Coming Soon: Damian Lewis at New Yorker Festival

September 7, 2015 Monday started as a typical morning for me… I got up, checked my email, saw this email from the New Yorker saying their festival line-up was now up, and I said “Ok I will check it when I am back from my morning run”…  Then I was off to my “5 miles of music and planning the day in my mind”… at the end of which I casually checked Twitter… and I saw THIS!

source: @lawrence_wright twitter account
source: @lawrence_wright twitter account

Oh My God!!!!!

What did I tell you earlier?

I love New York

I love Damian Lewis more

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Bill : Comedy for Kings and Kids Alike

Anything that can render history and literature accessible to the masses plus get children excited about learning is a winner in my book. Combine that with cameo appearances by Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory and what you’ve got is a must-see treat.

The comedy, Bill, put together by the folks who do the BBC series Horrible Histories, comes to screens today, September 18, in the UK. The film imagines what may have happened during William Shakespeare’s “Lost Years”, the time during which he transformed from a married father of three in bucolic Stratford to the greatest dramatist of all time in London.

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The Crows are circling

Wolfhall seems an awful long time ago to me. I saw it when it aired in the UK at the beginning of the year. Therefore the run up to the Emmys provided the perfect excuse for a re-watch and I continue our countdown to the Emmys by looking specifically at the episode for which Damian has been nominated (Wolf Hall, episode five, ‘Crows’) in the best supporting actor for ‘TV Movie or Limited series’ category.

source: BBC
source: BBC

The first question to ask is why episode five? Damian’s performances across the five episodes he is in – he only appears briefly at the end of episode one – are all very solid and any one of them could easily be the one up for nomination.

Some people complained that episode one was too slow paced, but if you had the patience to stay with it you get the reward. Think of Wolfhall as a pot slowly simmering to a boil. Episode five is when Wolfhall begins to come to the boil in readiness for a finale in episode six which will sear itself into our minds. Episode five simmers and crackles. It begins to reach the point of boiling over…and that isn’t the pot lid threatening to blow off that is the King with steam coming out of his ears! Continue reading “The Crows are circling”

Wolf Hall Redux

As a ramp up to Emmy night this Sunday, September 20, I wanted to take a look back at the six  episodes of masterpiece television that was Wolf Hall. The series is nominated for a whopping 8 awards, and I plan to be watching and rooting for the entire crew to take home at least a few of those statues.  Allow me to cover a bit of the highlights of each episode and you be the judge.

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Emmys Coming Up Sunday: Best of Luck to Damian Lewis & Wolf Hall *UPDATED*

source: getty images
source: getty images

We’re almost there, ladies and gentlemen! Prime Time Emmy Awards Ceremony is coming up on September 20, 2015, 5:00pm PST, at Microsoft Theater L.A. and will be aired LIVE coast-to-coast on Fox!

Oh, yes, we have some high stakes this year — I imagine we will have some adrenaline rush as we root for our favorite actor to take home the Emmy! And, of course, before the awards ceremony, we will enjoy the glamorous red carpet! What will our glorious couple be wearing this year? 🙂


Anyhow… What do you think will happen at the Emmys? Here’s, for what it’s worth, the LATEST predictions as well as my two cents about the Emmys along with my three wishes that I just hope will come true at the ceremony 🙂

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