20$6, the Year of the King

Happy New Year everyone. Have a good one and welcome to the first blog of 2016.

As you are probably aware, we have been counting down to Billions for a while now.  So, before we look forward to 2016, let us have a look at 2015, the Year in Waiting.

Year in waiting saw us begin with Billions on the horizon and becoming excited as Billions begins shooting  in New York. This naturally led to the beginning of discussion on Billions as we asked what do we want to know. Whilst we had been eager to start discussing the show, it wasn’t confirmed until March that Billions had been picked up and this means it is Showtime for DamianLewis in New York. Now we can give free reign to all manner of discussions and speculations. Let us start properly by discussing the crime that is money and continue on with contributing to creating some buzz for Billions. Absolutely  bringing some buzz to Billions is its very own Kingpin with his unique swagger.

When investigating a crime and seeking evidence it is wise to follow the money and the man making it. So, we ask you to pick your team and say go #TeamAxelrod. Having firmly planted ourselves in the corner of Axe Capital we produce our first detailed sketch of Bobby .

It becomes obvious that the relationships between the two couples and all four leads  are going to be vital. We give you the quadrangle and  take a look at the highlights from the TCA which provide a lot of information and whets the appetite.

The more information we learn about the characters the more interesting they become and we take a look at the two worlds Bobby inhabits, in part 1 and part 2.

While we are all rocking back and forth impatiently staring at our screens wishing for Billions to miraculously start immediately, Bobby Axelrod is rocking to Metallica.


We take a look at what Damian Lewis had to say about Bobby at the New Yorker Festival.

Our attention is turned to how it is all shaping up on the Axelrod vs. Rhoades front and step into a world where we see a different Bobby Axelrod. We step right back into the other world with  the alluring spa, bodice and paper talk.

Billions has taken over New York  and Alpha Male Bobby Axelrod wonders what you think you can do about it.  Alpha male he may be, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Bobby has all the power…so who does? With Bobby asserting himself, we look at how Damian Lewis made the transformation to a New Yorker .

We have fun looking at the gifs from the Wrap party and marvel at how quickly the year has gone and we discuss the power of Lara Axelrod.

Ahem (collectively clearing our throats), 2016, The Year of the King

source: Showtime
source: Showtime


New Year’s


“the sharing of obsession of all things Billions”

Duly passed on 01/01/2016, effective from 01/17/2016

  1. That all fans of Billions discuss and debate all issues relating to the continued/threatened existence of Axe Capital, Chuck Rhoades part in this and the consequences for the Axelrod/Rhoades family and every ‘player’ no matter how tenuous the link may be.

We, hereby confirm we were present at a (very serious!) DM meeting and that the foregoing Resolution was duly adopted at said meeting by the affirmative vote of 4 members.

We are wondering if we will see any resolutions on Billions and how our Bobby may be involved…we are of course talking about resolutions by Directors authorising the purchase of shares and not resolutions with Chuck, because despite how much Bobby clearly likes and respects Wendy, we just don’t see that happening somehow.

With the Billions air date getting ever closer, the trailers and information are now coming at a fast pace.   Here is a taste of our own personal countdowns minus Missfit who is a self-confessed ‘spoiler phobe’ and has been avoiding clips and trailers.

61 & 60 days to go – there is a new clip that has JaniaJania fanning herself and ‘breaking the internet’ as she attempts some screenshots. It also has us going into overdrive about who the woman getting in to the pool with Bobby could be.

It went like this:-

Damianista – maybe it is Lara.

Jania Jania – I’m ok if it isn’t.

Damianista – perhaps a ‘gift’ from a client. Re-arrange these words “gutter mind in”.

TBkWrm – wonder if it is Wendy, or the mysterious June.

TBkWrm, catching up on Damianista’s ‘gift’ comment – can’t put that gift in your Tax Return.

Jania Jania – is sure some ‘characters’ would attempt it via the expression “morale enhancing expenses”.

JaniaJania’s no expense spared dissection of the ‘fanning fans’ morale enhancement clip

40 days to go -Damianista is minding her own business on the streets of NY, putting her locations map to the test when she is suddenly accosted by Bobby Axelrod and Wags. They’re going to discuss dodgy business over lunch so she’s not invited, but she can have a photo. A dazed, but very happy Damianista still hasn’t worked out how she managed to make the map interactive!

Source: either side, Showtime; one in the middle, Damianista
Source: either side, Showtime; one in the middle, Damianista

39 days to go – After having seen this alluring clip JaniJania suggests that someone ask Damian Lewis to give an online course (request) teaching men how to look at a woman. It is a brilliant idea. However, we should state at this point…just watch Billions, with a disclaimer to the male audience that you are supposed to be learning and not drooling! Get in the queue.

37 days to go – Lewisto manages to get the Countdown working. We are officially excited about Billions arrival on our screens on January 17th.

35 days to go – we have just discovered through two particularly sets of keen eyes that Wendy Rhoades is the mysterious woman stripping and getting into the pool with Bobby. It is possible that DM may break in light of this revelation!

The clip is at approximately 20 seconds in this trailer but blink and you will miss it. It is a small fraction of a second. We’re not sure if they actually wanted us to see it or not, or whether they are testing to see how obsessed their fan base is. Either way they now know that (1) they are going to have to be sneakier; and (2) fans are that obsessed…even before the show has aired.

34  days to go – wrap party time and the lovely Billions cast (via @briankoppleman) share some fabulous GIFS . We would advise taking a few moments to have a look through them especially if you haven’t seen them yet at all.  They will give you a laugh and there is a particularly good one of Damian photo (or is that GIF) bombing.

