In celebration of Mad Men’s 17th Birthday: Damian Lewis Loves Don Draper!

Hello, everyone! This is a post I wrote in 2015 when I said farewell to Mad Men, my all-time favorite TV show. This week marks the 17th anniversary of the show premiering on AMC. And the fact that I share some Mad Men love with my favorite actor provides a unique opportunity to share Damian’s love for Mad Men here again. Hope you enjoy it.

“Mad Men. I watch endless episodes when I should be working.”

-Damian Lewis

Don Draper immortalized in front of the Time-Life Building on March 23, 2015, NYC source: Damianista

Oh, yes!

Damian, I cannot thank you enough for loving Mad Men; because, first, you give me the chance to write about something that I LOVE very deeply, and second, it is so much fun to share this love for Mad Men with you! Continue reading “In celebration of Mad Men’s 17th Birthday: Damian Lewis Loves Don Draper!”

Throwback Thursday to Damian Lewis at Union Chapel

As Damian is gearing up for his biggest gig yet at Latitude Festival with potentially 8,000 people in the audience, we’re revisiting his biggest gig to date at the beautiful Union Chapel in London in July 2023. Enjoy!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, London conquest is complete! Having conquered the South (Omeara), the West (The Tabernacle) and the East (Hoxton Hall), Damian Lewis and his fabulous band headed to Union Chapel for their biggest gig to date. And they gave us an evening of musical feast at a magical venue! So please come join me at Union Chapel and live or re-live (if you were lucky  enough to be there) every single detail from that glorious evening.

Shall we?

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Book Review: Meeting Damian Lewis

Never touch your idols: the gilding will stick to your fingers.

Il ne faut pas toucher aux idoles: la dorure en reste aux mains.
― Gustave Flaubert, Madame Bovary

How I love when art gets meta: when a writer or artist has the self-awareness and genuine capacity to make fun of themselves. That’s what we mean when we say the writing is “honest”. There’s no agenda to convince or win over the reader, just a need to show, everything, even the warty not-attractive bits.

With her first novel, Meeting Damian Lewis, Christine Wilson has succeeded beautifully in that effort. Continue reading “Book Review: Meeting Damian Lewis”

In Case You Missed It: An Exclusive Fan Fun Interview with Damian Lewis

We’re twinning with our vests!

I am back from a week-long fantastic trip to the UK following Damian Lewis and his brilliant band from Stroud to Poole to Norwich to Cambridge in the second leg of his ‘Mission Creep” UK tour. I cannot wait to share with you my report from the gigs, fun backstage shenanigans, and a few surprises in the days and weeks to come.

But first…

Interviewing Damian has been a huge dream for me. In fact, I have been able to interview him a couple of times in the years past. But because they happened spontaneously, even though Damian wanted to be generous with his time, he was about to go to his next interview or his next appointment that we had to be very quick. And there were always people around. Continue reading “In Case You Missed It: An Exclusive Fan Fun Interview with Damian Lewis”

On The Horizon: Damian Lewis as Twin Vampire Brothers in The Radleys *UPDATED*

“Your instincts are wrong. Animals rely on instincts for their daily survival, but we are not beasts. We are not lions or sharks or vultures. We are civilized, and civilization only works if instincts are suppressed. So do your bit for society and ignore those dark desires inside you.” – The Abstainer’s Handbook (second edition), p. 54

Meet Will Radley, ladies and gentlemen! We’re thrilled to share with you the first images from The Radleys. The movie will have its premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF)  on August 20th. If you happen to be in the area, grab a ticket!

The Radleys is seemingly an ordinary suburban family. They live at 17 Orchard Lane in the village of Bishopthorpe, Yorkshire. Peter Radley is an overworked general practitioner. His wife Helen is an amateur artist who paints apple trees in watercolor. Their marriage has got distant over the years. Peter and Helen have two teenage children who attend the local high school. Rowan, their 17 year old son, suffers from rashes and chronic insomnia and reads Lord Byron .Clara, their 15 year old daughter, has recently become a vegan with the hopes of having animals treat her better. Continue reading “On The Horizon: Damian Lewis as Twin Vampire Brothers in The Radleys *UPDATED*”