Wolf Hall Episode 2: “Entirely Beloved”

Entirely Beloved… Cromwell! He has been Cardinal Wolsey’s “Entirely Beloved” for a long time and now our Thomas is gradually becoming the King’s “Entirely Beloved.”

And, Wolf Hall is surely becoming my “Entirely Beloved.” This is drama at its BEST with superb writing, directing, and acting. Damian Lewis and Mark Rylance absolutely STORM it together, and it’s just pure pleasure to watch, think, and write about Wolf Hall!

source: BBC
source: BBC

When we see Cromwell and the King in the last scene of Episode 1, the King eventually smiles at Cromwell… it is probably the exact moment that the King clearly sees that this man is smart and he, Henry, could actually make good use of him… and so the meteoric rise of Cromwell in the court of Henry VIII gets a good start there and then. Continue reading “Wolf Hall Episode 2: “Entirely Beloved””

Meet the Leading Lady of Wolf Hall :)

Oh, no, I am not talking about Claire Foy. She is absolutely brilliant as Anne Boleyn, however it turns out the “leading lady of Wolf Hall” is… Damian Lewis!

How come? Read and find out 🙂

source: BBC
source: BBC

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Damian Lewis as Charles Doughty-Wylie in Queen of the Desert


Queen of the Desert , a very highly anticipated film directed by Werner Herzog, and starring Nicole Kidman, Damian Lewis, Robert Pattinson and James Franco will have its world premiere on February 6 at Berlinale 2015. The festival program schedule is here and you can see a first clip from the movie here. Continue reading “Damian Lewis as Charles Doughty-Wylie in Queen of the Desert”

The Day Brody died… :(

source: imdb.com
source: imdb.com

I know I said earlier here that when I found out about Damian Lewis cast as Henry VIII in Wolf Hall I thought about calling Alex Gansa to thank him for killing off Brody… But it was an impulsive reaction just because I was psyched about that fantastic casting! Otherwise, I am still at the same place more than a year later.

I dreaded that day coming for months. Because, I knew it… I didn’t really know it, but I saw it coming, and I told everybody but nobody believed me! My friends said: “Oh, no, they will never kill Brody!” And, in particular, my husband said: “They will never kill the chicken that lays the golden egg. It would be very stupid.” And my lovely friend promised me: “If they kill Brody, we will make a video clip as a tribute.” And, as the critics rolled the drums louder and louder saying Brody should have been dead long ago, we just repeated the conversations above! Continue reading “The Day Brody died… :(“

Damianista is a Fashionista: Let’s talk about the Aquascutum Ad

We got the first hint during the filming of  “Our Kind of Traitor.”

In one of the scenes filmed on the banks of River Thames in London, Damian Lewis was dressed head to toe in Aquascutum.

Damian’s character, Hector Meredith wore the trademark raincoat, had thick rimmed glasses, and the Harrys of London for Aquascutum Julian Kudu Suede Dark Brown Desert Boots.

source: WENN.com

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