Number 5

Now that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is upon and I eagerly await my script of it to devour, I am taking a look back at which Harry Potter Character I thought it would be fun to see Damian playing.

For those who have not read all the books, this blog contains spoilers for the Harry Potter series.

You may have gathered from Damianista’s 24/7 blog that we give some serious thought to what roles we think Damian would be suited to, or give free reign to our imaginations and come up with roles we would really like to see him play.

If there is any way to link Damian (no matter how small) we’ll do that too. For example this thought was inspired by the announcement of the Harry Potter play. If you happen to read fan fiction you will find many which have Albus (Harry’s middle child) and Scorpius Malfoy (Narcissa Malfoy’s grandson) as best friends, a way of trying to learn from the past and move forward given the differences between the Weasley/Potter clans and the Malfoys. Damian’s lovely wife, Helen McCrory, has already been in the Harry Potter films as Narcissa. Continue reading “Number 5”