Billions ep 10 : Quality of Life

No secret that I was pretty disgusted with Axe in the last episode. In this episode some of his humanity is back, beautifully on display, and, thankfully, there’s a visible thaw in the ice-cold of last week’s fire house scene.

When he gets news of Donnie’s death, Damian lends Bobby that cast over the eyes that looks like someone has clubbed him in the knees. He’s hobbled. The episode proceeds to careen back and forth in time in an expert way that fills in all the holes that need filling in Donnie’s story.


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Wolf Hall Sweeps the BAFTA noms…almost

source: BBC
source: BBC

We got the news earlier this month that Wolf Hall, with 6 nominations, leads the pack for BAFTA TV Craft Awards. When the winners are announced on April 24, we’ll be tuning in to see this once-in-a-lifetime production hopefully win for some, if not all, of these categories for which it has been nominated.

Today we learn the remainder of the nominations for Wolf Hall for the BAFTA TV Awards.

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The Many Faces of Damian Lewis: Part I

Hello all! Damianista here.

We are extremely pleased to welcome a new blogger, Holliedazzle, today to our blog. Here is a short bio in her own words:

“A life long lover of gingers, Holliedazzle hails from the midwest and spends her free time cosplaying, indulging in all her geeky interests, and also on the stage as a burlesque performer!  Also a mother to one sweet little boy, and wife to her own foxy ginger man 🙂 She discovered Damian through her husband’s recommendation to try out this new show “Homeland”, who starred an actor that had been on his radar since “Band of Brothers” became one of his all-time favorite shows.  So, really, its all his fault that she’s here!” 😛

Having enjoyed Holliedazzle’s spot-on commentary on Damian’s acting on the blog, we asked if she would be interested in writing about Damian’s acting, in particular about the ways he uses his face and body in bringing our all-time favorite characters to life. We are delighted she has kindly agreed and is giving us the many faces of Damian Lewis today. And it goes without saying we sincerely hope to keep her around for more than two posts. Fingers crossed! Enjoy.


Our favorite guy.


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Billions on Showtime, Episode 10: Quality of Life

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

We have had our “educated” speculation last couple of weeks and we now have it all out in Episode 10 Quality of Life: Axe has known Donnie was sick. He sees something is seriously wrong with him in the meeting where Donnie does not see the matrix and follows him to the men’s room.

source: Showtime

“Cancer.” “Yeah.” “Shit.” “Pancreatic.” “Shit.” I would probably say “Double scoop of shit” Wags-style. Axe will make sure Donnie sees the top oncologist in the country. He should put himself together and see Axe by the end of the day.

We learn Donnie was closeted until he met Walter. He feels guilty about his wife so gives her all he has and starts back at zero with a plan to make the money his kids would need for a comfortable future in 10 years. Alas, life intervenes. He wants his kids to live a comfortable life. Axe offers “rewards of paradise” on earth:  40 million dollars pre-tax. But there is a downside. His last months will not be his own. Donnie is in unless he is going to jail. Axe assures him lawyers will take care of that part. Continue reading “Billions on Showtime, Episode 10: Quality of Life”

Happy World Theater Day: Damian Lewis on Stage


Happy World Theater Day! Let’s celebrate this beautiful day dedicated to the wonderful art form that is theater with a little walk down the memory lane to live and re-live bits and pieces of Damian Lewis’ brilliant stage career!

Damian discovers theater at a young age at Ashdown House, the boarding school he went at age eight: “Each summer we staged a Gilbert and Sullivan Operetta. It was all so English. I used to sing the solos. I had a sweet treble voice.” His first ever role was a policeman The Pirates of Penzance, a Gilbert and SullivanAnd, by age 12, he had already played in 12 Gilbert and Sullivan Operettas.

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