Life with Charlie Crews, Season 2, Episodes 16-18

Happy Tuesday, everyone! We are coming down to the end of our summer with Charlie Crews! Thank you so much for watching along with us, we’ve had a lot of fun re-discovering this series.

I’m tasked today with episodes 16, 17 and 18, today. Let’s get started!
Episode 16 starts with the “vroom-vroom” of Charlie’s beautiful car. It’s a car that always causes my husband to make happy noises when he sees it. Charlie may not be attached, but here in my house, we love a good V-8, and we ain’t talkin’ ’bout tomato juice! California is a “hands-free” state, where you need to use cellular phones in a “hands-free” mode while driving. Charlie’s not excused from following the law, though at times he might behave as such. He’s on the phone with a very professional tech support agent in a far away land. She’s doing her best to keep Charlie, and his ever-wandering conversational style, on point. Keeping Charlie on task is not an easy job. Continue reading “Life with Charlie Crews, Season 2, Episodes 16-18”

Bobby Axelrod and Wendy Rhoades: A Special Relationship – Part II

In case you missed Part I, you can see it here.


It starts with Bobby and Wendy being truly sincere and truly strategic with each other.


Wendy is truly sincere when she rushes to see Bobby as soon as the news story about his shady 9/11 deals breaks and tells him he does not have to be ashamed of anything, at least, in a relativistic sense. Wendy, having seen him at his most vulnerable in those days, does not want to see Bobby crumble and do something that would hurt him and the people around him. Wendy is truly sincere when she asks “Will you come and see me?” at Donnie’s funeral. She knows the answer but she still does ask.

Wendy knows something is not right.  Continue reading “Bobby Axelrod and Wendy Rhoades: A Special Relationship – Part II”

3, 2, 1 – wield the Axe

Take your favorite DL character and write him waking up from a crazy dream? It can be either something comical or something nightmarish, maybe the dream could even be in relation to other roles he’s played e.g. Charlie dreams about Brody or vice versa.’ 


This is our own go at the prompt from last month.

Disclaimer – Life, Charlie Crews and assorted other characters mentioned therefrom; Billions, Bobby and assorted other characters mentioned therefrom; Homeland, Brody, Tom and Mike do not belong to us and Paul does not belong to us either…Unfortunately. They belong to NBC, Showtime (Billions and Homeland) and BBC respectively. No copyright infringement or money making scheme intended. This is purely for reading enjoyment.

As/N You will definitely need your imagination for this one…enjoy!

source: BBC
source: BBC

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Throwback Thursday: “Back to School” with Damian Lewis


It’s that time of the year! Most kids around me and, of course, not just kids, but also adults like me, whose job is teaching from Pre-K to university are all going back to school!

Happy School Year to students, parents and teachers!

And… as I connect everything happening in the universe somehow to Damian Lewis, “Back to School” time desperately calls for a post that will take us back to Damian’s EARLY school days! Continue reading “Throwback Thursday: “Back to School” with Damian Lewis”

Billions Season 1: Music (updated with playlist)

imageedit_2_4522049397From the opening scene of the birds eye view over lower Manhattan to the closing credits of every episode, you know that music is very important to the show runners behind Billions. The underlying score, a sort of industrial ambient techno riff and drone, is composed by Los Angeles based electronic musician Eskmo. The general mood set by the score is one of dramatic tension and urgency. Like, what the heck are these people going to do next, is the thought the music puts into your head.

Peppered throughout nearly every episode are carefully curated tracks. chosen for the way they match a scene or a mood or a character, or simply because the show creators really dig the music and wanted to make a place for it in their creation. We get to hear an eclectic mix of hip-hop, techno, pop, Italian pop, alt-pop, alt-country, punk and metal. From classic rock to classic punk to classic motown. I think that’s it, but I probably missed some! They cover it all!

This post is the result of my binging all 12 episodes again, this time with Shazam in hand to identify all the musical bits I didn’t already know. Just as each of the 12 episodes had a unique core strength to them, so do the selection of songs backing them up. Whether the music is straight up mood inducer or meant as an ironic statement, there’s nary a dud in the bunch.

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Life with Charlie Crews, Season 2: Episodes 13 – 15

Episode 13 “re-entry”

Charlie Crews, the cop and Charlie Crews, the con. Which is nowhere and which is somewhere? That is the question.

