Damian Lewis, an Englishman in New York: 2016 edition p. 2

Our Englishman doesn’t stay cooped up between work and home, and neither do we, dear readers! More sightings of our fair Englishman in New York and environs to share!

Here’s Damian at a press conference for Billions from September. We didn’t hear much from this presser, other than the release date for Billions: February 19. Mark your calendars! (Needless to say, we have!)


A couple weeks ago, Damian and Helen attended a film opening at an intimate little theater in lower Manhattan. Here are director Baz Luhrmann, Helen and Damian at the Franca: Chaos and Creation New York Screening at Metrograph.


Here’s Helen and Damian again in a positively delightful pose, possibly at Anna Wintour’s place, at a dinner hosted by her for the film premiere.


Most recently, this weekend in fact, while I tuned into a very boring Seattle vs. Arizona game, Damian was spotted in the sidelines for some American football, Jets vs. Ravens, at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.


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Now, here are the remainder of our sightings this summer, as previously reported. Thanks go to Damian Lewis for leaving his house so we can keep our eyes open for him out and about town! 😀

As we all know, our Englishman is not unfamiliar with New York, having visited often. When provided the prospect of working in New York, Damian had this to say in an interview for Luxury London:

I had doubted it was still a great city having been there a lot in the mid-’90s and knowing that it had been somewhat, tamed, shall we say, by Giuliani and Bloomberg, but it is still a great city; it’s still one of the greatest cities.

Damian speaks of the time when Manhattan went through a massive overhaul, a sanitization that changed the profile of Midtown in particular. Since Midtown encompasses a large part of the Theater District, Damian must have been witness to most of those changes. Thankfully, the spirit of the city could never be whitewashed, and, from the sound of it, Damian must know how enchanted a place it remains.

Now to get to the sightings and run-ins.

Back in early September, Damian was caught riding a bike around town, then attending the US Open later that day.

damiannycbike2 damiannycbike1

damianusopen4 damianusopen3 damianusopen2

Here’s a lovely story from a couple weeks ago by the owner of Plaza Cafe in Southampton. The story tells us Damian not only makes his own dinner reservations but is willing to go to lengths to make sure his peeps, ie the cast and crew of Billions, are well taken care of.


And here’s our guy at brunch, French cuffs unbuttoned, his belt knotted and folded like we all used to knot and fold our belts in the early 90’s. Bringing it all back!

Damian Lewis
source: @marinkkka4

If wardrobe is any indication, the brunch date may have come on the heels of an event in support of domestic workers.

Here he is at JFK, possibly before or after a trip back home.

Damian Lewis
source: @riamehta

Stopping for lunch means stopping for pics with fans.

Damian Lewis
source: @jesiambach

Here he is on set, perhaps with one of the PA’s for Billions, under lights requiring anti glare makeup. What a smile!


Backdrop and clothes are different but the timeline seems to coincide with a pic taken with the brilliant filmmaker John Singleton who is slated as directing an episode of Billions. Truth be told, I’m a bit in love with this picture, and cannot wait to see what Singleton brings to Billions.


Now, look who takes a minute on a busy New York street to stop for a pic with a fan.

Damian Lewis
source: @_nati_

And even on a cross-town bus with a fan:


Snapped in quasi-professional mode for an interview with Marlene Von Arx:


Here he is sampling some local libations in Westchester.


With a security guy on set in Manhattan. Our sleuthing (and familiarity with New York) tells us this pic was taken on Bowery in the East Village and, on further investigation, the photographer appears to be standing in front of either an Irish pub, a shady looking “Lounge”, or Bowery Poetry Club and Cafe. Your guess is as good as ours as to what location served as a shooting set for Billions.

Either before, after or while Damian has come across the street for a drink.

Golf? Hamptons? A Brit kid raised in the States.

Giving an encouraging message to indy filmakers.

Another streetside capture.


And more brunch in Chelsea, this time with Petra held close. One assumed the motorcycle jacket was part of Bobby’s wardrobe, but it appears to be Damian’s. Or perhaps they share it? 🙂


Here’s to Damian continuing to enjoy his sojourn working and living in New York, a city that undoubtedly has much love for our Englishman.

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    1. It seems so, Connie! The kids were also with him and maybe they are still with him. I don’t know how they figure the school problem but they should already know about how to handle such stuff. Helen is currently shooting a new legal drama series called Fearless for ITV so my hunch is the kids are spending the fall with dad in NYC. Damian said in a recent interview that there is no secret to acting and parenting at the same time: “We just muddle along —there’s no formula. We take it week by week and month by month and day by day. It’s a great adventure. We’re always busy but it’s always fun. You just have to hope your kids don’t ask for a lot of expensive therapy when they’re 18.” It is probably not easy either for the parents or the kids but I applaud them for their effort to keep it together!

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