Billions Season 7 Dining Guide, Episodes 1-5

One of my favorite things about my favorite TV show is how it showcases the New York dining scene from hole-in-the-walls to neighborhood gems to Michelin-starred restaurants. And it has been my pleasure to share the information about restaurants appearing on the show first in my weekly recaps and then in a full dining guide by the end of the season for Season 1,  Season 2Season 3Season 4. and Season 5.

Fan Fun Billions dining guides are some of the most popular posts  on the blog and even some leading media outlets have noticed. Look what Forbes Magazine says about us!

“There are posts on actor Damian Lewis’s official website, that diligently track, with screenshots, all the food locations featured in every season. These posts even manage to name-check the take-out Chinese in one scene as the beloved eatery Wo-Hop.”

I describe each restaurant/bar that makes an appearance or gets a mention in Billions Season 5 below with a picture of the scene as a refresher, a link to the establishment’s website, its location as well as its Yelp review where available. I really hope you have a chance to try one or several of these places!

Many of you already know that I sat down and wrote a book that has a complete listing of the restaurants, bars, cafes, bakeries and more that either appeared or was mentioned in Billions in order of their appearance in the show. Each entry includes a description of that place’s particular significance in the show – (who dines there? what are they eating? what’s the occasion?) as well as in the New York culinary scene (its history, its chef, signature dish). There is also practical information about each restaurant (location, price level, happy hour, dress codes, and so on). The last section in the book offers several restaurant recommendations for a New York weekend of your choice (romantic, family friendly, splurge, and so on). You can order a copy on Amazon or other online booksellers.

Bon Appetite!

Episode 1: Tower of London

The one where an indicted Chuck has dinner with family

Primola: An old school Italian joint and I am not only talking about the food. All the employees have an Italian accent and attitude here!

Chuck realizes that his family is embarrassed to be seen with an indicted man in public when he arrives at the early dinner at Primola.  Even Wendy who needs to leave soon occupies a seat forcing Chuck to sit at a chair where he will not be visible to other patrons 🙂

1226 2nd Avenue (at 64th Street), New York, NY 10065

Yelp Review

The one with leftovers from last night at Chuck Sr’s and Roxanne’s apartment 

Le Bernardine: One of the handful of three Michelin star restaurants in the city, Le Bernardine is a seafood-focused French restaurant. For me, it is the epitome of perfection: Perfect food served in perfect ambiance with perfect service. Oh yes I am a huge fan.

Chef Eric Ripert was only 29 years old when Le Bernardine earned a four-star rating from the New York Times. And the restaurant has been able to maintain this superior status for this length of time.

Le Bernardine is certainly a special occasion place, I had my last milestone birthday dinner there, and so I know that while it is very expensive, it is worth every penny if you want to have a meal that you will remember for a long time. The Chef’s tasting menu is to die for.

Some of the dishes from the Chef’s Tasting Menu from my camera

In Billions, Le Bernardine gets a mention at Primola as the family is embarrassed to be seen with an indicted Chuck in public. Roxanne offers to go to their apartment and have the leftovers from last night’s dinner at Le Bernardine 🙂 Good one!

155 W 51st St, New York, NY 10019

Yelp Review

The one where Wendy tells Wags that Prince is dangerous

Wo-Hop: A take-out friendly Chinatown staple that is very easy to recognize from the dollar bills and photos covering its walls! We actually saw Kate and her colleagues having take out lunch from during her SDNY days.

And Forbes Magazine was impressed then by our name-check abilities:

“There are posts on actor Damian Lewis’s official website, that diligently track, with screenshots, all the food locations featured in every season. These posts even manage to name-check the take-out Chinese in one scene as the beloved eatery Wo-Hop.”

I wonder whether Kate recommended the restaurant to Wendy The restaurant is famous particularly for its Egg Foo Young and that is what Wendy and Wags have in addition to other dishes.

