Billions Season 2: Our hopes, wishes and fantasies


A collective post wherein we share our thoughts re the next season of Billions, which, I’m happy to report, started filming this week! For some strange reason, the Bobby Axelrod of our Billions‘ visions has long hair and a beard, just so you know going in. 😀



Follows is something I’d like to see as the opening scenes of Billions, Season 2. A fanfic really, and the back story I’m hoping for. And wishing for and fantasizing. 😀

Episode opens to Jason Isbell’s “24 Frames.”

A small apartment, downtown Manhattan, West Village, the air is hazy, there’s a thick layer of white dust and ash on the window sill. Light from the window picks up dust in the air, making it sparkle.

We see Bobby in bed asleep. His face is buried in the pillow. A shock of thick disheveled flames of hair, to the tops of his shoulders is all we see of him. Next to him, Wendy is awake, propped up on a pillow, frowning and gazing sadly out the window as she smokes a clove cigarette.

Bobby stirs awake, and plants his feet on the ground. We see his bearded face, eyes bloodshot and puffy. Everything about him is fragile, like he could shatter with one touch. He’s very purposefully not looking at Wendy. He quickly gets dressed and leaves the room, never turning to look at Wendy.

Wendy takes a last drag and crushes out her clove. She starts looking for her phone. Not finding it on her side of the bed, she reaches over to where Bobby had been and finds it there. She flips it open and calls her office.

“Hey, Gail, remind me, who’s my 9 o’clock today?…She’s the one with the sister in the South Tower, right?…Yeah, yeah, okay, let her know I’m running a little late…Don’t let her leave, okay?…I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

Wendy flips her phone closed. She picks up Bobby’s pillow and sinks her face into it, holding it close for a few seconds. Then, she resolutely gets out of bed, gazes out the window at the veiled light while she gets dressed.

Scene changes to present day. Axe Capital has been put back together again since we last saw it torn apart at the end of last season. Some workers are putting in finishing touches outside Bobby’s office.

Inside his office, Bobby exchanges some words with Wags. When Wags leaves, we go back to flashback.

We see Bobby on the sidewalk, from the back, heading further downtown, further into the cloud of smoke and debris. He’s holding his jacket in his hand, letting it drag nearly to the ground. The sidewalk and street, everything, is covered in white ash and littered with white paper. We can see Bobby’s footprints in the ash as he staggers, shuffling through the paper.

“Hey, excuse me, sir?” Through the haze, a fire fighter calls to Bobby from across the street. “You can’t be down here, man. You need to go back. Go home.”

The fire fighter’s voice goes quieter “There’s nothing for you down here, go home.”

Bobby looks dazed in the direction of the voice. His eyes can’t seem to focus on the fire fighter. Nonetheless, he nods vaguely, and turns around.

As he’s walking, his Blackberry rings. Bobby clicks it on to hear a voice with a Londoner accent. “Mr. Axelrod? We’re calling to confirm your order for 2 million of RYA?”

Bobby answers firmly, “Yep, it’s a go. I added a couple more to that order, did you get those?”

“Yes, sir. BMS…and, BOE?”

“That’s right, Braemer Shipping and Boeing. Increase that last one to 5 million.”

“Very well, sir, we’ll be emailing confirmation of those borrows shortly.” The broker goes quiet for a few seconds, but he doesn’t hang up.

“Anything else you want to ask me?” Bobby asks.

“Er…no, sir.”

“Good, we’re clear then. Aren’t you guys closing in a couple hours? Why am I just getting this call now?”

“Your borrow will process first thing tomorrow morning, sir. We’ve been a bit… overwhelmed…with recent events.”

Bobby leans into the phone. “Oh, YOU’VE been overwhelmed, have you?” He sighs in exasperation. “Just do your fucking job and get me those shares, okay?”

He clicks off the phone, stares at it a second, scrolls thru his numbers and dials.

He gets voicemail. “This is Robert Axelrod for Lin Wei. As soon as your market opens I’d like a put of 500 shares on SIPG. Please call to confirm.”

He clicks his phone off and tucks it back into his pocket. He turns to look back at downtown. Then, he glances to his right and seems surprised to see he’s walked as far north as Chelsea Park, the soccer field taken over by tents. Still holding his jacket limply, he sits on top of a brick wall at the edge of the park and stares vacantly at the tents. He sees a woman in scrubs, blond hair, wide sturdy shoulders, leaning over a patient. She stands up and catches him looking at her. On instinct, she gives him the once-over, a visual triage, to see if he needs medical attention. But, whatever damage he’s suffering isn’t something that would be visible to her. She holds his gaze and raises a hand up to wave. This small act of kindness provokes him to crack a smile in return and wave back. He’s surprised by the feeling of smiling. It feels wrong. He turns back to the street and continues walking.

