The Kink of Billions – Chuck

**There will be explicit sexual concepts discussed below**

(Proceed only if you’re OK with that!)


Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.”-Oscar Wilde

The Billions opening scene is unorthodox and memorable. We find Chuck Rhoades lying on the floor, bound, being tormented by a beautiful brunette whose identity is not revealed. She singes him with her cigarette and then, to soothe the burn, she pisses on him. We learn at the end of the episode that Wendy, Chuck’s wife, is the dominatrix who taunted and tortured Chuck.

It was this unexpected approach to kink that cemented my enthusiasm for the show. During my misspent twenties, a girlfriend of mine had much in common with Mistress Troy (the gorgeous professional dominatrix depicted in the show). Sometimes, my friend would let me watch or even assist in her scenes. I’m an engineer and a scientist, so an anthropological sort of voyeurism came to me very naturally. I was rapt by the exchange of power between the dominatrix and her submissive. I saw quite a few “Chucks” on their knees or hog-tied, because her playmates hewed professional and powerful. It seemed like these men adored the opportunity to check their tendencies towards command and control, preferring instead to submit and serve. Continue reading “The Kink of Billions – Chuck”

DRUMROLL! Billions Season 2 First Promo Plus Exciting Casting News

We may still have three months to go until the long wait is over but we now have Billions Season 2 first promo here! Woot Woot!

Awwww we missed you all so much… Yeah okay I may have missed one of you more than the others…

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

…and speculation rocks until you all hit our screens on February 19! 🙂

Shall we? Continue reading “DRUMROLL! Billions Season 2 First Promo Plus Exciting Casting News”

Billions Season 2: What do we know so far?

DRUMROLL! David Nevins, Showtime Networks CEO, shared the good news at TV Critics Association’s Summer Press Tour: Billions Season 2 is hitting our screens on February 19, 2017!

Source: Showtime
Source: Showtime

The season premiere may be six months away but given they have been shooting Billions for more than a month and a half in New York, we believe it is time we start talking about what we know so far about the new season! Are you ready?

Should we start with how a day on Billions set is like? And, for this, we owe big thanks to Brian Koppelman who opens a window for us all through Twitter and Instagram. We LOVED his series of tweets about a day on Billions set and JaniaJania storified it for us – fantastic job, partner! Continue reading “Billions Season 2: What do we know so far?”