Previously on Billions: “I’m ready”

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‘Previously on Billions’…sadly this is no Damian Lewis voice over, but you could just pretend it is…

So ‘Previously on Billions’…

Chuck Rhoades likes  someone else to be in control when it comes to his sex life.

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

BEATI QUI AMBULAN IN LEGE DOMINI (Blessed are those who walk in the law of the lord), adorns the front of the US Attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York. Chuck happens to be the US Attorney and at work he is the one in control and he has no love for either Spyros of the SEC (who waltzes into his office about suspected insider trading in relation to Pepsum Pharmaceuticals) or Bobby Aexlrod of Axe Capital.

Bobby Axelrod likes Pizza so much he wants to go in to partnership with the owner of his local Pizzeria who has suddenly found himself in a squeeze with his new Landlord.

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

Bobby Axelrod, Hedge Fund Manager wastes no time schooling two employees on the fact that it is important to know “the who” as well as the numbers in relation to what to do with Lumetherm.

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Billions: Fly Away, Fly Away!

This blog has been a long time coming. Damianista and JaniaJania have been wishing to see it up for a long time . I wanted to wait until I had seen all 12 episodes before posting.

We had devoured all the early promos for the show and have been blogging about Billions for over  a year. We attempted to get a feel for the characters as early as we could and this helped immensely as we discussed what we thought about Bobby and Wendy. Even early on, it was clear those two had a connection. After Naming Rights, we were having one of our discussions and I mentioned that I thought there was some Peter Pan in Bobby and Wendy. I was encouraged to investigate this further as Jania Jania said “Peter Pan is an archetype now…the boy who doesn’t want to grow up.” Investigate I have and there is a fair bit of Peter in Bobby. I am not saying this was intentional on the writer’s part, but that I had fun digging through the book looking for it. .

Quotes from Peter Pan by J M Barrie are in italics. The other quotes not in italics are from Billions.

Bobby and Dr Mojo/Peter & Wendy with sprinkles of lost boys and Tink

Bobby even has his own Wendy, (hereinafter referred to as “Dr Mojo”) and he has built his house around her.

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

“She knew of no Peter, and yet he was here and there in John and Michael’s minds, while Wendy’s began to be scrawled all over with him. The name stood out in bold letter than any of the other words and as Mrs Darling gazed she felt that it had an oddly cocky appearance.”

Dr Mojo’s mind seems to be scrawled all over with Bobby Axelrod and Bobby Axelrod is quite as cocky as Peter Pan. Dr Mojo knows what Bobby is, but she stays by his side for a very long time. She forgives his transgressions and mistakes.

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Billions on Showtime, Episode 10: Quality of Life

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

We have had our “educated” speculation last couple of weeks and we now have it all out in Episode 10 Quality of Life: Axe has known Donnie was sick. He sees something is seriously wrong with him in the meeting where Donnie does not see the matrix and follows him to the men’s room.

source: Showtime

“Cancer.” “Yeah.” “Shit.” “Pancreatic.” “Shit.” I would probably say “Double scoop of shit” Wags-style. Axe will make sure Donnie sees the top oncologist in the country. He should put himself together and see Axe by the end of the day.

We learn Donnie was closeted until he met Walter. He feels guilty about his wife so gives her all he has and starts back at zero with a plan to make the money his kids would need for a comfortable future in 10 years. Alas, life intervenes. He wants his kids to live a comfortable life. Axe offers “rewards of paradise” on earth:  40 million dollars pre-tax. But there is a downside. His last months will not be his own. Donnie is in unless he is going to jail. Axe assures him lawyers will take care of that part. Continue reading “Billions on Showtime, Episode 10: Quality of Life”

The Pizza is on the table

**Disclaimer: Billions and its characters belong to Showtime. Not us. There is no profit or copy right infringement intended and absolutely no intention of saying that anyone from Billions stole our ideas in the unlikely event we accidently write something that comes to fruition.

A/N: This one is inspired by a still from the season finale. It is highly unlikely that we have the circumstances right. However, because of what this still suggests on its own, we are giving a possible spoiler warning. Read at your own hedged risk.

Being an arrogant asshole can be a great reliever of stress regardless of the effort that may be required, which is why Bobby is currently wearing his most irritating smirk and sitting back very relaxed, but taking up as much space as is possible just to remind the man sitting across from him that he owns this place and there is absolutely nothing he can or will do about it.

Connerty is sitting as far back in his chair as he can be and looks like someone dumped a wad of dog’s dirt under his nose.

“If you need to vomit, there’s a toilet pan through the door 20 yards behind you.” Bobby says, biting into his pizza.

“That is a lot of Pizza.” Connerty says changing subject and sounding mildly disgusted, surveying the tray with several squares of Pizza on it. Bobby has heard chatter about Connerty being weird about food.

“I’m a greedy asshole…or so they say.” Bobby says with an edge to his voice and letting that just dangle there, adding some tension to proceedings. The only reason he is opening himself up and Connerty is sitting across from him right now is a favour to Orrin. Otherwise, Connerty would have been kicked straight back out the door.

“Orrin said you had something for me.”

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20$6, the Year of the King

Happy New Year everyone. Have a good one and welcome to the first blog of 2016.

As you are probably aware, we have been counting down to Billions for a while now.  So, before we look forward to 2016, let us have a look at 2015, the Year in Waiting.

Year in waiting saw us begin with Billions on the horizon and becoming excited as Billions begins shooting  in New York. This naturally led to the beginning of discussion on Billions as we asked what do we want to know. Whilst we had been eager to start discussing the show, it wasn’t confirmed until March that Billions had been picked up and this means it is Showtime for DamianLewis in New York. Now we can give free reign to all manner of discussions and speculations. Let us start properly by discussing the crime that is money and continue on with contributing to creating some buzz for Billions. Absolutely  bringing some buzz to Billions is its very own Kingpin with his unique swagger.

When investigating a crime and seeking evidence it is wise to follow the money and the man making it. So, we ask you to pick your team and say go #TeamAxelrod. Having firmly planted ourselves in the corner of Axe Capital we produce our first detailed sketch of Bobby .

It becomes obvious that the relationships between the two couples and all four leads  are going to be vital. We give you the quadrangle and  take a look at the highlights from the TCA which provide a lot of information and whets the appetite.

The more information we learn about the characters the more interesting they become and we take a look at the two worlds Bobby inhabits, in part 1 and part 2.

While we are all rocking back and forth impatiently staring at our screens wishing for Billions to miraculously start immediately, Bobby Axelrod is rocking to Metallica.


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