7 thoughts on “Planes, Trains and Automobiles: A Fantastic Weekend with Damian Lewis on the UK Tour”

  1. I really enjoyed reading this just now. Glad I found you on here. I was stood to your right at the front directly in front of Kitty at the Brudenell in Leeds, which is my 2nd home. I’m at gigs there every week. I must confess I was a little perplexed when your signs came out during Damian’s set but then I overheard a couple of you in the merch queue afterwards which explained your total dedication and love of all things Damian. I applaud your devotion. It really was a g8 night. I share your view of Damian’s multi faceted skills albeit tempered with my English reserve. I was already a long standing fan of kitty’s music and she graciously signed my kitty daisy and Lewis vinyls and cds on stage directly after her amazing solo set. She has played the Brudenell before both solo and with the family band. And you are 1000% correct Damian couldn’t have been more patient, kind, and gracious after his energy sapping set signing albums, other things, posing for photos and engaging with everyone. All the best.

    1. Thank you so much for reading and your kind words, you’ve made my day! Brudenell Social Club is a legendary venue, you’re lucky to be there every week. And as I have said in my post, Kitty is a reason to go see a Damian gig. She’s ridiculously talented and going places. She does magic with the harmonica. Incredible. I’m so glad you had double bill that evening 🙂 And I so wish we met! I understand you. The Brits are polite. I have lived most of my adult life in the US but I am originally from Turkey – you know we the Mediterraneans are hot-blooded 🙂 I have been running his fan blog and site for 9+ years and 6+ years, respectively (with my partners) and if I had been reserved, I would not have had the access I have today or the fun I’ve had so far. But you completely get me and my friends. It’s devotion. We love Damian, his art, and we love to support him whenever we can. Good news is that, as it is probably clear in the post, that he knows us well and plays along. He’s always kind, gracious and generous with his time. All the best to you, and I hope you won’t be stranger and visit us here, and give feedback!

      1. My absolute pleasure. My turn to thank you for your lovely response to my comment. I get it. I was amongst the millions that absolutely loved Homeland as well, and Damian’s enormous impact in it. And of course the multitude of incredible performances by him over the years. Sadly I have never seen Damian on stage in a play nor did I ever see his beautiful and amazingly talented late wife Helen on stage but I have been a huge fan of their diverse TV and film work for many years. Indeed I remember when Helen filmed the legal series North Square in Leeds city centre nearly 25 years ago. I’m sure you’ve already listened to it given your far superior knowledge of all things Damian than I but his good friend the actor Jonathan Cake has a wonderful podcast devoted to the theatre. Damian was a guest on one episode and I recall Jonathan referred to Helen’s incredible stagecraft in a previous episode. All the best to you and your fellow Damian devotees.

        1. I confess Nick Brody changed my life! And yeah Helen was phenomenal. I was very lucky to meet her once. What a witty, kind, grounded woman. The way she chose to live her life is an example for us. And yeah I listened to Jonathan Cake’s two-part podcast. Top drawer interview with Damian. All the best to you!

  2. Right on, Bahar!! The funniest, scariest uber ride I have taken to date!! Lots of giggles, smiles and more WALKING with you girls!! The longest plane ride home, I’m still laughing and smiling about all the memories being made. AND let’s not forget our handsome host! He is so generous with his time and so lovely to talk to. Until next mini-vaca! Darlene xo

    1. Let’s agree that walking is safer in Manchester!!! 😀 That cab ride was pretty wild and you were in the front seat! It has been more than two weeks now but it still feels like we were there yesterday with the selfie stick and all other shenanigans hahaha. Until next mini-vaca inded! Much love!!!!

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