are subservient to drama. Being subservient doesn’t mean inferior! Drama is not better than comedy or romance or thrillers. Drama is simply the limitless space that lets all of the others in. Drama doesn’t refuse any possibility. And, in order to be really really good, comedy can’t divorce itself completely from drama, romance can’t either. Drama is what all other genres need, or at least acknowledge in some way, even ironically or derisively, in order to be totally believable and totally entertaining.

We know that Billions brings the lulz. What Damian (not Bobby) would probably call good old laddy humor (er, humour). It’s got plenty of really fun moments, both words-wise (“Viscosity.”) and scene-wise (fake fight, anyone?). As for romance, it’s a bit lacking in that department only because everyone is already married! There was the bit of cuteness when Mafee swung a date, and then apparently a long-term thing, with Deb using nothing but his self-effacing charm. Absent the romance, there’s still plenty of lust (for power) and longing (for the upper hand). What turns my head and keeps my eyes glued is the drama. In this post I’m going to look back at a couple of scenes that worked very well as great drama. Of course, there are more than these two, but these are the ones I remember most vividly, even now, a couple years after seeing them for the first time.

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Wags by the Dozen

Wags’ Words of Wisdom By the Dozen

Wags, played by David Costabile, is my second favorite character on the Showtime hit series Billions–Axe being the first of course. Sure, he’s an acquired taste for some. But folks, I gladly claim Wags as my rapacious scumbag, too! So you better believe I jumped at the chance to write a blog post about Wags’ Words of Wisdom. Back in February of 2017, Showtime released their own Wags’ Words of Wisdom soundbite mashup:

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Catching up with Bobby Axelrod on
Billions Season 2 Finale Set *UPDATED*

Billions Season 2 finale left us with more questions than answers exactly in the way that it should. And as we countdown to Season 3, I want to add  to the already long list of questions: Who do you think is the first person Axe talks to after his arrest? Chuck? Lara? His lawyer? Be open minded. Be creative. Make a guess. Find the answer below 😀

source: Showtime

December 9, 2016 starts as an extraordinary day. I wake up to news any academic would kill to get! My co-author and I get a revision for a paper we wrote on civil wars from one of the top journals in the profession, and believe me, given that top journal acceptance rates wander around 10%, this kind of thing RARELY happens. So, I am over the moon and decide to reward myself by taking the day off for some shopping! And, while thinking the day could not get any better, I check my Instagram on the subway only to see a post made from 1 World Trade Center about Billions currently being shot in the area.

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Billions Season 2 Finale Set *UPDATED*”