Still 34 days to go – obsessing over the trailer which is focused on the leading lady of #TeamAxelrod. Very seriously debating about how this woman is a threat to Axe. There is a tiny hint of possible tension between the two and we reckon if the stability of the boys’ lives are in any way threatened, any person involved (including dad) will face the wrath of Lara Axelrod. This resulted in TBkWrm going off on a tangent about assets being in Lara’s name and/or the boys’ names (in Trust) for dodging the tax man ‘convenience’   and coming to the conclusion that it is Bobby’s fault if he put assets in her name to give the tax man the middle finger and it bites him on the ass.  However, we would all be happy to be around to give him hugs…or have Wendy around to give him hugs!

33 days to go – You know that saying about buses? The one that goes “You wait ages for one and two come along at the same time”. Well, Damianista waited ages and then got a bus by the Billions.

33 days to go

Still 33 days to gostills of episodes 2 – 5 are released and of course we immediately hone in on the two with Bobby and Wendy. At the moment they seem to be the easiest two to speculate about.

The still  from episode two has Bobby very relaxed and comfortable indeed. Completely at ease in Wendy’s presence. Wendy is leaning forward, possibly speaking to someone else we can’t see? Maybe Bobby is letting Wendy get on with doing the business in this scene.

The still from episode five is we think a screenshot from a clip we have seen in the trailers.  They seem very comfortable with each other.

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

27 & 26 days to go – Damian and Paul Giamatti do an interview with CBS. It is a short interview, but Damian and Paul manage to make us giggle. Damian’s American by day mantra is apparently still news. His hilarious acting out of the perception of a London accent was quite funny as well. We wonder if Paul would mind being added to the “Damian Lewis fans” list.  It was very amusing to hear Paul declaring that he had been dying to ask Damian about the possibility of him being the next James Bond. #FanBoy.

21 days to go – Damianista is down at Times Square to find the Billions powerhouses have put up selfies just so everyone knows who they are.

Source: Damianista
Source: Damianista

20 days to go – Twitter is alive with the buzz that the first episode of Billions will be free online on 1st January 2016.  Deadline, the Hollywood Reporter and Variety are all reporting it.  Thank you to our friends at Damian Lewis.com for bringing it to our attention.

Still 20 days to go – enthused by the news that episode 1 will be available online, we embark on a discussion surrounding Chuck’s Board.

Source: Showtime
Source: Showtime

We go all forensic on the items listed on Chuck’s Board (to be shared in a separate post) and it occurs to us that if we are not careful we might end up being recruited for #TeamRhoades…

18 days to go  – Showtime release 3 new trailers: ‘I know your act’ with some great sparring between the boys; Suspect Trading Pattern a closer look at the first breadcrumb; and Next on Billions. These videos prompted another discussion, the contents of which we will share in our post about Chuck’s board. For now, the shop is open…and so is the case file!

16 Days to go – This is the 1st of January  2016 and Showtime have kindly offered you a hangover cure. The first episode of Billions is free online today on sho.com youtube and facebook. Happy watching and happy New Year…the year of the King.

source: Showtime
source: Showtime


8 thoughts on “20$6, the Year of the King”

  1. That must be impressive to see, in the streets of NY, buses, with pictures of Billions, especially Damian!
    I wonder if when he was young, he would have, dare, think about that!
    Say, ”
    one day, my photo, will scroll, in the streets of NY, and everyone I recognize”! What career, and what victory for a man with red hair

    ParlerArrêterSélectionner les options voixEnvoyer cette traduction par courrier électroniqueRechercher cette traduction avec BingCette traduction est de bonne qualitéC’est une mauvaise traduction.

    one day, my photo, will scroll, in the streets of NY, and everyone I recognize”! What career, and what victory for a man with red hair

    ParlerArrêterSélectionner les options voixEnvoyer cette traduction par courrier électroniqueRechercher cette traduction avec BingCette traduction est de bonne qualitéC’est une mauvaise traduction.

    Chance to see cars with the picture of Damian, in the streets of NY! He even be surprised,him,he may be reminded of his dreams of young actor

    one day, my photo, will scroll, in the streets of NY, and everyone I recognize”! What career, and what victory for a man with red hair!!!

    1. Monique, Happy New Year to you. Your comments, whether in English or French, are always very welcome and appreciated. We know from an interview Damian did previously that he comments he was never happy just letting dreams be dreams, he had to chase them. So, if he ever did dream of exactly that (his photo all over NY) then he has certainly achieved it. Here’s to Bobby Axelrod and Billions, taking over NY.

  2. I think we are fortunate to have such a beautiful site than yours and that of Damian-lewis.com! This is a very great joy to read you every day, I always hope to read some something new, Damian!
    my regret that your site does not exist in the years 2005,2007,vous we would have talked about Damian in films like Keane, Life,too bad!!
    You have told us of the wonderful things about Damian!

    1. Hi Monique, thanks so much for visiting and reading us and for your kind comments, we are so happy to have you here! Someone should have told me about Damian Lewis back in 2005 🙂 I didn’t know him until 2012 when I saw him winning an Emmy on TV and asked to myself: “Who the hell is Damian Lewis?” The rest is history!!! That story became the first blog post on Fan Fun! The good news is what we want to do is to talk about Damian’s work in its entirety. We have done a bit on his other work like Life, Keane, Forsyte Saga, Will, Colditz, Band of Brothers, Brides, etc and we will keep doing that. BoB is having its 15th anniversary this year which means we need to talk about it more, seriously and in more detail. It’s in the plans for 2016! Yet, the first few months will probably be about Billions for obvious reasons! You are wonderful, please keep your thoughts coming! <3

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