Billions at Showtime Emmy’s FYC, Storyfied

6 thoughts on “Billions at Showtime Emmy’s FYC, Storyfied”

  1. Ahh! Love it! What great coverage, and what a fun time they all seemed to have had! Love that Damian was feeling a bit cheeky with some of his responses. I am sure he was filled with glee over being reunited with the cast. Based on the name of the “band” they formed at the end of Homeland…..I am guessing that there are some off-screen shenanigans that he might be responsible for, at times. Love a man that can make you laugh AND blush!

    1. Laughter and blushing are my two favorite things to do ever, so I guess I’m in the right place! 😀

      Damian did look happy but most likely he was riding the high of just getting off an 11 hour flight, with a seven hour time difference. It can render one quite loopy. (It was 4am London time when all of this was going on!) He must be a great napper, because he seems to take it all in stride like a pro!

      I should know this, but what did they call their post-Homeland band?

      1. Oh goodness, yes, jet lag! Well he must have pounded some coffee or 5 hour energy or something. He looked amazing, albeit a little bit overly wide-eyed.

        Band name: Yummy Yummy Yummy. The reference to….the best failed blackmail attempt in CIA history.

        1. HAHAHA! Turned out the world may have moved away from homophobia faster than the CIA could keep up. HA! I had no idea that was their band name. So fun! 😀

          1. Catching up and this is brilliant. Thanks for outing it all together. He is brilliant when in cheeky mode. Check out some more ‘Have I got News for you’. I am sure the concert of ‘Yummy, Yummy, Yummy’ is still kicking about Youtube somewhere. Claire Danes rocking away in the front row is so funny.

    2. Oh I second his brilliant cheekiness and this post of pure awesomeness!!! No one can pull cheeky jokes as seamlessly as Damian can!

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