Billions on Showtime 2.07: Victory Lap

As much as last week’s episode of Billions was softer around the edges and showed some heart, this week’s episode, “Victory Lap”, displays the exact opposite. One hallmark of this complex show is that, since directing and writing hands are traded weekly, there’s a different feel, a sort of different emotional center, to every episode. The beauty is that, despite changing hands, the story maintains continuity and characters stay consistently true to form. In fact, there is more revealed every time we see these people, as well as more left unknown.

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Billions Season 2: What do we know so far? *UPDATED*

Billions is returning to Showtime for its second season on February 19, 2017! The season premiere is now EXACTLY four months away and given they are more than half way through now with Season 2 shoot, it is time to talk about what we know about the new season!

Source: Showtime
Source: Showtime

Should we start with how a day on Billions set is like? And, for this, we owe big thanks to Brian Koppelman who opens a window for us all through Twitter and Instagram. We LOVED his series of tweets about a day on Billions set and JaniaJania storified it for us – fantastic job, partner! Continue reading “Billions Season 2: What do we know so far? *UPDATED*”

Damian Lewis, An Englishman in New York: 2016 Edition

You know the worst thing about being a hardcore fan is the dry spells, these times when the object of your fandom is hard at work, filming, and no where to be seen. You’ve already watched most of his entire oeuvre, some of it many times over. And there is nothing to fill the void. Particularly egregious for such a time to come as we are also mired in the sludge of arguably the worst election of recent history, when the worst possible words and images are assaulting us from all our screens on a daily basis. Wherefore humanity? Wherefore truth and beauty? Wherefore art? And alas, wherefore Damian?

But, you know the best thing about such times is that we have you, dear fans, posting your sightings and run-ins. And we have dear Damian himself graciously posing for pics with you, his dear fans. So we bring you what has become an annual post: Our Englishman in New York.

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