Let’s Salute Major Winters – the Rank and the Man – on Memorial Day

source: People Magazine

Today is Memorial Day – a day of remembrance honoring all men and women that died in active military service. And it gives us a great opportunity to salute all war heroes, and in particular Major Dick Winters and Easy Company.

I know a thing or two about war. My day job is to study and understand war. I have written academic articles on war, I have taught on war… and even though I can write about war for pages and talk about it for hours as a scholar, the human cost of war is still incomprehensible to me.

Let me take a moment and look at my own family. My maternal grandmother never knew her father because he was a soldier in WWI in the Eastern Front in Turkey, and he literally froze because of the cold as he fought against the Russians. My paternal grandmother never knew her father, either; because he was also a soldier in WWI and was killed by a shrapnel in Gallipoli as he fought against the Anzacs. Continue reading “Let’s Salute Major Winters – the Rank and the Man – on Memorial Day”

Dream Horse Review: Courage,
Community, and Second Chances

“It’s a heart-warming movie. Bringing people together. Bringing community together.” – Damian Lewis

Well, my Covid-19 quarantine seems to have been book ended by two Damian Lewis movies. Run This Town was the last movie I saw at a movie theatre as Covid-19 arrived in the US last year. And, now, Dream Horse has become the first movie I saw at a movie theatre as we finally see the light at the end of the long Covid-19 tunnel.

Angelika Film Center, the movie theater I saw Dream Horse at sent an email earlier last week to let the viewers know that “the feel-good movie of the year” was opening on Friday. I sympathize with the statement that Dream Horse is a “feel good movie.” As we struggle to re-adjust to “normal” life these days, we need hope, strength, and inspiration; and Dream Horse definitely offers us all three and more. Yes, we are off to the races but the story is not about winning or losing. It is about a bunch of villagers solving a collective action problem when all the cards are stacked against them. Dream Horse is about courage, community and second chances. Continue reading “Dream Horse Review: Courage, Community, and Second Chances”

Dream Horse is Coming to a Theatre Near You on May 21 in the US and on June 4 in the UK

Dream’ took us to places you couldn’t even imagine. There we were going to Aintree for probably the greatest race on the planet. – Howard Davies

Howard Davies

The man you see in the picture above is Howard Davies. He is a tax adviser in Cefn Fforest, a small Welsh town where the community has gone through hard times since the mining industry collapsed in the area. Howard worked for the biggest tax firm on the planet for 15 years, got sick of it, resigned and did his own thing for a while but it did not work very well. He is a middle-aged man who wants to get a bit more out of life.

Okay but why are we suddenly interested in a tax adviser living in South Wales? Well, Howard Davies is the man Damian Lewis is bringing to life on screen in Dream Horse which is finally coming to a movie theater near you on May 21 in the US and Canada, on June 4 in the UK and Ireland and on June 10 in Australia.

Continue reading “Dream Horse is Coming to a Theatre Near You on May 21 in the US and on June 4 in the UK”