Damian Lewis on Ocean’s Eight Set: A Cameo Appearance or What?

Ocean’s Eight, a movie with an all-female cast including Cate Blanchett, Sandra Bullock, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway, Rihanna, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson (rumored) — well, do I need to say more? this is a totally kick-ass bunch — is now being filmed in New York. The movie, in director Gary Ross‘ words, is an “extension and a continuation” of Ocean’s Trilogy and I would say it is likely to make every “highly anticipated movies of the year” list for 2018. No, it is not a typo. Ocean’s Eight is slated to be released in June 2018.

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Fans call them the trinity 🙂 Cate, Sandra and Helena on Ocean’s 8 Set, source: Getty Images

Well, we had no word about Damian being in Ocean’s Eight previously and so we were surprised to find out he was spotted on the movie set! Well, my first thought was he could be visiting one of the cast members. I never thought Damian would be in the movie since he is currently filming Billions Season 2 in NYC and I don’t think an actor can manage to shoot a TV show and a movie at the same time… well, unless he has a time-turner (Harry Potter, anyone?) 😀

source: justjared.com
source: justjared.com

But then an Anne Hathaway fan account tweeted both Dakota Fanning and Damian Lewis were on the set for cameo appearances and everything made perfect sense! And imdb.com now has Damian as part of the project here, too.

source: justjared.com
source: justjared.com

I know many fans have got excited about the possibility of Damian being in the same movie with Helena Bonham Carter and Cate Blanchett and all other cool women but his is most likely a cameo appearance. Still, I cannot help wonder, even if it is for a couple of minutes, whom Damian has a scene with. And I know whom I want him to have a scene with. I already declared way earlier here that if I had to name one actress that I wanted to see with Damian in a movie, she is Cate Blanchett. I LOVE HER.

We will keep digging for further information. In the meantime, cameo or not, Damian is looking damn good!

source: justjared.com
source: justjared.com

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6 thoughts on “Damian Lewis on Ocean’s Eight Set: A Cameo Appearance or What?”

  1. Wooooow…What a good new!!! I hope a reality and that Damian is in the film. I want more news, please!!! Besos

    1. Me, too! My hunch is that it cannot be more than a cameo appearance since he is shooting Billions right now in NY but a scene or two with any of these cool women would be a lot of FUN!

    1. He has one — remember the big brown leather bag he carries around — but it’s big so I don’t think he always carries that and he ends up with full pockets on both sides. He absolutely needs a man purse. Well, that’s a real problem with men. I gave one to my husband for his birthday that solved OUR problem! #getdamianamanpurse

    2. Ah, yes, Shall I knit him a man purse?
      Speaking of knitwear, my but he can wear a sweater eh? Sweater weather never looked better. 😀

      1. Someone called it a “grandfather’s wine cardigan” online. I don’t even know what it means 😀 But the combination works perfectly. By the way, winter is coming, NYC has had its first snow today, and so I am looking forward to the return of THE scarf! 🙂

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