How Major Winters Steals a Teenager’s Heart: Vicky’s Story

Hello all! Damianista here. Today we are thrilled to start publishing the fan stories we have received from our readers. The response to our call has been amazing and all stories we have received are personal, special and extremely heartfelt. So, please stay with us and enjoy a long-running fan stories party on the blog! And if you are still interested in sending us your story but have not been able to do it yet, please do, we would love to have you on board!

Our first guest is Vicky, who is one of the first, if not the first, fans that followed our Facebook page the day Fan Fun with Damian Lewis came to life. I remember exchanging a few words about Damian and the story she told stayed with me. And when Lady Trader and I came up with this idea of Fan Stories, I personally messaged Vicky to kindly ask if she would share her fan story with us. And she is, proudly wearing her LIFE tshirt, ready to go:

source: @bikervick

I’ve counted myself as one of Damian Lewis’ biggest fans for nearly 15 years; I even talked about him the night I met my boyfriend, and got very excited when he knew who he was! (I was used to blank looks from friends at that time – pre-Homeland fame.) So, how did this obsession start?

I grew up with 3 favourite actors; Tom Hanks, Mel Gibson & Sly Stallone. When I heard Tom Hanks was doing a TV series about soldiers in the war, with his son Colin, my immediate thought was ‘Saving Private Ryan’, so I had to watch it.

From episode one I was hooked. There were so many familiar faces I loved, from Dexter Fletcher, who I remembered as Spike in ‘Press Gang’, to James Madio, who was my favourite character Bobby Lazzarini in ‘USA High’. But I also gained a new favourite; Damian Lewis.

The characters in the show ‘Band of Brothers’ were incredible. The fact they were based on real people fascinated me. However, one stood out; Major Richard Winters. You saw the man develop and grow on the screen each week. You saw his highs and lows through the successes and failures of the campaigns. I was no longer watching a TV drama; I was watching an autobiography on screen. He was real. And that was down to the talent of the man behind the role. (It didn’t hurt that he was rather easy on a teenage girl’s eye! Remember the white bath scene? If not, watch again…)

Well, you’re welcome 😀

As the weeks rolled by, my family became aware of my love for Damian Lewis… We were on holiday in a caravan when one of the later episodes was on and my poor Dad stood outside in the wind and rain with the aerial to try and get a clear picture on BBC2!

Since then I’ve watched repeats of the series and bought the box set tin on VHS and DVD. I’ve watched most TV programmes and films Damian Lewis has made since and am unashamedly a fan for life…

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25 thoughts on “How Major Winters Steals a Teenager’s Heart: Vicky’s Story”

  1. Thank you Vicky. It was great to read your story, especially since Band of Brothers was also my introduction to the Ginger One. I’d always favored the strong, silent type (married one of those) but of course we learned from later projects and many interviews that the “silent type” label doesn’t really fit this particular gentleman!

  2. ‘ have already told how I met Damian, and how much I love him! right now has the TV is back ‘Doctor Quinn, medecon woman’, at the time I loved Joe Lando, who plays Sully, I went 2 times to LA where I met Joe Lando, still very handsome and nice boy! Then it happened LIFE on French TV, and Damian swept
    ! But who is this beautiful redhead, and especially what talent! Since no other actor is through my eyes
    J’adore Damian il est unique! Monique

  3. Oh Vicky! What a sweet story! I love that your Dad was willing to go out in that weather for you! I’m so glad you shared your story! Oh, and I love your shirt!! 🙂

  4. Vicky, thank you for this very heartfelt start to which, I believe, will be a wonderful series of personal and special FAN stories! You are still very young but I can imagine you as a teenager losing herself in Band of Brothers!

    I had a huge crush on Kevin Costner in college. And this is the time I met my then BF and now husband. I guess my crush had a reputation on campus that one of the first things he offered to do with me was to go to a Kevin Costner movie. That was the moment I knew he was a keeper – exactly like your boyfriend knowing about Damian!

    And, hey, your father absolutely deserves the dad of the year award!

  5. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. I really enjoyed writing this blog & would love to do another if you ever want more fan contributions My Dad is finding it hilarious to see the story in print – it brings back many memories!

    1. Vicky, you are making our day!

      1. As much as this blog is all about Damian Damian it is also about us, the fans, coming together to enjoy his brilliant work. So we cannot think of anything better than fans guest-blogging to share the LOVE we have for this amazing actor! You are always more than welcome to contribute another blog. We would LOVE to have you anytime you feel like it!

      2. Your dad reading the blog is simply WONDERFUL – hilarious or not, he is in there, and please tell him that I give him the father of the year award 😀

  6. Vicky, you’re Damian’s oldest fan ! I envy you for having know him so long before! Beautiful story…i hope you dad is well…hahahaha. Saludos

    1. I like the idea of being his oldest fan, but I’m still gutted I missed all the years he was part of the Shakespeare Company performing at Stratford just half an hour away from me!

  7. Vicky, great story! Same me. I became Damian fan as I saw him first time in my life in Band of Brothers! Now my dream is to see him live on stage in theatre.

    1. Thank you, love being part of it & want to write more! Perhaps I can review The Goat play when I’ve seen it…

  8. Oh, no…mine is just a dream…I live in Argentina…it’s very expensive to me to travel to London…please send photos an reviews..Saludos

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