The Witching Hour

We thought we would do the blog in two parts this month.  The first part is a short Halloween tale which is linked to our blog from April which you can read here [].

The second part is a discussion of what costumes we think Damian’s various characters would wear and why.  A Happy Halloween to you all.

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JaniaJania takes on Keane

Took a while to get up the gumption to watch Keane. I knew enough about it to know it would be dark and harrowing and intense. One must block off some uninterrupted time and be in the right mindset to watch something like that.

I knew that Damian’s performance in Keane is what sold the Showtime brass on giving him the role of Nicholas Brody without an audition. The film is indeed intense watching. It’s a one man show really with the camera following Keane closely as he wanders the streets of New York, mostly silent and hopelessly disturbed. In Keane, Damian captures perfectly the confusion of mental illness, the murky stare of loss and despair and incapacity to communicate effectively. I found the film was more about the performances than it was about the writing. Amy Ryan as the harried single mother, and Abigail Breslin, in that child-wise-beyond-her-years way she has, were great too, both cast perfectly, in an ultimately heartbreaking and raw story.


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Make every week EB Week! There are many ways to HELP Sohana Research Fund – Pick One!

source: Sohana Research Fund
source: Sohana Research Fund

We’re past EB Awareness week, but why not make every week EB week? Because it’s time to spread the word about Sohana Research Fund, a small charity working extremely hard to spread awareness and raise funds for research to find a cure for Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa (RDEB) “Hard to Say, Hell to Live with.”

Sohana is a young teenager who was born with RDEB which means she lacks the protein that holds her skin together. Kids with RDEB have extremely fragile skin that they are sometimes called “butterfly children.” Lots of activities we take for granted as easy routines in our daily lives are a struggle for them. Can you imagine a day where your dressing up takes up to two hours and eating and drinking cause blisters in your mouth and throat? These kids have to deal with this kind of pain every single day.  Continue reading “Make every week EB Week! There are many ways to HELP Sohana Research Fund – Pick One!”

Damian Lewis on James Bond: Books, Movies, Rumors

source: Getty Images
source: Getty Images

Rumor has had it since mid-June Damian Lewis is in “the running” to be the next James Bond… It’s a rumor… So probably not true. But it is an EXCITING and FUN rumor that we have blogged about earlier here and are still having fun with it! And I have been having fun personally not just because my favorite actor may be in the running for such a high profile role, but also because it just cracks me up seeing how opinionated everyone is about the whole James Bond enterprise. Everyone is so fired up pushing their favorite Bond candidate — say he is Damian Lewis, Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, Michael Fassbender, Henry Cavill, Richard Armitage, or Tom Hiddleston… Oh, yes, it’s a pretty impressive list!

And, what tops the fun for me is how the possibility of Damian Lewis being the next Bond has divided people on Social Media with tweets commenting on, YES, his hair color! “Yes, the world is ready for a ginger Bond” versus “Do you really want to have a ginger Bond?” tweets have come in proving the point we’ve made here on the blog earlier that people just cannot be indifferent to the guy’s hair color. Amazing! Continue reading “Damian Lewis on James Bond: Books, Movies, Rumors”

Dress like Damian Lewis!

Now, we all know Damian Lewis has impeccable taste in clothing, and he is one of the best dressed men ever. EVER.


Well, firstly, the man carries a suit amazingly well. Take the tailored Burberry suit, my all-time favorite, that he wore at the 2013 Golden Globes. According to “Slim-fitting and perfectly tailored, Lewis’ outfit was one of the smartest looks at the awards. With sleek black shoes, a stark white dress shirt, matching pocket square and a fashionably large butterfly bow tie, Lewis simply couldn’t have looked better or more tailored in his picture perfect Burberry ensemble.” I cannot agree more. Picture perfect. Period. Continue reading “Dress like Damian Lewis!”