A Young Woman Finds A Role Model in Damian Lewis: Carolin’s Story

Hello, everyone! Damianista welcomes you to a new fan story!

Today’s story comes from Germany! Carolin is a published writer, a blogger, and a long-time Damian fan! BIG thanks go to her for taking the time to write her story both in English and German. We start with the German version as a surprise for our German-speaking readers and please scroll down for the English version. ENJOY!

Carolin (on the right) and her friend Simone with Damian at The Misanthrope Stage Door, 2010, copyright: Carolin

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Previews to Closing Night: We Celebrate Damian Lewis in “The Goat, or Who is Sylvia?”

Well, 12 weeks were gone with the wind and The Goat, or Who is Sylvia? has now closed. And, as if we need another reason to celebrate Damian’s work, I would love to take the closing of The Goat as a unique opportunity to celebrate 12 weeks of Damian Lewis on stage. Please enjoy our Fan Fun Goat Party from previews to media appearances to jam sessions to stage door experiences!

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Throwback Thursday to Damian Lewis at Times Talks

source: Times Talks Program
source: Times Talks Program

Time flies! Damian Lewis was the guest of celebrated Times Talks at Directors Guild Theater a year ago. And I would love to take this opportunity to travel back to that day to re-live the wonderful conversation Damian had with Cara Buckley, a New York Times culture reporter and celebrate the first anniversary of a beautiful friendship with Paige and Joyce with whom I clicked as soon as I met them in the line!   Continue reading “Throwback Thursday to Damian Lewis at Times Talks”

Book Review: Meeting Damian Lewis

Recently our fair readers have been treated to retellings of our very own encounters with Damian. As hard as they are to believe, both Damianista’s and my posts on meeting Damian this year in London are grounded very much in reality. A fellow fan, Christine Wilson, wrote about a fictional meeting with Damian and got that story published. For real!

Lucky for us, Christine will be stopping by here in a few weeks to share her own Fan Story with us as well.  So, something to keep in mind as you look for some summer reading on the beach: Here’s my review of Christine Wilson’s Meeting Damian Lewis. Enjoy!

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Chatty, Chattier, Chattiest: “The Goat” Stage Door with Damian Lewis

Well, honestly, I did not think I would make this post. But I am making it, and you know what, it is writing itself! 😀

JaniaJania wrote about our London trip earlier here but then I did another one in May with Lewisto who had given me a London trip for my birthday back in January. We planned it as a week long immersion in London’s history, culture and food. We also planned to see The Goat and do the stage door for a quick hi to Damian; however, we did not think he would have time for a chat and so there would be no need to blog about this trip.

source: Damianista


Some of you may know Gozde whose wonderful fan story we published a few months ago here. We met thanks to Damian on Twitter two years ago, clicked immediately, met in London, and stayed in touch since then. So I let her know that I would be in London and we made plans to meet for drinks. I am now leaving it to her to share the story that made this post possible! Continue reading “Chatty, Chattier, Chattiest: “The Goat” Stage Door with Damian Lewis”

Damian Lewis Owns Edward Albee’s The Goat on Stage

A play is as good as its writing and acting. This is precisely what makes Albee and Lewis’ “The Goat, or Who is Sylvia?” a rare jewel. Yes, it is Edward Albee who wrote it, but it is Damian Lewis who owns it on stage.

Albee’s The Goat is one of the finest plays I have ever read or seen. I would be extremely lucky if I read a better one in my life time — minimalist and impeccable writing, full of punches back to back to the reader’s paradigm of morality. Continue reading “Damian Lewis Owns Edward Albee’s The Goat on Stage”