BREAKING NEWS! Fan Fun is now also running

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We are thrilled to announce Fan Fun with Damian Lewis team is now also running

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We have been running Fan Fun with Damian Lewis for almost three years. As you all know, we produce our own original content about Damian’s projects, past, present, and future as well as his extracurricular interests like sports and charity work. Knowing that Damian chooses his projects carefully, and inspired by him, we choose our focus carefully and try our best to deliver the most thorough and entertaining content possible to inspire our readers with fun information about Damian’s impact as an artist. We hope we are not only a vessel for promoting our favorite actor but also a vessel for communicating how he, as the versatile creative person that he is, inspires creativity in his audience. Continue reading “BREAKING NEWS! Fan Fun is now also running”

The Tale of the Two Nicholases

March forward Damian Lewis.

Damian has played a soldier several times, but I’m going to focus on two specifically. They share a name, they were both PoWs and they both ended up disgraced and dead.

Nicholas Brody (Homeland)

In Homeland, Damian plays Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody, laterally promoted to Marine Gunnery Sergeant, before he left the Marine Corps to become a Congressman.

source: showtime
source: showtime


Nicholas McGrade (Colditz)

In Colditz, Damian plays Corporal Nicholas McGrade, laterally promoted to left Lieutenant.

Source: ITV
Source: ITV

There are spoilers for both Homeland and Colditz in this blog. Continue reading “The Tale of the Two Nicholases”

Now Out on DVD: Damian Lewis
Brightens the Screen in Queen of the Desert

Well, if you missed Queen of the Desert during its limited run in movie theaters, you can now own it on DVD!

In a nutshell, Queen of the Desert is a film about Gertrude Bell who had a pretty unconventional life, particularly as a woman, in early 20th century. She was a traveler, writer, archaeologist, explorer, cartographer, political attaché and a spy for the British Empire in the Middle East. She played a significant role in shaping the politics of the Middle East and drew up the borders of modern Jordan as well as Iraq. Think of more or less a female Lawrence of Arabia.

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Brightens the Screen in Queen of the Desert”

Fan Fun with Damian Lewis is Calling All Fans!

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First things first: THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts to each and every one of you that has participated in our “Fan Stories” project. We have published 38 wonderful stories this year and still have several to publish in the coming weeks. We are thrilled that fan stories have become a hit with our readers! And so we do not want to stop here and call Damian Lewis fans one more time to answer the following question:

How did you become a Damian Lewis fan? 🙂

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I finally watched Damian Lewis in Band of Brothers

This show is not for me.

I’ve always known this, that’s why I have never watched it. I’d start thinking about the subject matter, remember photo stills of the scenes I’ve glimpsed over the years, and just KNEW it would be nightmare city for me.  You can call me delicate, call me a wuss, I don’t really care. This show? This show is not for me.


But I need to be clear: I do not want, for one moment, for my thoughts on war or my inability to sit through a show this intense, to be mistaken for criticism or ingratitude for the sacrifices made by so many. I am a descendant of men and women who served, and I benefit every day of my life because of those who went before me. I would never disparage their time spent defending our country, and their great sacrifices in doing so. Continue reading “I finally watched Damian Lewis in Band of Brothers”