“Damian’s not mortal, that’s not true”: Tiffany’s Story

Hello all! Damianista welcomes you to a NEW Fan Story Tuesday!

Today’s story comes from a woman with a BIG heart and a LOVELY smile whom I am proud to call a friend. Tiffany does A LOT to help all in need both in her professional life as a therapist and in her private life as an extremely caring and giving person. We are thrilled she has taken the time to share her wonderful fan story with us. Cheers!

Why Damian? Why is Damian special? Damian is exceptional at his craft, his depth of character is conveyed in each role he portrays. There’s a distinct level of realism that Damian achieves in each character that I’ve seen no other performer reach. As a therapist I am fascinated by his performance in Keane. So real to life that it was initially hard to watch. He captured the delicate balance of suffering, creativity and compassion that many with mental illness struggle to cope with in every day life. There are so many real Keanes and Damian gave each one of them a very real voice capturing flawlessly their humanity.

If you’ve watched Damian as Dick Winters, Nicholas McGrade or our Beloved Brody you immediately know this is a man who is able to sit quietly with the broken. A man whose sensitivity allows him to capture a person’s most private thoughts. If you’ve ever loved a real life Brody then you know that soldiers and their families live with war forever. There are so many real Brodys who deserve very real stars. Damian gave them a face and a voice.

I was mesmerized by Damian’s speech as Antony. I’m not sure I understood art or acting before watching him.

What I find even more impressive is Damian using his voice to support and raise awareness for Sohana Research Fund. Raising awareness of EB is one of Damian’s most impressive roles so far.

source: Sohana Research Fund

Damianista jumps in…

I have already told you Tiffany has a big heart, haven’t I? So I really need to squeeze this little story into her fan story!

source: Tiffany Facebook

Tiffany registered for a charity walk/run and raise funds for Sohana Research Fund but then she missed the event because of health issues. And then she came up with a very creative way to do it. Here’s the story in her own words from our personal correspondence:

As you know I missed the trail series. I had difficulty finding another 5k without a charity attached. So I had a friend who was kind enough to help me mark my own course. I did the walk in Holmdel Park which is a historic living farm with many beautiful trails. I know it was unconventional but it was kind of cool because people saw my shirt and asked about the cause. Tonight my niece, who will be 7 next month, heard me talking to my sister about Sohana. She asked about what I was doing. I showed her Sohana’s picture and explained we were trying to raise money so the doctors could help her feel better. She saw Sohana’s “boo boos”. I wasn’t sure Sophie understood. She disappeared for a few minutes and came and brought me all her change. She asked if it would help. <3 Kids will change the world.”

Damianista jumps out…

As a fan, for me, the most amazing moment occurred seeing Damian speak at the New Yorker Festival. All who love me know my fascination with Brody and my deep seated love for our veterans. I didn’t expect to see “The Confession” on a huge screen, with Damian only a few feet in front of it. I thought to myself, this is all the good I’ve done coming back to me in this one perfect moment.

Damian at New Yorker Festival, October 2015, source: Getty Images

As someone who struggles to stay quiet I said not a word for the entire hour and half while Damian was interviewed. So much so my friend asked me if I was going to faint. I’m pretty sure this is how women felt in the 50’s or 60’s when seeing the Beatles or Elvis. Swoon worthy he is. I was touched to catch a sincere moment where a new friend gave Damian a handmade scarf. In seeing the interaction I thought, what a beautiful soul. Outside while waiting on line for the New Yorker Festival a woman I was speaking with told my friend, “She’s going to have a hard time when she finds out Damian’s mortal”. I looked at her perplexed and thought, Damian’s not mortal, that’s not true.

Damian at New Yorker Festival, October 2015, source: Getty Images

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13 thoughts on ““Damian’s not mortal, that’s not true”: Tiffany’s Story”

  1. Beautiful!! This bit brought me shivers:

    “If you’ve ever loved a real life Brody then you know that soldiers and their families live with war forever. There are so many real Brodys who deserve very real stars. Damian gave them a face and a voice.”

    I have a feeling, when he reads this story, this bit will especially touch Damian very deeply.

    Thank you for sharing your story!!

    1. I cannot agree with JaniaJania more about that quote, Tiffany! Damian would be deeply touched if/when he read your story!
      I know how every line in your story is heartfelt — thanks so much for sharing it with us all <3

  2. “Damian’s not mortal, that’s not true.” loved it!!! and hugs to that big hearted niece of yours <3

  3. What а heartfelt story, Tiffany!!! <3 Thank you so much for sharing it! And I`m so happy for your amazing "New Yorker Festival" moment!
    I couldn't agree with you more why Damian is exceptional and special! His awareness is distinctive. That's what I admire most in his work. How he deliberately selects roles of people who are usually denigrated and rejected by society, knowing that he will be their face and their voice. His ability to portray suffering and internal struggles is incredible!

    But as a very compassionate person and a sympathetic fan, I am extremely exhausted to watch him suffering. Why can not they finally give him a role of some dignified
    and glamorous prince or king who defeats the bad guys, finds his handsome beloved and lives happily with well-deserved glory and goods, managing his kingdom with wisdom and righteousness?! 😀

      1. Haha! I HOPE SO!!! I always think of a cheesy ending to Homeland where Brody appears: “Hi Carrie.” And the series ends! And I admit I also dreamt of Brody in hiding in Iran happily married to an Iranian woman called… hey, did I ever tell you my real name was Persian? No kidding! 😀 😀 😀

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