Damian’s Legacy

While we await US release of Queen of the Desert and Silent Storm, and know that Damian is currently hard at work on delivering Billions to us in the new year, my installment this week will be a collection of random thoughts.

First, there is talk of the next Bond all over Twitter. Some folks seem to think the decision is already made and react accordingly. Most folks just want their own opinions of the matter out there, yay or nay. We’re in wait and see mode over here. And while I don’t really want this artist we love so much put out there, exposed to the awful scrutiny that roles like the Bond franchise bring, him being awarded the franchise, even if it is for just a couple films, will undoubtedly propel him higher in the ranks of the A-list, whatever that means. That and the fact he’ll get to work in his beloved home town may be things he might like, right? So, yeah, whatever he likes, we like. Yes, we are that brand of ride-or-die fans over here.

So much for Bond.


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Hey Damian, I loved you as Soames Forsyte… There I said it :)

source: New York Times
source: New York Times

Damian Lewis, at Times Talks London in May 2014, laughs and says:

What you don’t know, Damian, is, one of those dark horses is writing on your fan blog!


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The “Other” Love Story in Homeland: Nicholas and Jessica Brody

First things first: Many thanks go to my partner Bookworm for inspiring me to write this post. She, more than a month ago, posted a lovely fan fiction in which she imagined Jess and Brody’s wedding day! And she got me thinkin’… She got me thinking about the “other” love story in Homeland that we never really witnessed except for little bits and pieces…

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

Jessica and Nicholas Brody… A beautiful couple united by love and separated by war… High school sweethearts… They start dating at 16 and get married probably in their early 20s… They have a simple, yet happy life: A house. A car. Probably a mortgage. Two beautiful kids. Football and BBQ on the weekend. Your picture-perfect American family… Well… until life happens… Continue reading “The “Other” Love Story in Homeland: Nicholas and Jessica Brody”

Bobby Axelrod Rocks to Metallica

Damian Lewis Noah Emmerich Brian Koppelman
Source: Damian Lewis

As we get closer to Billions becoming a reality to hit our screens come January, we learn more and more juicy bits about the show. Last week we learned that Bobby Axelrod takes a trip with his buddy to Quebec to see Metallica. We saw it all play out in the wonderful worlds of Twitter and Instagram, the best portals ever to behind the scenes goodies.

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Trivia Tuesday with Damian Lewis: OBE or Soccer Aid Penalty?

Here is yet another question from a fan for Damian Lewis from American Buffalo programme booklet. Jon Holdsworth asks: “Which moment made you prouder – receiving an OBE from the Queen or scoring in the Soccer Aid penalty shoot-out in 2010?”

obesocceraidHa! That’s a tough one!

Let’s first remember these two TOP moments in Damian Lewis’ life!

Damian was made Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) as part of the Queen’s birthday celebrations in June 2014. OBE is part of the UK honor system and it is “awarded for having a major local role in any activity, including people whose work has made them known nationally in their chosen area.” Accordingly, Damian Lewis has been commended for “his services to drama.” Continue reading “Trivia Tuesday with Damian Lewis: OBE or Soccer Aid Penalty?”