Throwback Thursday: Desert Island Discs with Damian Lewis

source: BBC
source: BBC

Damian Lewis was Kirsty Young’s Castaway on BBC Radio 4 Desert Island Discs (DID) back in November.

Here’s the drill if you are not familiar with the program: The castaway comes having done his homework; with eight pieces of music — one of which he will choose as his favorite — plus a book and a luxury item that he will take to his island with him. You hear the music during the program accompanied with a story from the castaway about why he has chosen this particular piece. We focus on Damian’s selections today on the blog, and you can listen the entire Damian Lewis DID here and download it to listen on the go, too!

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Quicksilver of Devil’s Spit

Call her Elizabeth. Call off the jousts.

source: BBC

A shadow is cast over the land and over Henry as he proclaims that no celebration will be necessary for his newborn girl child. In addition to this disappointment, Thomas More has refused to budge an inch to acknowledge the King’s marriage as legal and his offspring as rightful heirs. More has resigned as Chancellor, handed over the Seal, so why is what he thinks still important? Because, as Cromwell is ready to tell us, More’s opinion is adding fuel to the fire of opinion against Henry throughout the realm and Europe. No one likes what the King has done in declaring himself the head of the church
in England. No one wants England to separate from Rome. More is just one man who is vocal and adamant. When discontent is already widespread, a kingdom only needs one vocal man to foment a rebellion. And a country girl nun who sees visions (albeit with dubious timelines) and who also won’t budge an inch.

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Damian Lewis Hits the Mark as Teach in American Buffalo


Damian Lewis has made a wonderful comeback to stage in David Mamet’s modern American classic American Buffalo. He is headlining the play as Walter “Teach” Cole and stars along the great John Goodman as Don Dubrow and the young rising star Tom Sturridge as Bobby. Daniel Evans, who Damian trained with at Guildhall School of Music and Drama is directing the play. The previews started on April 16, and the play has just had its Press Night -or Opening Night as we say for Broadway – tonight! The play will have a strictly limited run until June 27. Continue reading “Damian Lewis Hits the Mark as Teach in American Buffalo”

Wolf Hall on PBS, Episode 4: The Devil’s Spit

"I keep you because you're a serpent. Don't be a viper in my bosom." 
-Henry VIII

Have I told you that I’ve been reading Wolf Hall for a second time in parallel? It’s been great fun, and this is really some overdose that would never kill you, but instead nourish you 🙂 And, every time I see a new episode, I am just fascinated by Peter Straughan’s adaptation: The script is wonderfully condensed with most of the conversation coming directly from Hilary Mantel’s pen. What a feeling it is to hear some of the BEST lines I have ever read coming out of Mark Rylance or Damian Lewis’ mouth. Pure brilliance.

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Henry VIII’s “Hard to Fill” Boots :)


As I keep thinking and writing on Wolf Hall — I always keep coming back to… please don’t laugh…. Henry’s boots!

Look at them — they are FANCY and they are BIG!


We talked earlier about the meticulous work the Wolf Hall team put into designing and building the costumes for the cast here and here, and Henry’s boots are no exception.  They look FANCY, and it turns out they really are! Lucy Worsley tells in her Daily Mail article that they are “thigh-high, square-toed black boots, custom-made on the Isle of Wight using traditional techniques.”  Continue reading “Henry VIII’s “Hard to Fill” Boots :)”