Revisiting the Role that Gave Us Nicholas Brody: Keane

So, as I prepared to continue my series on the love story in Homeland, truth be told, I got to the scene of Brody’s dream, a gun to his head singing the Marines’ Hymn through gritted teeth as he’s being ordered to bury Tom Walker and, gah, the pain. There’s his pain within the dream and then again after he wakes from it. It never really lets up, does it. And Carrie sees the pain too, in all its rawness, on the other side of the cameras in his bedroom. Then, she’s a witness as well to Brody┬ácrouched in a corner of his room in the dark, like a wounded bird, not moving for hours. The sheer torment of it all is still so fresh sometimes, and I got a bit hung up on it. Anyway, now that I’ve started the series, no going back now, I’ll be continuing soon enough. For now, let’s take a break to revisit the role which determined Damian to be the perfect fit for Nicholas Brody: Keane.


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