Homeland: Was it Love? Part Four

Continuing my slow-going series of all Brody Carrie scenes, we reach “The Weekend.” If you didn’t believe the love story with this episode, you were probably just meant to never believe it.

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The Fan Fun With Damian Lewis Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Holiday greetings to you all!  So glad to be back behind the keyboard with my Fan Fun Sisterhood.  I wanted to take a moment from my busiest season to create something special for our blog.

Hey, that's me! Photo by Illume Allure Imagery
Hey, that’s me! Photo by Illume Allure Imagery

One of my taglines, as a burlesque performer, is that I am “The Queen of Christmas.” I’m launching into my busiest performing season, as well as the season of my birth, so what better article for me to write than a shopping guide for the Damian Lewis fans in your life?  I know any of us “diehards” here at the blog would LOVE the things listed here. (I’m also certain many of us own several of these things, so check the comments for some special Fan Fun product reviews from my sisters!) Continue reading “The Fan Fun With Damian Lewis Holiday Gift Giving Guide”

Billions Season 2: A Battle for the Times

A while back they promoted TV shows with the words “ripped from the headlines” as a draw. The phrase was often used for shows in the Law & Order franchise, when a crime featured on the show sort of mirrored something that had happened in real life. The link between fiction and reality was direct and overt. Seeing the promos for season 2 of Billions, I couldn’t help but to think of that phrase again. No, there isn’t a direct and overt link from the political discourse of the day to the plot lines and character development of Billions. The link is more metaphysical, it runs deeper, and, thus, may be even more telling and informative. Art, when it’s done right, can show us things about our world and ourselves that we wouldn’t be able to see otherwise. I have a sneaking suspicious that Billions is going to take us there in Season 2.

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Throwback Thursday to Damian Lewis Receiving His OBE Award

Happy Thanksgiving!

We celebrate this wonderful holiday with family and friends — we indulge ourselves maybe a little bit too much with turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes and give thanks, among other great things in our lives, for Damian Lewis and the characters he brings to life and into our lives 🙂 And then we travel back to exactly two years ago and be proud of our favorite actor one more time! Because, exactly two years ago today, Damian Lewis received his OBE from Duke of Cambridge and made us all proud!

Purchased from PA
Purchased from PA Images

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The Many Faces of Damian Lewis, Part II

Sometimes an actor will find themselves type-cast, and the reasons for this can vary greatly. It can be the fault of a narrow-minded industry, a lazy agent, an iconic role that they find impossible to be divorced from, or simply from the actor’s own lack of range.

We are all lucky to be fans of a man who has not experienced this. Damian has had the pleasure of embodying many different types of men. And while so many of these characters have some sort of overlap(just how many times has he put on a military uniform now??), he has used his incredible skill set to create a different, iconic character in each role. Specifically, I want to talk about how he uses his body language to create believable characters that resonate. Continue reading “The Many Faces of Damian Lewis, Part II”