The Kink of Billions – Pervy Details

**There will be explicit sexual concepts discussed below**

(Proceed only if you’re OK with that!)


Experts on Set:

The writers of Billions have worked hard to get kink correct from the start. I was an extra in the scene where Chuck goes to the Iowa BDSM club in the first season. There was an “expert” present on the set to make sure we all got the fetish details right, in terms of etiquette and comportment. She adjusted my costume, and helped me with my props. The producers clearly wanted to portray the club accurately and with sensitivity. There was also a skilled dominatrix, with great gear, conducting a flogging while they shot the scene. The gentleman she whipped seemed familiar with the routine.

Dominatrix and submissive at the S&M club Chuck visits in the first season

This article profiles Olivia Troy, who served as a BDSM consultant to the show. Her approach wasn’t merely technical but also, psychological as she sought to dig into each character’s motivations through the lens of kink. She describes her work with Paul Giamatti and Maggie Siff this way: Continue reading “The Kink of Billions – Pervy Details”

The Kink of Billions – Wendy and the Dominatrixes

**There will be explicit sexual concepts discussed below**

(Proceed only if you’re OK with that!)


Last week we examined the kinks of Chuck Rhoades. But, you can’t tell the story of Chuck, and how his twisted, complicated psyche leaves destruction in its wake, without also getting into the women in his life. The presence of kink varies season to season. It ebbs and flows, much like the relationship between Chuck and Wendy. Their pervy playtimes are a proxy for the strength of their relationship. When things are good, Wendy and Chuck have complementary agendas. He’s a connoisseur of kink, and Wendy is the best, most attuned playmate he can find. She dominates him sexually, and he submits enthusiastically. When things are fraught, BDSM becomes the site of tension and disappointment, where Chuck wants more than Wendy is prepared to offer. After all, dressing up in exotic lingerie and bringing a husband to his knees can be hard work if youre not into it. Conveniently, there are professionals able to step forward in stiletto-heeled boots, to address this inequality of supply and demand.

When considering the dominatrixes in Chuck’s life, Wendy, obviously, is the most important one. Chuck’s father once described her as a killer. There’s a pragmatism and a ruthlessness to her character that brings out the best and the worst in her husband. She’s not some quiet helpmate. She has the capacity to whip Chuck into shape, literally and figuratively. But there are other women with whips in Chuck’s life – the Troys and the Cassies. For the most part, he hires them, in a form of transactional BDSM play that puts him in charge of his own recreational debasement. Continue reading “The Kink of Billions – Wendy and the Dominatrixes”