TOP Damian Lewis Moments 2018:
Britannia Award

Always the Ham

A significant 2018 top moment for Damian would have to be receiving an award for his artistry. I do not shy away in saying he is the most talented actor of our generation and it seems BAFTA LA agreed. Damian received the well-deserved and long overdue BAFTA Los Angeles Britannia Award for Excellence in Television on October 26, 2018 at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California.

The Britannia Awards are BAFTA Los Angeles’ highest accolades, recognizing both outstanding British talent and exceptional international artistry through an actor’s body of work. It’s no secret around here that Damian is talented and exceptional – for more than a decade and a half he has enticed and intrigued audiences with highly complex, compromised, flawed characters he has brought to life on television, from steadfast Dick Winters, constipated Soames Forsyte, and quirky Charlie Crews to damaged Nicholas Brody, radical Henry VIII and currently, the ruthless Bobby Axelrod.

But where did it all begin?

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Britannia Award”

This Just In! Damian Lewis Joins the Cast of Ocean’s Eight

UPDATE: Even though Damian was confirmed on 12/06/2016 to be a part of Ocean’s Eight, he withdrew from the project probably due to schedule conflicts. Richard Armitage took over the role Damian was reported to play in the movie.

We reported more than a month ago about Damian Lewis being spotted on Ocean’s Eight movie set. We got no word about Damian being in the movie previously and so we were surprised to find out he was on the set. Well, to be honest, my first thought was that he could be visiting one of the cast members, because I never thought he would be in the movie. Damian has been filming Billions Season 2 in NYC and I don’t think an actor can manage to shoot a TV show and a movie simultaneously… well, unless he has a time-turner (Harry Potter, anyone?) 😀

source: Getty Images
source: Getty Images

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