17 Mott St, New York, NY 10013

Yelp Review

The one with Wendy offering up a slice to Orrin Bach

Joe’s Pizza: A true New York institution, Joe’s Pizza has been serving the perfect NY slice (and also pies) since 1975! If you feel hungry after midnight, no worries. Joe’s is open until 3am!

I have a soft spot for Joe’s fresh mozarella slice. And remember what Orrin Bach says when Wendy thanks him for meeting her.


7 Carmine Street, New York, NY

Yelp Review

The one with Chuck sitting proudly in public with his kids

Sant Ambroeus: Popular Italian eatery serving authentic time-honored recipes and home-made desserts. The original Sant Ambroeus opened in Milan, Italy in 1936.

Now a mini-chain, with branches all over Manhattan, the Hamptons, Palm Beach, Florida and Aspen, Colorado, the Madison Avenue branch that we see in Billions is the flagship that opened in 1980s and had some loyal following over a short period of time. It is now a staple on the Upper East Side

Thanks to his PR campaign, Chuck is reborn from his ashes and Chuck takes his kids to lunch and sits at a very central table at Sant Ambroeus and gets compliments from other patrons!

1000 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10065 

Yelp Review

Episode 2: Original Sin

The one where Chuck has a drink on the house

The Dead Rabbit: The Dead Rabbit provides three different kinds of place on three floors. The Taproom is a take on a 21st century Irish Bar. Modern cocktails are served along with traditional pub dishes, cider, beer, and Irish Whiskey in a casual environment. If you reserve the Parlor, you have an elevated cocktail experience -they have a menu of 16 cocktails that are not available elsewhere. And then there is the Occasional Room which you can book for private bookings and events. And I can confidently say that it lives up to the hype!

Chuck is at the Dead Rabbit with his Solicitor General friend De Giulio. He intends to have De Giulio put in a good word to the POTUS for Chuck so that he can return to the SDNY as the US attorney. Thanks to his brilliant PR campaign, Chuck is at the peak of his popularity that the bartender gives him a drink on the house! But De Giulio is not convinced that it is easy for Chuck to be the US attorney of the SDNY again. Just wait, Solicitor General De Giulio, just wait! 🙂

30 Water Street New York, NY 10004

Yelp Review

The one where Chuck and De Giulio have dinner (again)

Peter Luger Steak House:  Truly a city institution, Peter Luger is an old school steakhouse serving aged beef since 1887. Their specialty is porterhouse. One thing you have to know about arguably the best steak house in New York is that they do not accept credit cards. However, even though they do not advertise it, they accept debit cards. You are welcome! 

Peter Luger got its first mention in Billions in Season 1 where Chuck Sr said he would go there for dinner with his friends and it appeared on the show in Season 3 Episode 11 Kompenso where Chuck and Ira shared a porterhouse and became friends again. Then the restaurant has got another mention as Chuck and DeGiulio plan to go there for an early dinner to celebrate De Giulio becoming the Solicitor General in Season 5 Episode 2 The Chris Rock Test And now Chuck explains to the Solicitor General his alternative way to taking over as the US attorney at the SDNY!

178 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Yelp Review

Episode 3: Winston Dick Energy

The one where Wags attends for “The Liar’s Poker” 35th anniversary party

Harry’s Bar and Restaurant: A classic steakhouse located in the basement of the historical India House building, Harry’s has been a Wall Street Institution for more than half a century. The place has been immortalized in novels such as Tom Wolfe’s Bonfire of the Vanities and Brett Easton Ellis’s American Psycho.

So it is very apt that, in Billions, Wags attends a gathering here to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of John Lewis’ (in)famous book “The Liar’sPoker” about Wall Street! It turns out that Wags has a lockbox at Harry’s where he keeps a special bottle of Michter’s!

