Damian Lewis as an Onscreen Dad

Dad is a word which can evoke a minefield of emotions simply because the word is personal to each of us and our personal circumstances will affect whether the word evokes positive or negative emotions.

Being a Dad (in real life) can be all kinds of difficult and rewarding. With Father’s Day approaching we take a look at Damian Lewis as an onscreen Dad.


“Love is the strongest power there is.” – J.K. Rowling

Probably because I lost my dad at a very young age, I am a true sucker for loving father-daughter relationships in fiction. So here goes a few of my favorite moments with Damian Lewis as an onscreen dad. Even though the characters in each relationship are quite different, there is an overarching theme: A lost soul who finds meaning in life through his love for his daughter.


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Damian Lewis in Keane

The American Buffalo programme booklet has a nice section in which Damian Lewis answers questions asked by fans.


Mr. Carlos Hill asks: “Which piece of work are you most proud of?”

Damian answers: “I’m proud of all my work. I always turn up and try my hardest to do the best job I can, but I was proud of my Hamlet, playing Soames Forsyte in The Forsyte Saga, and I’m also very proud of a small film called Keane, which not many people saw.”

Well, we talked about Damian’s Hamlet earlier here — both the one with Damian being in the lead role at the Open Air Theatre in Regent’s Park and the one with Damian playing Laertes opposite Ralph Fiennes’ Hamlet on Broadway. We also talked about Damian’s Soames Forsyte in much detail. We only talked about Keane though only in the context that  it gave us Nicholas Brody. And, now that Damian puts Keane in the top three jobs that he’s most proud of, it’s time we talk about Keane. Continue reading “Damian Lewis in Keane”


As everyone in the northern hemisphere is enjoying summer fun these days, let’s be oppositional and go back to one of Damian’s darkest roles. Here’s a revisit to the role that determined Damian to be the perfect fit for Nicholas Brody: Keane.

A fun fact: Keane was directed by Lodge Kerrigan, who also happened to direct an episode of Homeland, Season 2, “State of Independence”, the episode where Brody has the run-in with the tailor. Remember those chilling scenes in the woods? Beautifully paced, shot, and performed horror, reminiscent of much of the action in Keane.


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Revisiting the Role that Gave Us Nicholas Brody: Keane

So, as I prepared to continue my series on the love story in Homeland, truth be told, I got to the scene of Brody’s dream, a gun to his head singing the Marines’ Hymn through gritted teeth as he’s being ordered to bury Tom Walker and, gah, the pain. There’s his pain within the dream and then again after he wakes from it. It never really lets up, does it. And Carrie sees the pain too, in all its rawness, on the other side of the cameras in his bedroom. Then, she’s a witness as well to Brody crouched in a corner of his room in the dark, like a wounded bird, not moving for hours. The sheer torment of it all is still so fresh sometimes, and I got a bit hung up on it. Anyway, now that I’ve started the series, no going back now, I’ll be continuing soon enough. For now, let’s take a break to revisit the role which determined Damian to be the perfect fit for Nicholas Brody: Keane.


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