“Coup de Foudre” and Consequences: or How Agnes Met Damian Lewis

Hello all! Damianista here. Welcome to Fan Stories Tuesday!

Today’s story comes from Agnes who is a happy grandmother but also our own personal Wendy! 😀

copyright: Agnes

Agnes is a retired clinical professor of psychiatry who organized the largest psychiatric volunteer program in the country as well as women psychiatrist groups. She and I had quite long and fun discussions about Wendy’s motivations on the blog. And you will see the reflections of her profession in her exploration of our favorite actor’s work. Big thanks go to Agnes for this lovely contribution to our Fan Story Series! Continue reading ““Coup de Foudre” and Consequences: or How Agnes Met Damian Lewis”

Revisiting the Role that Gave Us Nicholas Brody: Keane

So, as I prepared to continue my series on the love story in Homeland, truth be told, I got to the scene of Brody’s dream, a gun to his head singing the Marines’ Hymn through gritted teeth as he’s being ordered to bury Tom Walker and, gah, the pain. There’s his pain within the dream and then again after he wakes from it. It never really lets up, does it. And Carrie sees the pain too, in all its rawness, on the other side of the cameras in his bedroom. Then, she’s a witness as well to Brody crouched in a corner of his room in the dark, like a wounded bird, not moving for hours. The sheer torment of it all is still so fresh sometimes, and I got a bit hung up on it. Anyway, now that I’ve started the series, no going back now, I’ll be continuing soon enough. For now, let’s take a break to revisit the role which determined Damian to be the perfect fit for Nicholas Brody: Keane.


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They call him Dad

Dad is a word which can evoke a minefield of emotions simply because the word is personal to each of us and our personal circumstances will affect whether the word evokes positive or negative emotions.

Being a Dad (in real life) can be all kinds of difficult and rewarding. With father’s day approaching we take a look at Damian Lewis as an onscreen Dad.


“Love is the strongest power there is.” – J.K. Rowling

Probably because I lost my dad at a young age, I am a true sucker for loving father-daughter relationships in fiction. Today I give you some of my favorite moments with Damian Lewis as screen dad. Even though the characters are quite different in each relationship, there is an overarching theme: A lost soul who finds meaning in life through his love for his daughter.


Brody and Jess love story is over way before Brody returns home. Jess is in love with Mike even though she tries her best to start all over again with Brody. Chris, as much as happy to have dad back, is used to Brody’s absence since he was a baby when dad left for war. Brody does not know his son, and seeing how close he is to Mike, does not seem to try his best to get to know him. So it is all his daughter Dana that connects Brody to family. I know Dana has never been popular with the viewers but I love this independent, open-minded, headstrong young woman who LOVES and NEEDS her dad. She genuinely tries to understand the lost soul that Brody is. She is the one who does not want to believe, but in fact believes, Carrie when she comes to tell Brody is about to do something really bad. And it is Dana’s LOVE for his dad and Brody’s LOVE for her that stops the suicide mission: “I’m coming home, Dana.” Continue reading “They call him Dad”

How Keane gave us Brody and How Brody gave us Axe *UPDATED*


I am sure that, by now, you have got to know me quite well. Yes, I’m a little bit (ok, ok more than a little bit) obsessed with Brody… All roads do not lead to Rome, they all lead to… yes, Bravo, to Brody!

Now, I love William Keane, too. I LOVE him.


Did you know that if there had been no William Keane, there would have been no Nicholas Brody? I mean there would have been some Brody in Homeland, but not our Brody! Can you imagine? Continue reading “How Keane gave us Brody and How Brody gave us Axe *UPDATED*”

Thanks Given

We have a slightly different blog for you this #FictionFriday as we are given thanks to Damian Lewis for the characters he brings to life and the resulting potential in the world of #Fanfiction.

Mark Rose (Hearts and Bones)

Mark is a husband, father and school teacher. He is happily married…but his wife isn’t. Season one focuses on their relationship with their group of friends and each other. Increasingly Mark’s wife becomes interested in his brother who is far more exciting to her than Mark is now. There is a false dawn of Mark and his wife renewing nuptials before it falls apart completely and Mark leaves at the end of season one. Broken hearted Mark does not return for season two because Damian got the part of one Major Dick Winters. Continue reading “Thanks Given”