Revisiting Life with Charlie Crews

When our new blogger Holliedazzle had the idea to do a summer re-watch of Life, we were intrigued. “We’ve never had the opportunity to dig into this show with a lot of detail, and I think the readers would really enjoy to watch along with us this summer and talk about the episodes,” she said. “And with it being on Netflix, that helps a lot with people’s access to the show,” she added. We were sold. Both Damianista and I had a binge watch at different times in our shared tour of all things Damian. Bookworm had a far deeper relationship with the show…it took her by the hand all the way to fanfic land! The two season series straddled both ends of the 2007-08 television writer’s strike, and we see tweets roll by nearly everyday bemoaning the fact that it was a great show with a lot of promise which somehow never got the chance. So, yes, let’s give Life a revisit! In the following weeks, we’ll be talking about Life, S1 and S2, every Tuesday. To inaugurate our series on the series, here’s a bit of a summary review.

I want to be the unwobbling pivot at the center of an ever-revolving universe. I want to be still  – Charlie Crews

source: NBC
source: NBC

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Let’s Salute Major Winters – the Rank and the Man – on Memorial Day

source: People Magazine

Today is Memorial Day – a day of remembrance honoring all men and women that died in active military service. And it gives us a great opportunity to salute all war heroes, and in particular Major Dick Winters and Easy Company.

I know a thing or two about war. My day job is to study and understand war. I have written academic articles on war, I have taught on war… and even though I can write about war for pages and talk about it for hours as a scholar, the human cost of war is still incomprehensible to me.

Let me take a moment and look at my own family. My maternal grandmother never knew her father because he was a soldier in WWI in the Eastern Front in Turkey, and he literally froze because of the cold as he fought against the Russians. My paternal grandmother never knew her father, either; because he was also a soldier in WWI and was killed by a shrapnel in Gallipoli as he fought against the Anzacs. Continue reading “Let’s Salute Major Winters – the Rank and the Man – on Memorial Day”

Damian Lewis at Soccer Aid

We have recently got the news that Damian Lewis will play in Soccer Aid Charity Match at Manchester’s legendary Old Trafford Stadium on June 5.

Well… The tweet by Soccer Aid is priceless!

Oh yes, YOU! And knowing how much Damian loves his footie,  he should be looking forward to this match at least as much as and probably more than we are! And big thanks go to Damian for LOVING football and thereby giving me the opportunity to write on a sport that I deeply deeply love!

Now… for those of you that are not familiar with Soccer Aid…

What is Soccer Aid?

Wiki‘s description is short but informative: “Soccer Aid is a biennial British charity event that has raised over £15 million in aid of UNICEF UK, through ticket sales and donations from the public. The event is a football match between two teams of celebrities and former professional players, representing England and the Rest of the World(RoW). Continue reading “Damian Lewis at Soccer Aid”

Secret account omnibus

A Billions fan fiction brought to you with a warning that there are slight spoilers, but not major ones.


**Disclaimer: Billions and its characters belong to Showtime. Not us. There is no profit or copy right infringement intended and absolutely no intention of saying that anyone from Billions stole our ideas in the unlikely event we accidently write something that comes to fruition. This is simply two fans having fun. **

Missing scene from the Pilot

Wendy pulls everything out from the bottom of the cabinet in her study until she finds what she is looking for. Exactly where she expected them to be, right at the back, out of sight and out of mind, but lurking there just as certain thoughts continuously lurk in her mind on a daily basis and from which she only gets respite while she is sleeping.

Gathering the notebooks, she stands up and makes her way to her desk leaving a mess behind her on the floor with the cabinet door open. It is definitely something she would give the kids into trouble for. Maybe moms are as bad as Doctors, but this is her sanctuary and she is free to be a hypocrite. Besides, it is fitting. It would be the perfect presentation of her mind at the moment.

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

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Billions on Sky Atlantic, Episode 3: Yum Time


Billions ep 3 – YumTime

Billions on Showtime, Episode 3: Yum Time