Do It Like Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory: FeedNHS Campaign Raises £1M and Goes National!

We reported earlier that Damian, Helen, and Matt Lucas had partnered with LEON Restaurants to feed NHS workers. John Vincent, the Chief Executive of Leon, said he hoped he could bring together entrepreneurs across the industry to harness their resources. Vincent told the Guardian, “We have launched FeedNHS because we have been inundated with direct requests from NHS staff and from their families, asking us to feed them. These amazing people need us. They are already going without sleep. If they also don’t have good food, they will burn out faster, function less well and become ill themselves.”

FeedNHS is campaigning to raise as much money as possible for NHS Trusts to get hot, healthy meals to NHS teams on the front line. They are starting their initiative with the hardest-hit London hospitals trusts Imperial, UCHL, Royal Free and St Barts, but they want to go further and take this nationwide. And now, FeedNHS has become the fifth largest crowdfunding appeal on JustGiving raising over $1.1m (£1m). Damian, Helen, and Matt have continued to use their voice to move the appeal to work with University College London Hospitals Charity, ensuring the funds raised go toward vital medical work to tackle CoVid-19. UPDATE: The campaign has reached 100%+ (£1,035,801.58) of the £1,000,000.00 target. Help feed NHS workers one hot healthy meal each day here.

One of the first tweets sent out showing the #FeedNHS efforts:

From the campaign’s page, Damian provided an update on April 2, 2020 sharing the excitement that Matt would be releasing his Baked Potato Song to help raise funds for the FeedNHS effort.

He re-recorded his popular song to remind us what we need to know, but in the happiest of ways. You can listen to it here and also buy the exclusive single here, helping raise even more money and serve even more meals to NHS staff.

Brian May of Queen joined in on the Thank You Baked Potato song:

Message to NHS workers: If you need help for you, your team or your department, email – someone will respond quickly. There are a great number of food brands that are ready and keen to help, serving food. If you are one of those, email – someone will get in touch with you quickly too.


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