Throwback Thursday to Catching up with Axe & Wags on Billions Season 1 Finale Set

I still can’t believe we had our last rendezvous with Axe & Co. more than a month ago.¬†

Bad news: I have have serious withdrawals.

Good news: I can always go back to Billions Season 1 and watch the entire series all over again. Again. And again. And again.

Best news: I had so much fun catching them on set over the years, and nobody can take those memories away from me! So here’s one: I am taking you to EXACTLY eight years ago to Billions Season 1 Finale set. ENJOY!

ps. The post below was originally published on Fan Fun on April 7, 2016 just around the time Season 1 Finale aired.

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Billions Season 2 Dining Guide

My husband and I are crazy foodies. He¬†loves to cook (we are talking about a man who bakes bread, brews beer and makes pancetta here!) and we both love to eat. Thus, NYC dining scene, from its “special occasion”¬†restaurants to¬†yummy¬†hole-in-the-walls to city institutions to cozy neighborhood joints, making memorable appearances in Billions¬†makes us¬†smile big!

source: Showtime

Today¬†I turn that big smile into¬†Billions¬†Season 2 dining guide with a huge THANK YOU to the show creators for loving and honoring¬†the dining capital of the world:¬†Some of these places are my personal¬†favorites¬†and I believe, being the forensic fan that I am, I have been able to figure out almost all of them using hints from the scene as well as Google and, hey, Google earth, too! ūüôā And big thanks go to Brian Koppelman for kindly answering a few of our restaurant related questions on Twitter.¬† Continue reading “Billions Season 2 Dining Guide”

Billions Season 2 Locations in New York City and Beyond

source: Showtime

I am an immigrant. I moved to the US for graduate study in late 1990s. My¬†husband and I, having finished our PhDs, moved to¬†New York in 2001, only¬†weeks before September 11, for our first jobs. The city has since given me so much in so many different dimensions and defined me as an individual: a foodie, a film buff, a theatre lover, a feminist, a wine snob, a runner and more… Even though we moved to the South five years later for new jobs, we could not give up on New York. We still have a tiny apartment on¬†the Upper West Side¬†and we are proud part-time New Yorkers ūüėÄ

And, as I mentioned a billion times before, Billions is a dream show for me not only because my favorite actor is in it, but also New York, from its landmarks to city parks to its distinct neighborhoods, appears as a cast member! As someone who feels the only home she has in the world is the city that never sleeps, I particularly love it that Billions is taking over New York, the BIG film studio that it is, and shooting all over the place, from Manhattan to Queens to Brooklyn to The Bronx to Long Island and to northern suburbs. So this Billions Season 2 Location Guide is a loving tribute to my most favorite place on earth and a heartfelt thank you to the Billions show creators for giving us a love letter to the city.


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Billions on Showtime 2.05: Currency

Billions season 2 episode 5 is titled “Currency”, after the main play of the episode which happens to be a highly delicate currency play. Currency, the word, when spoken by Damian Lewis manifest as Bobby Axelrod, is also one among the many rhythmic words you’ll hear from him this episode, pronounced in impeccable New York-ese. We probably shouldn’t keep harping on his believability in this role. After all, that’s why they call it acting, right? Where most acting is a well-developed form of impersonation and most non-native accents are a form of ventriloquism, what Damian does with Bobby, in terms of body and language, is something else entirely. Something that is neither simply impersonation nor just ventriloquism.

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Billions on Showtime, Season 2, Episode 1: Risk Management

source: Showtime

First things first: I thank Showtime for releasing the season premiere¬†early and giving¬†me time to digest this extremely rich and loaded episode¬†and fantasize a little bit about what may come our way. In a recent interview with CraveTV Canada, Damian hinted that the first episode is the calmest of the season. Given that this episode alone has several game changers, we are certainly¬†in for a real treat! It’s hard to put in words but you can see below¬†how ready I am for the thrill ride! Continue reading “Billions on Showtime, Season 2, Episode 1: Risk Management”