Another Turn: Homeland Fanfic, Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Brody woke from a fitful sleep soaked in sweat with a dream still liquid in his head, backed by bits of more song lyrics and melody. In his mind’s eye were rows and rows of corn, rows and rows of green, with tufts of yellow silk catching the breeze as it drifted over the plains. Had he ever been to the Midwest? Maybe as a kid? Was this a dream or a memory? Whatever it was had him in a back of pickup truck sitting on bales of hay, chewing on a stalk of it, the taste if it still in his mouth as he woke.

As he grew more awake, his lucid mind rationalized the scenario to fill in the blanks. There were other kids around him in the back of that pickup. Maybe it was a hayride for Halloween? A tarp thrown over them when it got too dark and cold. And teenagers taking advantage of the cover to do what teenagers do. The wandering hands and hot breath under that tarp lead to other morning thoughts that Brody quickly pushed away.

In a room by myself

Looks like I’m here with the guy that I judge worse than anyone else

So I pace, and I pray, and I repeat the mantras that might keep me clean for the day.

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Another Turn: Homeland Fanfic, Chapter 3

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Saul Berenson was head of NSA now? What did he have to do with this place? Brody side-stepped out of sight behind a corner to keep listening to the conversation in the office. Apparently not out of sight enough, he soon realized, as a kid from the hub called to him.

“Hey, Charlie, before you log in, check in with the shift supervisor.”

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Another Turn: Homeland Fanfic,
Chapter 2

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Chapter Two

As Brody stood in front of the small mirror in his room and brushed his teeth, the cold bright light of the morning burned away some of the aching thoughts from the night before. It’d take some caffeine in his veins and clocking in to his desk before he’d be fully free of them.

No faster route to madness than getting lost in nostalgia.

Memory was well and good. It was actually useful sometimes, necessary to remember to brush your teeth in the morning, become presentable to the outside world, to remember to not turn back once awake to spend the rest of the day cowering in a corner of his room.

Nostalgia, however, was another beast. Showing you flickering movies of another place and time as far away from your reality as distant galaxies. Nostalgia gave you pictures of what you had and could never have again. Even if you sought it out, a re-do, a step back. Even if you were to cross the world and make your way back to it, it could never be close enough to what you dreamed in your mind’s eye. Nothing would ever be as you remember it to be. No one would be the same. Continue reading “Another Turn: Homeland Fanfic, Chapter 2”

Falling Star Part Three: The Nameless Star Chapter Two

“She has a million names, and the star has none.” –  Jacob Clifton

Brody in Tehran supported only by Carrie pursues the mission to assassinate IGRC head Akbari thereby moving CIA asset Javadi up the ranks. Self preservation is his strongest motive; there really is no other way out. There’s no guarantee it is indeed a way out.

Brody is brought to Akbari who receives him warmly. He has no trouble believing Brody’s information on Javadi and trusting the man delivering it. In fact he begins to reminisce about first hearing Nicholas Brody’s name, “here in this office.”

Brody looks around, amazed.

“You spoke with Abu Nazir here in this room?

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Falling Star Part Three: The Nameless Star Chapter One

“She has a million names, and the star has none.” –  Jacob Clifton

You’re Carrie Mathison, you’ve been reunited with the man you’ve longed for, you’ve feared for, you’ve risked body and mind for. He has turned away. What do you do?  You wipe away the tears, you go to work.

She’s agreed to Saul’s audacious plan for infiltrating Brody into Iran with the goal of targeted assassination and with Brody as the assassin. The window of opportunity is narrow, the assassin unwilling.

“When do you need him ready by?”

It’s sixteen days till Senator Lockhart assumes Saul’s job as Director of CIA. He’d never agree to this wild plan. Saul fills her in on the time in Caracas and Carrie decides ..

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