Finally, he lands in a dark bar in midtown. He downs a shot, orders another one, and scrolls to find Wendy’s number on his phone.

Back to present day for the remainder of the episode.

Closing credits: Isbell’s “Songs She Sang in the Shower





I LOVE the way JaniaJania titles this post. Now that Billions Season 2 shoot is under way — I even spotted a Billions location sign on my way to hear Damian Lewis at Times Talks last week —  it is all about our hopes, wishes and fantasies until we have our favorite show back on TV.

source: Damianista
source: Damianista

I know Billions will give us another brilliant season beyond our wildest imagination; but still, you know, hopes, wishes and fantasies enrich one’s life… so why not be a little playful and dream a little dream about Season 2? 🙂

When we started talking about Team Axe and Team Chuck, way before we had Season 1 on TV, one player that I had difficulty placing in either team was Wendy: “Knowing these two men closely, and loving them both in different ways, I believe, Wendy will be in a unique position to hold power over both and she will refuse to wear a team jersey! Wendy, using her strong understanding of human nature, will play her own game and I suspect I will root for her!”

I do root for her.

I applaud the way Wendy plays the two men as much as they play her. She does it with a moral compass though and with the ultimate goal of solving the conflict so she could keep doing the job she loved. However, her prize for her efforts is to see both men she values the most betray her. Unacceptable. She drives away wearing her own jersey: Team Wendy.

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

My fantasy:  An opening scene for Season 2 inspired by bad ass Wendy and the hair and the beard Damian grew for months before recently going back to his short haired and clean shaven self.

source: Daily Mail
source: Daily Mail

Wendy’s office at Zenobia Capital. The camera zooms over a note attached to a bouquet of red roses on her desk: “Come on, Wend. C.”

Wendy is finishing a session with Maria Saldana who is now more of a friend than a patient. As Maria is preparing to leave, there is a knock on the door. It’s Wendy’s secretary Nancy: “Sorry to interrupt Dr. Rhoades but they have arrived a bit later than usual today.”

“They” turn out to be an outrageously huge bouquet of flowers.

Maria giggles: “He’s not giving up, Wend.”

Wendy rolls her eyes: “Neither of them are. How long does it take for a man to understand it’s over? But, hey, I am the psychiatrist, right? I should know.”

Wendy receives a text as Maria leaves. She texts back happily: “Yes we are so on for dinner. Negronis first? 7pm. The Bar on Mulberry.”

She takes a deep breath and approaches to the new arrival. The little note attached reads: “Told you I would not shave until you returned. Wags says I am past the caveman stage. Come back. B.”

Wendy smiles. She first smiles as if disgust is still off the table when Bobby is concerned. But then her smile gets borderline sinister. She shows the finger to the bouquet.

Go, Girl!

Minutes before PM meeting at Axe Capital. Axe gets into Wags’ office. We see Wags grimacing at a very hairy Axe.


Wags: “Ha! You have just promoted from my first wife to my college girlfriend. She was THE jungle.”

Bobby: “Jesus, Wags.”

I cannot believe I just wrote that. What did Billions do to me? But I suspect Wags would be proud of me 😀

My Hope: I hope, and in fact expect, one major storyline in Season 2 to be about Axe and Chuck, these equally driven and ambitious men, trying relentlessly to win Wendy back. Well, boys, it will not be easy. But it will be hilarious. It will be a whole new dick-measuring contest. And when it comes to THAT with you two, sky is the limit. It will be EPIC. I am so looking forward to it.

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

My wish: I am dying to find out about Axe and Wendy backstory as Axe tries to mend the relationship he messed up majestically. Wendy may be the only person that KNOWS Axe and Axe is, in Damian’s words, “very reliant on her.” I want to know how it all started… And to add to the drama, Lara does not like this relationship. I mean… would you want your husband to have THAT relationship with anyone? Yeah, I would not, either! 🙂 So, the whole “Bring Back Wendy” operation may bring some delicious tension to Axelrods’ marriage. It would be delightful to see Lara dealing with it.larawendy-656x300



We don’t know exactly when season 2 episode 1 is going to pick up. My wish would be immediately or almost immediately…say 2 -3 weeks later…and I would also like to see the first episode (or most of it), Bobby, Chuck and Wendy free.

