An Antiques Restorer: NotLinda’s Dream Role for Damian Lewis

“I Add My Own Love To The History Of People Who Have Loved”

So Donna Tartt sums up her beloved and layered novel “The Goldfinch”. The actor to whom this website is devoted could be described by these very words. Beloved and layered. I’m well aware that an effort was made to transfer the novel to the big screen. The result was beautiful but shallow. When in the future it is made into a limited run series Damian must be cast as Hobie, James Hobart, the restorer of antique furniture and of broken children. Continue reading “An Antiques Restorer: NotLinda’s Dream Role for Damian Lewis”

On The Horizon in 2021: Damian Lewis is Off to the Races in Dream Horse!

Dream’ took us to places you couldn’t even imagine. There we were going to Aintree for probably the greatest race on the planet. – Howard Davies

Howard Davies

The man you see in the picture above is Howard Davies. He is a tax adviser in Cefn Fforest, a small Welsh town where the community has gone through hard times since the mining industry collapsed in the area. Howard worked for the biggest tax firm on the planet for 15 years, got sick of it, resigned and did his own thing for a while but it did not work very well. He is a middle-aged man who wants to get a bit more out of life.

Okay but why are we suddenly interested in a tax adviser living in South Wales? Well, Howard Davies is the man Damian Lewis is bringing to life on screen in Dream Horse which is finally coming to a movie theater near you on May 21 in the US. Woot Woot!

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Starring as Himself: Christine’s Dream Role for Damian Lewis

It’s Dream Role Tuesday!

Today’s dream role story comes from a very special fan, Christine Wilson. You know we always talk about the inspiration Damian constantly provides for us to write about him and his brilliant work. And, in Christine’s case, this inspiration turned into a book that you may have heard earlier: Meeting Damian Lewis. JaniaJania wrote a wonderful review of the book here and we highly recommend you to read it — it is brilliant! It was our true pleasure to have Christine share with us how she became a Damian Lewis fan and how the book idea came about, well, over a bottle of wine, maybe two, with a friend a few years ago! And today she is here to cast Damian in the film version of, well, her book, of course! ENJOY!

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Fan Fun Movie of the Month: Run This Town

Rob Ford was no ordinary mayor. He was regularly involved in controversy from 2010 to 2014 as he ran the city of Toronto. Ford was, in particular, repeatedly videotaped and photographed while intoxicated in public, culminating in his being recorded smoking crack cocaine as reported by the Kevin Donovan and Robyn Doolittle of the Toronto Star. The Star won the Michener Award, one of the highest distinctions in Canadian journalism, for investigative journalism.

“The Toronto Star exposed Ford’s public drunkenness, boorish behavior, abuses of his office, and existence of a video of him smoking crack cocaine accompanied by members of drug gang. The Star did not waver as the mayor countered every story with vehement denials and attacks.”

And the police investigation the scandal triggered resulted in Ford losing most of his mayoral powers in a quite undignified way.

Now, while it was not surprising to find out Damian, who was born to bring massively flawed characters to life on screen, was cast to play this “flashy, unpredictable politician with no filter” the casting was surprising since Damian Lewis and Rob Ford are not exactly long lost twins… And it really took time for us to lift our jaws up from the floor when Damian tweeted a picture from the set! Continue reading “Fan Fun Movie of the Month: Run This Town”

Perfect Musical Partner: Mimi’s Dream Role for Damian Lewis

Meet Mimi. She is a wonderful fan who loves to sing and dance. So it is no wonder that Damian’s musical side  – from Damian playing the guitar to Damian doing Karaoke to Damian loving to sing and dance  – has inspired her as she thought about the dream role she would like to cast him in. Huge thanks go to Mimi for taking the time to write her deeply personal “dream role” story. ENJOY! Continue reading “Perfect Musical Partner: Mimi’s Dream Role for Damian Lewis”