Throwback Thursday to Damian Lewis in Desire *UPDATED*

Damian Lewis is a good friend of Jaguar. He first unveiled the Jaguar F-type roadster in 2013. Then he appeared in a short action film called Desire by Ridley Scott Associates and Jaguar in 2013 to promote the all-new 2014 F-type roadster.


Starring Emmy Award Winner Damian Lewis

and the New Jaguar F-type 🙂

Music by Lana Del Rey

 His name is Sidney Clark.

His job is to deliver cars.

But in the desert, nothing is what it seems!

As Damian talks about the movie just before they started filming in the desert in Chile, his description of Desire is quite intriguing:

“It’s kind of Coen Brothers-esque stroke David Lynch-type little piece of Americana…”

Damian shares a bit more about why he decided to get involved with this project with The Telegraph on the set of Desire in Atacama Desert, Chile:

“I’m here because I was approached to do what I thought was a rather nifty short film, based on a slice of Americana that we see probably mostly in Coen brothers and David Lynch-type films… And I was also interested because Jaguar is – even though I’m not personally endorsing the car,” he interjects hastily, “I’m playing a character in a film – I did like the fact that Jaguar was an almost totally failed British company that is now making a bit of a comeback. So, it just seemed like an interesting, fun little package. And it wasn’t always going to be Chile, but actually has become a real adventure.”

Damian also tells The Hollywood Reporter that humor was one of the things that attracted him to the project and Sidney Clark, the character he plays in Desire.

“I thought he had a quirky voice and actually I might have pushed comedy a bit further because I found him as sort of a comedic character,” says Lewis. “At times there’s an oddly hapless quality to him, and I quite liked that. He wasn’t just a stereotypical monosyllabic hero. I think I went a little bit to Cary Grant, David Niven and these famous British movie stars of the past. There’s something very British about them which I tried to evoke.”

But it seems the climate was a bit of a challenge after Homeland‘s humid set in North Carolina!

“It’s dry as hell. Dust and sand and dirt get into your eyes, and your lips crack. As a redhead, I stood there occasionally thinking, “Wow, I really wasn’t designed for the desert.’ But it is an extraordinary landscape to shoot in.”

Ben Davis, the director of photography, seems to be trying his best 🙂

“I don’t know if Damian’s complexion is quite suited to the temperatures out here. Where possible I try and take the sun off him. But I’d do that with any actor, no matter what their complexion. The direct sunlight on top of someone’s head is never attractive.”

Now… Are you READY to see the movie? Oh, yes, you are!

ENJOY your time with Sidney Clark 🙂

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