A Peerless Leader turned Flawed Soul: Mallory’s Dream Role for Damian Lewis

Hi all! Damianista here. Our  ‘Dream Role for Damian Lewis’ series continues today with Mallory who has written up a fan fiction featuring Damian as a flawed character whom she created herself in a fan fiction for a video game she loves. Many thanks go to Mallory for sharing her dream role story with us!

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Site Announcement – Fake Social Media Accounts: PLEASE READ!

Hello Damian fans! We wanted to take a moment to announce recent developments that have been brought to our attention. Several fans have reported that Damian Lewis imposter accounts have been created on both Instagram and Twitter. And while that generally is not cause for concern, as they have been harmless in the past, these recent accounts are asking for money or pretending you can win a prize.  Under no circumstances would Damian or his representatives ask for donations (West Africa project or otherwise), nor would they offer fans a chance for a live chat or money prize for posting your favorite Damian photo by tagging him. Please keep in mind that the ONLY social media account for Damian Lewis is on Twitter as @lewis_damian. His legitimately-endorsed fan site is at www.damian-lewis.com and the endorsed blog and team that runs both the fansite and the blog is here at www.fanfunwithdamianlewis.com.

Just remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you have any concerns, please report them to us here or on Instagram and Twitter at @FanFunDamian.

Kind Regards,
Fan Fun Team

BREAKING NEWS! Fan Fun is now also running Damian-Lewis.com

Hello, everyone!

We are thrilled to announce Fan Fun with Damian Lewis team is now also running Damian-Lewis.com.

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We have been running Fan Fun with Damian Lewis for almost three years. As you all know, we produce our own original content about Damian’s projects, past, present, and future as well as his extracurricular interests like sports and charity work. Knowing that Damian chooses his projects carefully, and inspired by him, we choose our focus carefully and try our best to deliver the most thorough and entertaining content possible to inspire our readers with fun information about Damian’s impact as an artist. We hope we are not only a vessel for promoting our favorite actor but also a vessel for communicating how he, as the versatile creative person that he is, inspires creativity in his audience. Continue reading “BREAKING NEWS! Fan Fun is now also running Damian-Lewis.com”

Fan Fun with Damian Lewis is Calling All Fans!

Hi everyone!

First things first: THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts to each and every one of you that has participated in our “Fan Stories” project. We have published 38 wonderful stories this year and still have several to publish in the coming weeks. We are thrilled that fan stories have become a hit with our readers! And so we do not want to stop here and call Damian Lewis fans one more time to answer the following question:

How did you become a Damian Lewis fan? 🙂

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Double Shot From the Trader’s Desk: “Indian Four” & “Victory Lap”

Welcome to “From the Trader’s Desk” double shot! We’ll be looking at both “Indian Four” and “Victory Lap” since the “fin speak” was a minimum in both episodes.

Thoughts & Observations on “Indian Four”

I’d like to start off by saying that I hope one day to be in the position of having my own meat aging room, and a room to store motorcycles that I will never ride. If I ever were in that position, I’d also have my own TARDIS, but that’s another blog….

source: Showtime

One thing that struck me during Axe and Wendy’s meeting at the skate park was his response to Wendy’s asking for a stake in Axe Capital – “No one owns any of it but me”. That response does not surprise me, and I was shocked Wendy would even ask for it. He built it, and he will keep it! I think we know why someone like Axe would never take the Giving Oath. Continue reading “Double Shot From the Trader’s Desk: “Indian Four” & “Victory Lap””