Wolf Hall Episode 5: Crows

source: farfarawaysite.com
source: farfarawaysite.com

Wolf Hall is getting darker by the minute in its penultimate episode. Henry is moody. He is capricious. He is obnoxious. He is EXPLOSIVE… And, then he turns into a little boy trying to make amends to his best friend. Damian Lewis owned Wolf Hall tonight, and gave some acting feast for us! The Independent, in its review of the episode, says “Damian Lewis is so good as the capricious king that you want to slap him.” I don’t want to make a case for Henry but I admit he has his reasons — it is all about his obsession with a male heir. And, add to this, his being very aware of his own mortality, and Henry makes a decision to move on… well, to the next wife.

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Damian’s Inspirations for Wolf Hall

source: BBC
source: BBC

As we continue to get inspired by Wolf Hall in several different ways, I am also pretty curious about the ways Damian Lewis was inspired as he worked on bringing Henry VIII to life.

In a recent interview with the Telegraph, Damian actually revealed some “usual” and “unusual” inspirations he drew from as he took on the role of Henry VIII in Wolf Hall:

“He said he had “drawn on the essential source material” of Mantel’s Booker Prize-winning novels during research, pointing out the story is still a “piece of fiction” despite its rigour.”

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On the Horizon: American Buffalo

“There is business, and there is friendship…”

-Don Dubrow, American Buffalo 

source: londontheatre1.com
source: londontheatre1.com

Damian Lewis is making a wonderful comeback to stage in the West End revival of David Mamet’s American Buffalo this spring. He is headlining the play as Walter Cole “Teach” along with the great John Goodman as Don Dubrow, and Tom Sturridge as Bobby. Daniel Evans, whom Damian Lewis trained together with at Guildhall School of Music and Drama is directing the play.

Damian tells Guardian about how the stars aligned for American Buffalo: “I’ve tried about three or four times in the last couple of years and things have fallen apart. With theatre, you have to plan almost a year in advance. But we got lucky – a theatre was available.”

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Get Informed, Get Involved & Help Find a Cure for EB!

source: Sohana Research Fund
source: Sohana Research Fund

Damian Lewis is a proud patron of the Sohana Research Fund.

Damian has recently talked to Dr. John McGrath, one of the leading experts in the field of Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) research. You can see the video of their conversation below, and find out about this terrible skin condition, the research to find a cure, and how the funds raised by Sohana Research Fund are directly going into clinical trials that could benefit a number of patients.

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My all-time Favorite Homeland Episode: Q&A

source: TV.com
source: TV.com

As I wrote earlier in my first ever post “How I stopped worrying about Kevin and loved Damian” here, Homeland Season 2 Episode 5: Q&A sealed the deal for me.

That is the Brody I fell in love with.

I believe in conversation as the most intimate of human relations.
No, not sex, but real talk. Bonding over some raw and unmasked conversation.

I don’t think you can beat that with anything.

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