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Number 5

Now that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is upon and I eagerly await my script of it to devour, I am taking a look back at which Harry Potter Character I thought it would be fun to see Damian playing.

For those who have not read all the books, this blog contains spoilers for the Harry Potter series.

You may have gathered from Damianista’s 24/7 blog that we give some serious thought to what roles we think Damian would be suited to, or give free reign to our imaginations and come up with roles we would really like to see him play.

If there is any way to link Damian (no matter how small) we’ll do that too. For example this thought was inspired by the announcement of the Harry Potter play. If you happen to read fan fiction you will find many which have Albus (Harry’s middle child) and Scorpius Malfoy (Narcissa Malfoy’s grandson) as best friends, a way of trying to learn from the past and move forward given the differences between the Weasley/Potter clans and the Malfoys. Damian’s lovely wife, Helen McCrory, has already been in the Harry Potter films as Narcissa. Continue reading “Number 5”

Billions on Sky Atlantic, Episode 12: The Conversation

So Billions Season 1 has come to an end, but we still have so much to say about it. And we promise to do our share and keep the conversation going on between seasons. While we were giving a lot of time and energy to our episode recaps, we had countless conversations about the show, the plot, the characters, and made a LONG list of ideas we want to write about. So, going forward, we will sit back, relax, go back to Season 1, keep writing about it and, of course, speculate about what could be in store for Team Axe and Team Chuck (and for us!) in Season 2. And we hope you stay with us!

In the meantime, get your Season Finale recaps here and re-live THAT explosive Billions hour!


Damianista’s recap:

Billions on Showtime, Episode 12: The Conversation


JaniaJania’s recap:

Billions ep 12 : The Conversation



Previously on Billions: ‘Magical Thinking’



Previously on Billions…

Bobby waves Mafee into his office, but Mafee stays where he is. Bobby is perplexed until Wags explains Mafee wishes to talk about BioLance so has sent Wags in to get permission because Bobby told him he would be fired if he brought that up. Mafee thinks that they are about to lose £400+ million and is basically saying Bobby has this one wrong. Since he is executing the trade, Mafee fears if he does not speak up now, he’ll be fired after they lose the $400+ Million. Bobby sees how this could be a sticky one.

Bobby loves Mafee though so permission is granted.

Mafee has been losing sleep over this BioLance trade and he sleeps like a bear. Axe does that thing he does and asks Mafee what type of bear he usually sleeps like.

There is a special announcement call about BioLance in 9 minutes and Mafee is uneasy. Bobby, however, is giving Mafee no leeway when it comes to the actual information as Bobby understands the risks and has done the homework. So, despite the fact that the other analysts agree with Mafee and him being so loveable, Mafee is the one standing in front of Bobby and Mafee is fired.

He tried.

He is still there 9 minutes later when the announcement is made that BioLance has not gotten FDA approval. What does this mean? It means that Mafee would be perfectly entitled to jump up on the desk and scream “I told you so”. However, Mafee looks genuinely disappointed by the announcement. If he is fired, why does he care that Axe just lost $430 Million dollars for being an over confident and dismissive ass? Mafee might just be a team player.

The news has hit Bobby like a ton of bricks, but it is not really the fact that he just lost $430 million that is bothering him or that he really owes Mafee an apology. It is the realisation he has lost his mojo. He was wrong. Him! Bobby Axelrod.

Source: Showtime

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Revisiting the Role that Gave Us Nicholas Brody: Keane

So, as I prepared to continue my series on the love story in Homeland, truth be told, I got to the scene of Brody’s dream, a gun to his head singing the Marines’ Hymn through gritted teeth as he’s being ordered to bury Tom Walker and, gah, the pain. There’s his pain within the dream and then again after he wakes from it. It never really lets up, does it. And Carrie sees the pain too, in all its rawness, on the other side of the cameras in his bedroom. Then, she’s a witness as well to Brody crouched in a corner of his room in the dark, like a wounded bird, not moving for hours. The sheer torment of it all is still so fresh sometimes, and I got a bit hung up on it. Anyway, now that I’ve started the series, no going back now, I’ll be continuing soon enough. For now, let’s take a break to revisit the role which determined Damian to be the perfect fit for Nicholas Brody: Keane.


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