Damian Lewis on Stage: The Early Plays, 1993 – 94


In case you missed it, we talked about Damian’s drama school experience last week here.

Damian graduates from The Guildhall School of Music and Drama in 1993. Ken Rea, Damian’s drama teacher at Guildhall, describes Damian arriving at drama school “an articulate, well-mannered young man with a bit of a polite façade,” and leaving with “the complete raw vulnerability that really grabs you as an audience.”

As soon as he graduates, Damian starts off at Birmingham Rep  — where Laurence Olivier also started his career in 1926 — with two plays, namely Rope and Romeo and Juliet in 1993  followed by Moliere’s School for Wives at the Almeida Theatre in London in 1994.

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Throwback Thursday to a 22 year old Damian Lewis in Rope

Damian Lewis, 22 in Rope & 44 in American Buffalo

We’re going way back today to 1993, to a 22-year old Damian Lewis in the Birmingham REP Production of Rope.

Before getting deep into the production, let’s just live here for a second… Damian Lewis is today an internationally known star at 44. But, one can’t help wondering what his dreams and aspirations were when he was 22 — literally half of his current age!

Damian tells in an interview with Cherwell how he dreamed of a future in theater: “At drama school, all my influences were in the theatre, not in film and TV. I remember standing on the prow of a ship one year heading over to Amsterdam with one of my best friends, and talking about how we were going to be the next generation of theatre actors.” Continue reading “Throwback Thursday to a 22 year old Damian Lewis in Rope”