1 Hanover Square, New York, NY 10005

Yelp Review

The one which convinces Ira to get a job at the SDNY

Russ & Daughters: A true NYC icon, Russ & Daughters’ story starts with a Jewish immigrant from Poland peddling herring from a pushcart in the Lower East Side in the first decade of the 20th century. Today the flagship store is still located on the Lower East Side but Russ & Daughters, in their own words, “continues to spread! They now have a sit-down cafe and they deliver their food nationwide.

In Billions, Chuck has breakfast brought in from Russ & Daughters to entice Ira and have him accept a job offer at the SDNY. Ira has no idea and says:

“I assume we’re taking down the Russ & Daughters novi in this random office so yours doesn’t smell like an appetizing shop during your next meeting?”

It turns out  that “appetizing” is a Jewish food tradition particularly local to New York and New Yorkers. From the store website:

The word “appetizer” is derived from the Latin “appete,” meaning “to desire, covet, or long for.” Used as a noun, “appetizing” is most easily understood as “the foods one eats with bagels.” Its primary components are a variety of smoked and cured salmon, homemade salads, and cream cheeses.

The Cafe 127 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002

The Shop 179 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002

The Cafe Yelp Review

The Shop Yelp Review

The one that happens to be Wags and Wendy’s meeting place

Lalique Bar at Restaurant Daniel: Designed by Lalique, the very famous crystal glassworks house, in collaboration with Chef Daniel Boulud, Lalique Bar provides a bespoke bar experience featuring crystal glass in creative combinations.

In Bilions, as Wags feels like an “obsolete pensioner” he needs Wendy’s magic over some Mother’s Milk at the Lalique Bar at Daniel.

60 East65th Street New York, NY 10065

No individual Yelp Review

Episode 5: The Gulag Archipelago

The one from which Dave brings Chuck a sweet potato pie

Petee’s Pie Company: Petra “Petee” Paredez grew up with baker parents who owned the acclaimed Mom’s Apple Pie Company. She constantly experimented with new recipes with the produce grown on their family farm and ultimately opened her own pie shop in NYC.  She currently has shops in Lower East Side and Brooklyn.

All the pies are made from scratch, by hand, using seasonal local produce. NY Magazine endorses Petee’s as “the absolute best pie” in New York. And the best news is that Petee’s is shipping nationwide!

Dave brings Chuck a Sweet Potato Pie from Petee’s as a peace offering. Chuck pretends he does not eat pie and gives it to the SDNY employees as Dave is leaving. But he and Ira share the leftovers after Chuck is able to get back Ira’s phone that night 🙂

Brooklyn 505 Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11205

Lower East Side 61 Delancey Street New York, NY 10002

Yelp Review 

The one where Bryan makes his comeback

Hibachi Shogun: A classic hibachi restaurant where guests are grouped together around a large hibachi grill and the chef, in this case, Bryan Connerty prepares the food right in front of them. As we see in the episode, it is a fun experience to watch the chef do tricks and make flames while cooking.

111-16 Queens Blvd, Queens, NY 11375

Yelp Review

The one with Wendy taking Bradford out to dinner

Tatiana: When Bradford cannot come up with a place for their dinner appointment, Wendy calls, gives her name and makes a reservation in two seconds! And I am super impressed (I am sure Bradford is, too) to see that Wendy’s name can secure a last minute dinner reservation at arguably the best restaurant in NYC these days!

The name of the restaurant is that of Kwame’s beloved older sister who took care of Kwame when he was a kid as their mother was a chef working in NYC. Chef Onwuachi talks about his restaurants as his “love letter to the city” where the cooking in inspired by his “Afro-Caribbean-by-way-of-the-Bronx” heritage.

The chef makes a cameo in the episode to start Wendy and Bradford off with a few things: Chopped cheese with black truffle, curried goat patties with a few dipping sauces. YUM! I want to have them, too, chef. Yes, I’ve been trying to make a reservation for months to no avail!

10 Lincoln Center Plaza, New York, NY 10023

Yelp Review

12/11/2023:” For complete Season 7 Dining guide, go here.

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