Bobby Axelrod and Wendy Rhoades: A Special Relationship Part IX

“Since the moment you set your sights on Axe five years ago, you have orchestrated a perfect plan to impel us together, which makes no sense. Unless someone knows you, which I have.” — Wendy  to Chuck

Damian Lewis and Maggie Siff  bring to life one of the most intriguing and complex relationships we have ever seen on TV. It is sincere and it is strategic. It is friendly and it is flirty. It is personal and it is professional. It is delicate. It is difficult. It is delicious. The first three seasons reveal no romance in the relationship, but a real partnership. Bobby and Wendy find meaning in what they built together and can draw the best out of each other. In case you missed my earlier posts on these two, you can read them hereherehere,  herehere, here, here, and here. In Season 4, we start to feel some romantic tension between them especially in the season finale where Wendy finds herself in Bobby’s guest bedroom after leaving the house she shared with Chuck… followed by a slowly blossoming romance in Season 5.

How come?

That is the question.

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Throwback Thursday to Ride4Hugo in Memory of Hugo and Helen

L-R: Damian, his sister Amanda Yaxley, his brother Gareth Lewis, and brother in-law Charles Yaxley during the bike ride in memory of Hugo and Helen in June 2022

I find it beyond impressive when families turn their tragic losses into good for many others in memory of the loved ones they lost. Ride4Hugo, a campaign Damian’s family run in memory of Hugo Yaxley, Damian and Helen’s nephew, who tragically died in a car accident in November 2020, and also in memory of Helen, who passed away only 5 months after Hugo’s accident, is an extraordinary effort aimed to do good for so many people.

Hugo, at his young age, was a fierce advocate of facing up to mental health issues and changing the stigma attached to it. And Ride4Hugo was set to raise funds and awareness for four great charities that were close to both his and Helen’s heart. Continue reading “Throwback Thursday to Ride4Hugo in Memory of Hugo and Helen”

“Feeling Axey” or The Physicality of Bobby Axelrod in Billions

Damianista’s note: One of the many qualities Damian Lewis brought to the character of Bobby Axelrod in Billions is his incredible physicality. And while I originally shared this post a couple of years ago, Damian’s tweet the other day about “feeling Axey” made me re-share this post and celebrate Damian for creating one of the most iconic TV characters in the golden age of TV.

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Throwback Thursday to a Beloved Billions Moment: The Fake Fight

“Pretend we’re having an argument.” —Bobby Axelrod

source: Showtime

A good hour of television absolutely starts with good writing and I pride myself in calling Willie Reale, the writer of Billions Season 1 Episode 10 Quality of Life, a genius way before I find out that he is, in fact, one! I don’t know if you are familiar with MacArthur Fellowships also known as “Genius Grants” but Mr. Reale is a recipient of this fellowship “in recognition of his ingenuity in creating theater and theater education programs for young people.” Bravo!

Quality of Life, with Donnie’s memorial service being at its heart, has a number of moving parts; however, Mr. Reale delivers the story seamlessly with a number of timely back and forths between the memorial service and all else going on and the episode’s director Karyn Kusama perfectly translates the writing into action. And, in my humble opinion, Brian Koppelman’s tweet sharing with us that the fake argument scene between Axe and Dollar Bill was Reale’s idea alone deserves standing ovation for this brilliant writer! Continue reading “Throwback Thursday to a Beloved Billions Moment: The Fake Fight”

Damian Lewis Came, Saw and Conquered Union Chapel!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, London conquest is complete! Having conquered the South (Omeara), the West (The Tabernacle) and the East (Hoxton Hall), Damian Lewis and his fabulous band headed to Union Chapel for their biggest gig to date. And they gave us an evening of musical feast at a magical venue! So please come join me at Union Chapel and live or re-live (if you were lucky  enough to be there) every single detail from that glorious evening.

Shall we?

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