The Music of Billions: Season 7 Playlist

Music is a big part of Billions. The writers make purposeful choices with music placement, so we know that these decisions are made to tell a story, shine a light on who a character is, or to set a tone.

Season 7 was no exception with a mix of legendary artists and some that may be new to the viewers. If you have ever wondered while watching an episode “what is that song?” we have you covered!

Here is the Music of Billions playlist for Season 7 listed by episode.


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Throwback Thursday to Desert Island Discs with Damian Lewis

source: BBC
source: BBC

SUMMER is here – a fabulous time of the year where life is typically more laid back than the rest of the year. And we at Fan Fun have come up with a couple of fun projects for summer! Here is one!

Today we are taking you back to December 2014 to re-visit Damian when he was Kirsty Young’s Castaway on BBC Radio 4 Desert Island Discs (DID).

Here’s the drill if you are not familiar with the program: The castaway comes having done his homework; with eight pieces of music — one of which he will choose as his favorite — plus a book and a luxury item that he will take to his island with him. You hear the music during the program accompanied with a story from the castaway about why he has chosen this particular piece. We focus on Damian’s selections today on the blog, and you can listen the entire Damian Lewis DID here and download it to listen on the go, too!

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Blue Blue Electric Blue: Bobby and Damian, Damian and Bobby

imageedit_12_7668989438Wonderful news Billions fans! Our new favorite Showtime go-to show has been renewed for a second season! Only two episodes in and it’s already a hit on every level. We’ve barely even scratched the surface of the show yet and here we are given the gift of expecting another full season of episodes. More filming in NYC, more sneak peaks and spoilers and random sightings of our favorite Englishman in New York. We never doubted it would happen, but, still, what incredibly good news for all the talent involved on this show! Bravo and congrats!

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