Source: CBS
Source: nbc

Dani is questioning Charlie on who shot him, but he is sticking to the story that he doesn’t remember. He also thinks it would be rude not to take the bullet that was used to shoot him because “someone gave it to me”. Question answered.

Charlie and Dani are investigating the death of William Ellis, a retired astronaut who owned his own Company, selling rocket fuel. He has been found dead in a helicopter landed in the middle of the street.

Suspicion falls upon his son, Dean, who is the typical son who cannot live up to dad’s expectations. He can’t fly because he is afraid of heights, he has started at the bottom in the company, being responsible for waste removal and Charlie picks up on the fact that his father never spoke to him like a man. It transpires that his dad was selling the Company to pay the Russians so he could go back into space one last time. Continue reading “Life with Charlie Crews, Season 2: Episodes 13 – 15”

Bobby Axelrod and Wendy Rhoades: A Special Relationship – Part I

Damian’s character is brilliantly cerebral. Everything’s fast and light and facile, and I feel like I’m doing a ballet with him. —Maggie Siff

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

It is the most intriguing relationship in Billions. It is personal and it is professional. It is sincere and it is strategic. It is friendly and it is flirty. It is complex. It is intense. It is delicate. It is difficult. It is delicious.

It is Bobby and Wendy.

Maggie Siff’s words inspire me to look at them in a new light: A ballet indeed. I will take the next step and say it is a ballet of three acts and dive deep into it!

Let’s first hear from one half of this relationship! I had the wonderful opportunity to ask Damian about his take on Bobby and Wendy after his appearance at Times Talks. You can hear it below and I am also transcribing Damian’s answer for our non-English speaking readers who prefer written English to spoken English. Continue reading “Bobby Axelrod and Wendy Rhoades: A Special Relationship – Part I”

Billions Season 2: What do we know so far? *UPDATED*

DRUMROLL! David Nevins, Showtime Networks CEO, shared the good news at TV Critics Association’s Summer Press Tour: Billions Season 2 is hitting our screens on February 19, 2017!

Source: Showtime
Source: Showtime

The season premiere may be six months away but given they have been shooting Billions for more than a month and a half in New York, we believe it is time we start talking about what we know so far about the new season! Are you ready?

Should we start with how a day on Billions set is like? And, for this, we owe big thanks to Brian Koppelman who opens a window for us all through Twitter and Instagram. We LOVED his series of tweets about a day on Billions set and JaniaJania storified it for us – fantastic job, partner! Continue reading “Billions Season 2: What do we know so far? *UPDATED*”

Throwback Thursday to Damian Lewis in The Escapist

“You know the one thing you’ve got going for you, Frank? You’re too old to die young.” – Rizza


Today we travel back to Damian Lewis in The Escapist: An Ireland-UK co-produced ensemble piece directed by Rupert Wyatt. The film premiered at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival to critical applause.

The Escapist premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, source: Getty Images
The Escapist premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, source: Getty Images

The Escapist is a prison escape movie. But not your typical prison escape movie. It is a healthy combination of an action movie and an art house movie giving you the grim prison life. You feel the brutality. You feel the daily presence of threat. You, in fact, live the violence without even seeing it. You feel very disturbed by the place.

Frank Perry (a BRILLIANT Brian Cox for whom it turns out Rupert Wyatt wrote this role!) is in prison for life and he has made his peace with the fact that he will never see outside life again… Until he gets a letter, the first one in 14 years, that his beloved daughter is a drug addict and, following an episode of overdose, she is critically ill. This makes Frank to think about escaping. He plans his escape with fellow prisoners Lenny Drake (Joe Fiennes, a Guildhall class mate of Damian’s!), Brodie (Liam Cunningham), Batista (Seu Jorge) and Lacey (Dominic Cooper). These five “good guys” make the movie poster. Continue reading “Throwback Thursday to Damian Lewis in The Escapist”

Happy Birthday, Helen McCrory: TOP TEN Reasons to Love her!

My wife is much more sensible and has much better taste than most people. -Damian Lewis



Happy Birthday, Helen!

A little note: This is a collective effort from the team in throwing a birthday party for Helen on the blog. Hope you all enjoy it!

It’s quite easy to figure out why Damian fell in love with his better half: Beauty, talent and brains, a rare combination, seem to have come together and stolen our guy’s heart. The couple has been together for more than a decade, married for nine years — we wished them a Happy Anniversary more than a month ago here — and going as strong as ever! Their affection for each other is obvious, you see in them that familiar comfort couples have with each other…


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