Brody Countdown No. 3: Season 2 A Gallery


Season 2 of HOMELAND is a mesmerizing character study of Nicholas Brody. The character is pulled by opposing, coercing, and uncontrollable forces. The repercussions of his commitment to Abu Nazir, the unexpected bond to his family, and his deal with CIA. And of course Carrie, always Carrie. Damian at the top of his game!

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Brody Countdown 8

On December 15,2013 I, Jania, Jania and Damianista became Brody widows. To honor this era ending, heartbreaking anniversary, I offer my final “Star” post:

Falling Star 3: Nameless Star Pt 2

“She has a million names, and the star has none.” –  Jacob Clifton

Brody in Tehran supported only by Carrie pursues the mission to assassinate IGRC head Akbari thereby moving CIA asset Javadi up the ranks. Self preservation is his strongest motive; there really is no other way out. There’s no guarantee it is indeed a way out.

Brody is brought to Akbari who receives him warmly. He has no trouble believing Brody’s information on Javadi and trusting the man delivering it. In fact he begins to reminisce about first hearing Nicholas Brody’s name, “here in this office.”

Brody looks around, amazed.

“You spoke with Abu Nazir here in this room?

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Brody Countdown 10

Homeland. The show that inspired Damianista to create this website approaches it’s eighth and final season. Nicholas Brody, the full dimensional character brought to life by Damian Lewis became the object of passion for her and a couple of cohorts, JaniaJania and me, NotLinda. We’ve all three contributed many pages of text on this website analyzing, describing, and creating scenarios for this beloved man. As a tribute to this decisive moment in our lives I’m putting together, from the library of our posts, a Brody countdown to the final season’s premiere on February 9th, 2020. I think I speak for all of us when I say without Damian Lewis there may have been no Homeland.

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Homeland meets Billions: “Somebody That I Used to Know”

A lot of time has passed since the Brody era of Homeland graced our screens. October 2011, to be exact, was when the series first started. Every now and then we still run into folks on Twitter discovering those first few seasons for the first time. Homeland does have this “eternal” thing going for it, themes that transcend time and space, maybe. Which is crazy seeing as how it’s so driven by the news and politics of the day. Maybe even for current events, the idea of we’ve been here before and we’ll be here again still applies? Whatever the case, the show begs revisiting and will be written in whatever books they keep about these things as one of the best shows in television history. I still watch despite the fact there’s no Brody, mostly because I loved Carrie a good bit more than I loved Brody. I know that doesn’t apply to a lot of the readers (or writers!) of this blog. Alas, here we are.

Carrie’s back in DC in Homeland Season 7, so little to no chance of her meeting up with Bobby. But that’s exactly what I couldn’t help but imagine during the year she spent in NYC. What better time than now to revisit a wee bit of fantasy where Carrie meets Bobby Axelrod at a coffee shop in Manhattan.

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Another Turn: Homeland Fanfic, Chapter 8

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7

Chapter 8 – Final

Rifling through some papers in Yevgeny Gromov’s lair revealed the list of Russian names Brody had heard earlier in the hub.

“Hey, Carrie, what do you think this is about? Any of these names look familiar to you? I heard them earlier when I first saw Gromov,” Brody asked. “And I heard them mention Saul too.”

“Saul? Yevgeny was talking about Saul?” Carrie momentarily lapsed into the confusion she was swimming in earlier. “This is a list of some of the most nefarious Russian operatives the NSA has in custody.” Her face opened up in realization. “It’s a prisoner exchange list. Saul somehow got the NSA to give up these guys in exchange for me.”

“It took him long enough,” Brody said. “What’d you say? You’ve been here 8 months?”

“Brody, you know this shit takes a lot longer in real life than it does in the movies.”

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