Their absence creates tension and allows opportunity:- (1) for an important character on each ‘team’ to step up; and (2) for an introduction to a couple of new characters because there must be some as responsibility for keeping tabs on Axe has been shipped across to Eastern District.

The two characters I would hope to see step up more are Wags and Bryan.

Source: Showtime

Mike Wagner – I can imagine season 2 picking up with Wags in charge as Axe has gone off on a wander again. Wendy of course no longer works there. I want to see the gloves come off a bit from Wags especially since he steps up when Bobby needs him to.

Fanciful opening scene with Wags

“Comfortable in that chair?”

“Any reason I shouldn’t be?” Wags asks Hall, doing all he can to pretend that he is not startled…again…by Hall’s seeming ability to appear out of thin air.

“You don’t seem to be expecting him back?”

“You would know.” Hall simply stares at him. Wags gets on with his work trying to shake off the feeling that his skin is crawling.

“You should check your plumbing. That new pipe has sprung a leak. It could get messy.”

Wags looks up, nodding his head to show he understands.

Hall stands suddenly. “Anything you want me to tell him?”

“Yeah. Tell him to cut the beard or I won’t snog him under the mistletoe.” Hall merely inclines his head. Wags doesn’t know why he bothers.

Hall turns to leave and Wags can feel his bowel breathe a sigh of relief.

“One more thing…don’t worry about Wendy.”

Wags stares at Hall’s retreating back, picks up his phone and dials for Wendy.

“You have reached the voicemail of Wendy Rhoades.”

Wags is worried.


Source: Showtime
Source: Showtime


Bryan Connerty – is in stasis. The role previously filled by Wendy of being the person stuck in the middle of Chuck and Bobby may now be his while he makes up his mind about that job offer. Regardless of what his decision is I hope to see more between him and Bobby.

Source: Showtime
Source: Showtime

Fanciful opening scene with Bryan

“Perhaps you would like to come up to the front and defend that position.” Orrin Bach’s ‘teacher voice’ reverberates around the room as Bryan sneaks in at the back of the classroom and sits down.

“No? You were so certain a minute ago.” Bryan stifles the snigger threatening to escape him. The mouthy first year seems to have been suitably chastised.

“Anyone?” Everyone seems to shrink a little in their seats. Bryan cannot blame them. Orrin can be formidable and has clearly knocked the class all off balance by taking the prosecution side.

“There must be someone!” Bryan feels himself freeze as Orrin’s eyes scan the room, but he will not shrink in his seat. He refuses. He is the calm and composed Assistant USA. Orrin’s eyes meet his and Bryan hates that he sees them sparkle, in delight, hope and above all mischief.

Orrin returns to the front and addresses the class. “It seems that the great and good of public service has decided to come to your rescue.” He looks directly at Bryan now. “Get up here, Connerty.”

Bryan barely holds back a groan as the class whisper to each other in confusion. He came here for Orrin’s advice. He should have known better. You don’t get anything from a defence lawyer at his level for free.

As he makes the trip from the back to the front with whispers following him, he suddenly remembers why he learned it was better to sit at the front during Orrin’s classes.

“Everyone, meet Bryan Connerty. Currently, Assistant US Attorney for the Southern District of New York.” The class sits up that bit straighter as Orrin continues. “Who is here to help me teach you all about stepping outside of your comfort zone.”

Bryan takes a deep breath. The advice better be worth the ass kicking he’s about to suffer.

Source: Showtime
Source: Showtime


I also echo Damianista in hoping for Axe/Wendy background and I would also like to know when and how Wags swaggered into the picture. So much to know!

6 thoughts on “Billions Season 2: Our hopes, wishes and fantasies”

  1. You two are great.

    Jania Jania, wonderful details for the flashback. I can easily imagine it and hope we get to see something like it in season 2. It is lovely to see Lara making an appearance and making Bobby smile. A big yay for the struggling Bobby that comes through. Bobby, Lara and Wendy…there is something familiar about it…even if who is sharing his bed has changed.

    Damianista, I can see Wendy very much so at Zenobia. I think more Axe/Wedny history is something we all agree on. As for what this show has done to you…you are in Wags’ world now. Embrace it! It is an absolute delight to watch David Costabile trot out these lines. There must be a vulgar Henry VIII joke suitable for Wags.

    Love that you two have now done a little Fanfic. Brilliant form you both.

    1. Hahaha! Thank you! And kudos to you, too! I love how you imagine Wags and Bryan running the show in the opening of Season 2 and, hey, why not? They are both brilliant characters from whom there is SO MUCH to extract. I really miss them all and can’t wait to see them again soon! And, hey, I am more than ready to embrace my new world. I am now the cool girl, cursing and all 🙂 And, hey, I did not think about it but, yeah, with this tiny little scene I imagined I have really written my first words in Fan Fiction. Yay!

