This Just In! Damian Lewis Joins the Cast of Ocean’s Eight

UPDATE: Even though Damian was confirmed on 12/06/2016 to be a part of Ocean’s Eight, he withdrew from the project probably due to schedule conflicts. Richard Armitage took over the role Damian was reported to play in the movie.

We reported more than a month ago about Damian Lewis being spotted on Ocean’s Eight movie set. We got no word about Damian being in the movie previously and so we were surprised to find out he was on the set. Well, to be honest, my first thought was that he could be visiting one of the cast members, because I never thought he would be in the movie. Damian has been filming Billions Season 2 in NYC and I don’t think an actor can manage to shoot a TV show and a movie simultaneously… well, unless he has a time-turner (Harry Potter, anyone?) 😀

source: Getty Images
source: Getty Images

But then an Anne Hathaway fan account tweeted both Dakota Fanning and Damian Lewis were on the set that day for cameo appearances and everything made perfect sense at the time!

But now… we are getting word that Damian’s appearance in the movie is much more than a cameo! Variety reports that Damian has just joined the cast of Ocean’s Eight with an (almost) all-female cast including Cate Blanchett, Sandra Bullock, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway, Rihanna, Mindy Kaling, and Sarah Paulson. Well, do I need to say more about this totally kick-ass bunch? Ocean’s Eight, in director Gary Ross‘ words, is an “extension and a continuation” of Ocean’s Trilogy and I would say it is likely to make every “highly anticipated movies of the year” list for 2018. No, it is not a typo. Ocean’s Eight is slated to be released on June 8, 2018.

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Fans call them the trinity 🙂 Cate, Sandra and Helena on Ocean’s 8 Set, source: Getty Images

Sandra Bullock’s character being Danny Ocean’s sister in the movie links Ocean’s Eight to Ocean’s Trilogy. And, in a like brother like sister manner, Bullock’s character is the leader of a group of female thieves and cons who will work on pulling off a major heist. According to Variety, Damian is playing Bullock’s character’s ex-lover and the target for the big theft that is believed to take place at the Annual Met Gala. ScreenRant speculates that given the plot involves the fashion world, Damian could potentially be someone important in the industry. Regardless what he does for a living in the movie though, knowing that kick-ass women are his specialty in his real as well as in screen life, we just hope he will not be an easy target 🙂

source: Getty Images
source: Getty Images

I cannot help wonder, as I am writing this, even if it is for a couple of minutes, if Damian would have a scene with Cate Blanchett. I already declared way earlier here that if I had to name one actress that I wanted to see with Damian in a movie, she is Cate Blanchett. I LOVE HER. And look at this press room love between the two of them at the recent Gotham Awards in New York and do not crave a movie with the two of them if you can. Pretty Please!

Watch this space for more information about Ocean’s Eight. In the meantime, JaniaJania rightly points out in her tweet that sweater weather never looked better than it did on Ocean’s Eight set late October.


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9 thoughts on “This Just In! Damian Lewis Joins the Cast of Ocean’s Eight”

  1. Excellent news!
    It would be great to see Cate and Damian in a movie together. Helen McCrory is also a big fan of Cate – she rates as her as a great style icon.

    1. Excellent indeed! I think Damian will be wonderful as one of the few men in an (almost) all-female cast with the likes of Blanchett and Bullock. I always wanted him to do something with Cate — my dream screen/stage couple. I really hope they have a scene or two together! Helen is right, Cate is a style icon. But Helen is a style icon, too. Every time I see her in a new outfit at an event, I want that outfit. She has impeccable taste!

  2. I am so excited!! What a wonderful choice for them to make, and to choose not only our favorite guy, but a not problematic man. like I am so tired of seeing Leto and Depp get roles when they have a track record of being monsters to women. Let’s reward the “good guys” please!!

    1. I am so with you! I loved your tweet the other day about what’s sexy. A man that listens to a woman with care and love is sexy. Yes, let’s root for the good guys, and our guy is absolutely one of the good ones! He will be wonderful as one of the few men in an (almost) all female cast and he is used to, and I believe he loves, having kick-ass women in his real as well as work life. Go, Damian! 🙂

      1. I love whenever he speaks about his admiration and love for women. He’s had his mother, his wife and all these wonderful professional women he’s worked with in entertainment and theatre. He seems to genuinely get it, and care. I hope he is passing his feminism onto both of his children, they are the future generation to ride it into the 5th wave!!

        1. Absolutely! Helen is a feminist, so a guy that chooses to marry a feminist passes the test with flying colors for me. I am sure he is not having it easy, and that is exactly how it should be 🙂 I agree with you 150% on the way he speaks about women in particular the ones he has worked with. Always with a lot of respect. As someone that puts respect as the most important component in any relationship I LOVE THAT!

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