Throwback Thursday to Damian Lewis’ Triple Treat at Rough Trade East

It was exactly a year ago that Damian Lewis and his fabulous band had a special little gig at Rough Trade East in London. The evening started with pre-gig chat between Damian and his friend, collaborator and producer Giacomo Smith about the musical journey they have had in the last three years. Then Damian and the band played a couple of songs from the newly released ‘Mission Creep’ followed by Damian signing the copies of his debut album gig attendees received with their ticket purchase. That is what I call a “triple treat.”

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Damian Lewis Answers Quickfire Questions (So Do We)!

Recently Damian guest appeared on This Morning show to discuss putting down the scripts and picking up the guitar. He discussed music, his debut album Mission Creep and playing sold-out shows on his UK Tour. Before hitting the couch the camera followed him backstage asking rapid fire questions as he walked to set as part of their quickfire series titled, “Corridor Questions.” They asked him…

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We Celebrate Damian Lewis as a Dad on Father’s Day

Damian Lewis is a fantastic actor. A generous philanthropist. He is a skilled player on the football field. And we have seen again in the recent Soccer Aid video that he can definitely sing. But, among all different hats he wears, that of fatherhood stands out as the most precious one. And how beautiful the stories we hear and the images we get of Damian as a father. So we’d love to share some of our recollections of him being a dad on this Father’s Day. 

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Our Top Songs From Damian Lewis’ Album Mission Creep

Damianista’s note: On the first anniversary of Damian releasing his critically acclaimed debut album Mission Creep, we would like to share our top songs from the album and tell you why we love these songs. Enjoy!

Damian has played guitar since he was 13-years-old and supported himself by busking through Europe – France and Spain to be precise – before his acting career took off. And let me tell you, his Martin guitar has proven a useful fallback. He has been quoted as saying, “I wanted the album to give a sense of a journey to this point, from busking ’til now” and that is exactly what he has accomplished with his debut album Mission Creep. He has proven to be a heartfelt songwriter and his sophisticated songs bleed of love, loss, vulnerability and authenticity. Stylistically Mission Creep covers a broad spectrum of genres, from folk and jazz/loose swing to rock and rootsy blues. So it’s no surprise that we blogmates picked different styles of songs as our top three. Some of us selected the more rockin’ blues songs while others singled-out the more jazz notes.

On stage? Well Damian is a compelling performer at music venues, singing with passion and tight-pant swagger, all the while backed by a phenomenal six-piece band playing a sonic palette of acoustic guitar, keyboards, saxophone and clarinet, mixed with bursts of electric guitar and sprinkles of the French harp (harmonica). Damian Lewis, the musician, is in his element. Period. Ladies and Gents, here are our top three songs by Damian Lewis from Mission Creep.

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Damian Lewis Plays Black Deer Fest 2024

Backstage Pass

by Gingersnap | | June 15, 2024

Damian and his band kicked off their summer festival gigs, starting with playing the Black Deer Festival of Americana at Eridge Park located on the Kent/East Sussex border near Tunbridge Wells on Saturday June 15, 2024. Damian played a gig at last year’s festival and was a welcomed return to the main stage!

He played songs off his first album Mission Creep including My Little One, Down on the Bowery and Hole in My Roof, as well as songs off of his new and upcoming second album like Love Bomb and She Makin’ Me Change. After the gig Damian headed over to the merchandise tent to sign merch for the fans.

View our gallery of photos and videos below:

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