      JaniaJania: Your story is beautiful and dark, I mean we see Bobby and Wendy on a day after the darkest day in this country, but there is hope in there and I think it is represented by Lara. She shows up in there exactly like how Bobby narrates to the firefighters about their first meeting. Brilliant. And your music choices are so spot on.

      One character we all have in the fantasy is Wendy. And all of us go for a hairy and bearded Bobby! Thanks, Damian, for the inspiration! 😀 I love it!

  2. Absolutely. Seems worlds open up in all our heads each time we get a new pic or tidbit of news. A fount of inspiration. Nice to live in such a world!

    I added in Lara after the fact to let some light into the dark of this bit, but I think there are at least a couple more chapters to be written before the lights come back on completely for Bobby and he trusts smiling again. And in my world, it’s going to be Wendy who does the work of getting him ready for Lara. (In Wags’ world, I guess Wendy would be termed the Fluffer…HA!) Maybe I’ll take this fanfic idea and run with it, true fanfic style. We’ll see. I admit Wendy is violating all sorts of doctor patient laws of interaction in my fic, but, that’s what fiction is for. 😀

    Not sure I see Wendy as a woman ever being convinced by flowers, or Bobby as a guy who would send flowers. (But maybe that’s b/c I personally don’t like flowers as a gift..why give something that’s going to die so quickly?) Nonetheless I love Damianista’s attention to the fun and humor which makes this show so special!!!

    LOVE Bookworm’s picture into the dynamic between Hall and Wags. We haven’t seen any of that yet and I love the way she painted it as Hall more crazy and weird by miles than even Wags can imagine. (only hint at their dynamic was that scene outside the diner when Wags and Bobby turn to go in to eat and Hall mysteriously doesn’t want to eat :))

    And Bryan and Orrin, of course! Student and teacher, now defenders, respectively, of “good” and “evil.” Also a great dynamic and jumping off point for some good GOOD story!!

    I have the suspicion that the Billions writers are going to knock our all our wishes/hopes/fantasies for a loop and dream up something we would’ve never even considered. Cannot wait!!

    1. Oh yes my main goal was to bring the fun and humor to the forefront in the context of these two very ambitious and driven men chasing this one woman!

      I love this point you make about Wendy — she would not be convinced by flowers. Oh yeah she would not. But I think, deep down, she would enjoy it. I think I derive a bit from my own experience My husband did not buy me flowers for years for V-day. Apparently, I don’t look like a woman that would want them. Professional. Rational. Etc. And one day we talked about this and he was like “you would not want flowers, right?” And I think I gave him some look that I have been receiving flowers ever since! 😀 😀 😀 I agree with you that Wendy would not be convinced by flowers but I think she could enjoy them. On the other hand, I think Bobby is someone that may send flowers. Why would I think that? I think my reference would be the point where he says he loves the classics in Episode 4: “Cars, music, friends.” Bobby is old school. But you are absolutely right the use of humor is so special in this show and that was what I tried to bring to forefront.

      1. True, true, Bobby may be old school. But wouldn’t he just get one of his people to order the flowers? He wanted to get his interns to come over and wrap christmas presents. Like, I’m sure he got someone else, Wags probably, to order the Maserati for her. Him showing up to deliver it was him taking Wendy more personally than he takes pretty much every other thing in his life. After last season’s “break-up”, given what he did to her, I can’t say I love the idea of him pawning off the care and feeding of Wendy to his peons. You’re right, I guess everyone likes flowers when they arrive. I’m just so stubbornly anti-romantic and hard to please and nit-picky I’d find something wrong with the bouquet he chose. He knows I love peonies, but even if he knew what they were, I don’t really trust him to get them on his own. I’m the worst wife ever, actually.

        Anyway, it’s a fun story! 😀 😀 😀

        1. Oh Bobby did not go and choose the flowers – he probably told Sheri to take care of it. But he wrote the note himself 😀 And writing the note himself is also like him delivering the Maserati. But his bouquet is BIGGER than Chuck’s!!! 😀 😀 😀 And that’s what is important!!! Goodness, you are hard to please — at least when it comes to flowers! I would be happy with anything he chooses because he chooses them for me and not for anyone else. But to go to your original note, I also don’t like the fact that flowers die in a few days. I try everything to make them live – with plant food, etc – but ultimately they die very soon.

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