“Is this a young Damian Lewis?” The Story of an Old Picture

It all started with a tweet back in 2015.

What Mr. Corney refers to in his tweet is Sports Life Stories: John Barnes  – a 2015 ITV documentary about the life and career of the legendary LFC footballer John Barnes. And 1:24 minutes into the documentary, John Barnes has a training session with a handful of teenagers one of which looks exactly like Damian! Continue reading ““Is this a young Damian Lewis?” The Story of an Old Picture”

Happy 11th Birthday, Homeland!

Homeland premiered on Showtime on October 2, 2011, exactly eleven years ago today.

Happy Birthday!

None of us on Fan Fun had any idea about the show when it premiered. However, it is Damian Lewis’ mesmerizing portrayal of Nicholas Brody that brought “almost” all of us to the fandom at some point. And, well, the rest is history!

I know that Season 3 finale was the series finale for many Brody fans who protested Homeland and quit watching the show after Brody died. And I am not going to lie to you, I was desperate enough to jump on the “No Brody, No Homeland” bandwagon in my own way when Season 3 was over and stayed there until a certain ginger told me to keep watching it 😀 So I did, and thanks to the healing powers of time, and Damian tackling other fantastic roles in Wolf Hall and Billions, I came to accept that, as Brody told Carrie, it was over. It still makes me happy to know no one can take Homeland Season 1 and 2 away from me, but I also recognize the fact that Homeland is a show about the CIA and, in particular, about one CIA agent, Carrie Mathison, one of the best written female characters on TV. And I cannot agree more with Damian who praises Claire Danes’ portrayal of Carrie in an interview with Hunger Magazine:

“Can you imagine if the part had been played by any other Hollywood actress, anyone with an ounce of vanity about them as a performer? Claire has no vanity. She’s committed to making sure she represents the story in the best possible way. Her performance is totally and utterly committed, terrifyingly so at times.”

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In Memory of Hilary Mantel: Revisiting Henry VIII in Wolf Hall

“Henry VIII is a monster, but he’s our monster. No other nation has a king who had six wives and cut the heads off two. We’re perversely proud of Henry.” – Hilary Mantel

The world lost a true literary genius yesterday. Hilary Mantel’s style was unique. So was her imagination. Her wit was matchless. She published 17 books that received literary applause. Yet Wolf Hall Trilogy stands out as her Magnum Opus. She once said she knew Wolf Hall would be the best thing she would produce when she started writing it. Mantel became the first British writer and the first woman who won the prestigious Man Booker Prize with Wolf Hall and its sequel Bring Up the Bodies. As we all know both books have been adapted for a BBC miniseries which I many times called “the best thing that ever happened to TV” as well as for plays produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company. I am privileged to have seen them both. Multiple times. That is how much I love Wolf Hall. Continue reading “In Memory of Hilary Mantel: Revisiting Henry VIII in Wolf Hall”

Revisiting BEST of Life with Charlie Crews


Hello – Holliedazzle here! Welcome, one and all, to the Best of Life with Charlie Crews! In this post, we’ll all be weighing in with our highlights (and lowlights) of the entire series. Let’s jump right in, shall we?


At the center of Life lies the heart and mind of a man who gets his life back, along with a $50M settlement and his LAPD badge, after 12 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. Charlie Crews is quirky and charming and funny, but vulnerable and even sinister at times. He’s a walking proof of the wide range Damian Lewis can deliver as an actor. No wonder New York Magazine calls him “the you-can’t take-your-eyes-off-him star” in Life. Damian takes a good network show and elevates it to another level.

source: fanpop.com
source: fanpop.com

So what do I talk about when I talk about the BEST of Life? Continue reading “Revisiting BEST of Life with Charlie Crews”

A British Royal Navy Officer: Heather’s Dream Role for Damian Lewis

Hi everyone! Damianista here. Our “Dream Role for Damian Lewis” series continues today with Heather who chooses to bring Damian  from US Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody in Homeland in year 2011, to
Midshipman Horatio Hornblower in the Royal Navy, going back in time to 1794! Huge thanks go to Heather for sharing her dream role story with us.

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