Damian Lewis, An Englishman in New York: 2015 Edition

source: dailymail.co.uk
Damian Lewis in Soho, NYC, January 2015, source: dailymail.co.uk

It’s not a secret I LOVE New York! I moved to the city for my first job in 2001 just a few weeks before September 11, lived that big tragedy, and the strength and the resilience the city showed in the face of the attacks made me LOVE New York first… and the rest is history. My husband and I fell in love with what the city had to offer so much so that when we moved to North Carolina for new jobs after five years, we just didn’t give up on our tiny little apartment and we now spend long weekends and all our breaks in the city, in fact, the only city that I genuinely feel I belong to. Let me put my love for NYC in words this way: If I had not blogged about Damian Lewis, I would have blogged about New York City!

source: Damianista
The Mall, Central Park, New York

So… Imagine my off-the-charts thrill when I first heard Damian Lewis would make Billions in New York! It’s not just that I love New York and I enjoy everything it offers — from its world-class museums to theater to restaurants to Central Park — but I just LOVE it when people visit and enjoy New York. Continue reading “Damian Lewis, An Englishman in New York: 2015 Edition”

Happy Birthday Charles Doughty-Wylie – Can’t Wait to Meet YOU!


Happy Birthday to Charles Doughty-Wylie — he was born 147 years ago today. We cannot wait to finally meet him in Queen of the Desert!

By now, you all know that one of the highly anticipated Damian Lewis projects this year is Queen of the Desert, directed by celebrated director Werner Herzog and starring Nicole Kidman, Damian Lewis, Robert Pattinson and James Franco. The movie had its World Premiere at Berlinale 2015 and will be coming to the US movie theaters, according to the official movie websitelate 2015 or early 2016.

Queen of the Desert is essentially a biopic of Gertrude Bell, a traveler, writer, archaeologist, explorer, cartographer, political attaché and a spy for the British Empire in the Middle East in the early 20th century. She shaped the politics of the Middle East and drew up the borders of modern Jordan as well as Iraq. Think of more or less  a female Lawrence of Arabia. Continue reading “Happy Birthday Charles Doughty-Wylie – Can’t Wait to Meet YOU!”

Child’s Work for our Agent Double OO

If, like me, you’re slogging through the summer with kids home from school, all home media usually blissfully off or under your control during the day has been taken over by kids’ programming. One of the favorites running on our screens at home during summer is the animated series Phineas and Ferb.

In short, the series gives us Phineas, a chatty clever American kid, and his taciturn and even more clever English stepbrother, Ferb, getting into all kinds of shenanigans as they attempt to stay busy during…summer vacation! On their tail is persistently annoyed and shrill teenage sister Candace who seeks repeatedly to “bust” them, and never manages to, thanks to serendipitous help from subplot characters: evil scientist Dr. Doofenshmirtz and his nemesis Phineas and Ferb’s pet platypus, Perry. Perry is a secret agent for the spy organization O.W.C.A. (The Organization Without a Cool Acronym). Love it so far?

Now, I, like most stay at home parents, try to tune out what I can so as to stay moderately sane. But, I found myself paying attention to Phineas and Ferb. Earworm title sequence and songs, fun characters, great writing all worked to pulled me in. I mean really: Dr. Doofenshmirtz, the vaguely Eastern European CEO of Doofershmirtz Evil Incorporated given to long monologues, on an incessant mission to control a mysterious “Tri-state area”, always defeated by a clicking purring platypus? “Ah, Perry the Platypus, as always, your timing is impeccable. And by that, I mean completely PECCABLE.” Who can resist writing like that?

Continue reading “Child’s Work for our Agent Double OO”

“American” Damian Lewis

“This sounds absurdly pretentious, but the American Damian, I’m sort of oddly comfortable with him.” – Damian Lewis

source: LA Times
source: LA Times

Blogging has very interesting dynamics. You cannot imagine the amount of serendipity we have in the team and how many of our post ideas come out of casual chats online… And, this one came to me completely through a brilliant tweet by my partner JaniaJania — who just poured our admiration for Damian’s acting into beautiful words — you rock, girl!


Now that our Englishman is in New York making Billions, it’s proper to talk about “American” Damian 🙂 Continue reading ““American” Damian Lewis”

Why Damian Lewis deserves an Emmy for his EPIC Henry VIII in Wolf Hall

“Henry VIII is a monster, but he’s our monster. No other nation has a king who had six wives and cut the heads off two. We’re perversely proud of Henry.” – Hilary Mantel

source: BBC
source: BBC

Well, I wrote this blog post for Henry VIII’s birthday on June 28 as a personal tribute to my Henry — Damian Lewis — for storming Wolf Hall but also to make a case about why he deserves an Emmy nomination!

We’re now celebrating Wolf Hall scoring 8 nominations in the Limited Series/TV Movie category. Here’s the full list of Emmy Nominations for Wolf Hall from Masterpiece PBS website!

source: PBS
source: PBS

I am simply psyched that Wolf Hall is recognized by the Television Academy in every category — including acting, directing, writing, casting and costume design! Congratulations to everyone involved in the making of one of the best, if not the best, mini-series that ever happened to TV! Continue reading “Why Damian Lewis deserves an Emmy for his EPIC Henry VIII in Wolf Hall”