Burden of Proof

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A/N inspired by Axe and Wendy’s ‘ weird love’. Probably slightly OOC, but intended to be a fun look at the gossiping about these two.

A good day in 2002

It is a good day, a very good day because he is officially free from wife number 2. There is an extra spring in his step this afternoon and he is sure he has the evil grin to match it. Relatively new to Axe capital as he is, there is still a great deal of awkwardness. Walking into a team that has been together so long and assuming the position of second in command immediately was bound to upset the apple cart.

He treads carefully around what has become known as ‘the forming pit of hell’, one of the reasons they have to get out of this building and steps into his office. He stops abruptly and his smile falters as he notes that the last of the shelves had fallen off the wall right on to his cd player rendering it useless.

“Wags, you ok?”

The threat of anger taking over him is immediately dispelled by Wendy’s calm and soothing voice. He had come to realise she was an expert at this, but had yet to work out whether he loved or loathed her for it. He simply pointed at the latest mishap this building had thrown at them.

“I think the building knows we’re leaving and is punishing us for lack of feeling.”

“Just another few months, Wags. Hum to yourself instead.”

“For an hour each day for the next few months? I want to save myself from torture, not inflict it!”

“They’re not that bad.” She smiles as leaves him to it.

Resigned, he finally makes his way to his chair to catch up on events in his absence this morning. His ass had barely touched his seat when the shrill loud laughing pierced his eardrums making him jump.

“Motherfuckers.” Wags glares at the offending wall of his office through the other side of which is the canteen. The paper thin walls are the reason he liked music if he were working through lunch. He had no desire to hear their gossip.

30 minutes later

He was hoping that perhaps the forming pit of hell would actually come into being so he could jump into it. He doubted Satan could be worse than listening to the crap coming through his Walls.

“So, Axe and Wendy!”

“Oh, not this again.”

Wags’ ears perk up like a loyal dog listening for sounds of threat to or betrayal of his master.

“They are not sleeping together.” Wags hears Carly say in a bored tone of voice. He can imagine her rolling her eyes too.

“They are all over each other continuously. They stand too close to one another and invade each other’s personal space all the time. Plus, you know, Wendy! I would.”

“She wouldn’t!”

“Fuck you, Stearn!” Mafee answers above the roaring laughter of everyone else.

“I’m glad you’ve been paying so much attention to something, Mafee. Maybe if you paid that much attention to work, Wags wouldn’t give you such a hard time.”

“That’s another thing.” Mafee carries on, ignoring the slight on himself “Why didn’t he get the spare office next to Axe’s? Why is he stuck in the shitty one all the way over here next to us?

“Well, obviously so Axe and Wendy can have at it whenever they want.” Channing answers sarcastically.

“Exactly.” Mafee exclaims loudly.

“Or maybe it is so he can spy on us for the boss…and hear every word we are saying.” Silence follows Carly’s declaration, followed again by the scraping of many chairs at once and a rabble of voices muttering something about work.

A few minute later there is silence. Wags smiles. He knew he liked Carly.

A day in 2003

Four months since the move and the novelty of the new Axe Capital building had not worn off. He had managed to get lost again and currently did not know where in the hell he was. Mafee’s loud voice could wake the dead and his penchant for gossip had not changed though the building around him had.

“I swear Axe has rearranged his office more times than I can count and Wags would marry his if he could.”

Wags stayed out of sight. He wouldn’t dispute that he’d marry his new office though. It is perfect.

“I don’t know why Axe has bothered re-arranging his office. He spends more time in with Wendy.” Wags recognises the irritating voice of the newest member of the team whose name he actually doesn’t know.

“I’m glad someone else has noticed. Channing thinks I am imagining things, don’t you?”

“You are.”

“Why is he in her room so much then?” Newbie asks indignantly.


“He’s being seen to alright.” Mafee concludes as they carry on down the corridor.

Wags gives them enough of a distance before following them and mercifully finds himself back on his floor. Mafee and the rest appeared to have their heads together whispering about something.

Wags clears his throat loudly and that is enough to set them all back to work though Mafee can’t help one last look in the direction of Bobby’s office. Wags waits until Mafee sits himself down and at least pretends he is going to do some work today before turning towards his own bride to be.

He can’t help a look himself and there is Wendy leaning over Bobby’s shoulder and close into him, laughing away at whatever they are looking at on Axe’s computer. They share a look. Wags can’t translate it completely from this view.

Mafee appears next to him. “I don’t want to say I told you so, but…”

“Back to work Mafee or you’ll be hearing something you don’t want to.”

Wags takes up residence in his nice new office, but can’t help but sneak a glance towards Axe’s. Maybe Mafee has a point.

2008 Wags is not in Scotland…

“Wags, where the fuck is Wendy?” Maria demands as she invades his office. “Because Mafee is spouting some rubbish about her hooking up with Axe in Scotland and while we are on the subject when the fuck is Axe coming back?”

“Wendy has gone to Scotland to try and persuade him back.”

“Think she’ll manage it?”

“She is the only one who can.”

“Mafee is entirely too happy about this development. This is what happens when all you are doing is selling.”

“Oh this has nothing to do with that. Mafee’s gossip column on the two of them had to take a back seat when they got married to other people.”

“Maybe he has a point. We’re all here and they are there.”

 2016 Wendyless

Wags finds Axe seemingly relaxing on a sun lounger and to the outsider it would appear he had not a care in the world. Wags knew better.

“Say what you have to say, Wags.”

Wags sits down on the sun lounger next to Axe. “No man is a hero to his COO and if he’s not a hero, his COO can’t very well be surprised when he fucks up somewhere along the line.”

“Letting me off easy.”

“Fuck, no. I may not be my usual loud bravado self that I am for work, but that doesn’t mean I’m not angry. I’ll share when I’m calmer.” He tosses a half litre tub of ice cream at Axe. “I gave Mafee the litre tub. Figured he needed it more. He’s distraught at mum and dad splitting up.” Axe’s smile did not reach his eyes.

2 thoughts on “Burden of Proof”

  1. I just love your imagination so much! And I BET there have been bets at Axe Capital about the two of them because they spent so much time together – especially in the early days. But the other thing I love is how the conversations you have in the story suit the characters. Mafee is completely Mafee and of course Wags is Wags. But most importantly I can even see Axe saying: ““Say what you have to say, Wags.” I can hear his voice. Brilliant!!!!

  2. Finally got to read this! So great! You got Wags’ voice perfectly and writing the point of view Wags, the man who seems to be both In and Out, dependent on Axe’s mood, is brilliant.
    The idea of Bobby having extended sessions in those early days makes me giddy with possibility. Kudos for putting those thoughts in our heads!

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